1. H

    Error when uoploading image to Reddit via Selenium. Some files failed to upload, please remove or retry them.

    At the moment I'm trying to make a script to automatically publish pictures to a lot of subreddits. I'm using send_keys to send the file, but the problem is that the path is correct and the picture is even uploaded to the site, but I receive an error from reddit: "Some files failed to upload...
  2. Shoper

    Want a bot built to search and book air tickets using Sabre system

    If you have made something like this already. Let’s check that out. Let’s chat and think out loud to get something made out of it. Get in touch Telegram me @DocsBob
  3. cheetahsop

    mass follow app

    im looking for app / bot to mass follow users from my database followers
  4. cheetahsop

    IMPORTANT i need soft / bot to follow / bot like smm with my base

    I am looking for an application, software, or bot that will allow for the automatic addition of accounts I have in my database (login, password, email, password) as followers to other selected accounts on Instagram, so that people from my database start following these other accounts. Just like...
  5. M

    Looking for someone to create a telegram bot

    Hello, I need someone who can create a bot that can automatically download publications from Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram to my Telegram channel. For example, so that I could add links to various groups/channels/simply people’s accounts to the bot and then this bot would automatically...
  6. alessz

    Looking for PornHub software developer

    Hello, i’m looking for an expert developer which has past experience on working into pornhub softwares , likes bot. in case you can work for this project just type down your telegram/skype below so we can discuss the project more clearly. thanks a lot
  7. osinski

    [Hiring] Spotify Streaming Bot - API (requests)

    im searching for one who can code a streaming bot which streams through the API (but not the public one) and send streams to the server with requests. For more details hmu via DM. Im sure we will come together. Preferred c#. HMU via DC or DM
  8. B

    About Spotify streams

    Hi, I'm a developer and recently i've been hired by a music label, to create a simple bot to generate plays on Deezer and Spotify. So i developed a Windows 11 desktop app , with multiple internal instances of Chrome , each with its own context of cookies / cache. By doing this and creating...
  9. kakeksalto

    Domain SPAM Software

    Do you know software to make other people's domains spammed and have to do "human verification". and what is the solution if your domain is spammed. for example : and this is the software he used to spam : i
  10. J

    Coder for Google Maps bot

    Looking for an experienced coder to create a bot which leaves reviews on Google Maps places. A few features needed: 1. Auto generate browser fingerprints for each session 2. Based on Chromium 3. GUI to upload files for Gmail accounts, URL for the Maps place, proxies, review, stars 4. Must work...
  11. Baraba

    I wanted to generate some girls' images for side project. Here is why AI won't take us over.

    I needed some hot girls with cars images for side project. But after making some really nice shots, I got this: Probably an untrained AI won't notice anything wrong with this image, but human eye will spot the weird immediately. Your thoughts?

    Looking for 24/7 Automated TELEGRAM advertising

    - 24/7 Automated advertising - Automatic bot sending our message in groups at frequency of every 15 min Basically a service all in 1. Contact me at
  13. dotaboy

    1K YouTube Likes in 3 Mins - How Do They Do It??

    Hey everyone! Just tried an SMM panel for YouTube likes, and my mind's blown . My video got 1K likes in just 3 minutes. How's that even possible? Is it bots, some crazy tech, or what? Ever seen or tried this? How do they do it so fast? Would love to hear your thoughts or any inside info!
  14. I

    Facebook Ads - Comment Management Tool

    Hi, having seen several such tools, I bet someone here has already developed a tool capable of meeting my needs. If you have, please let me know. Even if you don't exactly meet my needs, if you think you can customize your existing tool to meet them, don't hesitate. Goal: I need to put...
  15. L

    Telegram group conversation BOT

    Hi guys, Is it possible to mirror a telegram chat group's every message to another channel with different bot members? Thanks for the help!
  16. oren shkedi

    Instagram Automation Bot Recommendation: Please

    Hello If you know or sell, please share with me what automation bot I can use for Instagram for growth. Thanks!
  17. techbeastzz

    Free automatic contact form submitter

    I created this bot using ChatGPT with little coding knowledge lol, but there seems to be a missing element. When I run it, an error occurs. Can someone please review the code and provide a rewrite? Check the images below; I'm aware of the 404 errors on websites. Any help with a solution is...
  18. P

    facebook spam comment bots based on keyword

    is anybody know tools for spam comment facebook ?
  19. T

    PornHub Mass DM bot

    Hello! I'm looking for somebody to build me a PornHub Mass DM bot. If you can build one, let me know asap.
  20. V

    Virtual Machine Configuration?

    So, i just got into botting on mmorpg, and the guy that i bought my bot for say, it's better if i buy their package which including proxy, and VM's configuration. what is this VM's configuration?, is it really usefull in botting?, or i'm just getting duped?
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