1. R

    who can build a bot like AIOSTREAM to increase Spotify-Apple-Soundcloud-youtube -plays-likes-followers

    who can build a bot like AIOSTREAM to increase Spotify-Apple-Soundcloud-youtube -plays-likes-followers
  2. sapere_aude

    WTB Ticketmaster mass registration software

    Hello I'm looking for a software that can mass register ticketmaster accounts. Looking either for a software that is already up and running and able to do this or looking for someone who is able to develop this.
  3. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for Python Developer for Quiz Bot

    Hello, I am looking for a Python Developer who can build bot for a Quiz Website.

    Need help with snapchat bot that will gather onlyfans subs

    Hello, I currently manage one OF account that has 300+ subs. Im looking for ways to advertise other than regular snap, tiktok and IG. So, I have been getting many bots on my IG and they are getting really good lately. Is there any place where I can view such bot, or any service that people...
  5. xmoreno

    The 10th zennolab template competition. Chatbots on Telegram and OpenAI

    The 10th template contest has started on zennolab. I recommend an article on AI - Chatbot based on free API from & An article on chatbot in Telegram - A simple chatbot in Telegram (C#) based on ZennoPoster.
  6. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for Python Developer for Quiz Bot

    Hello, I am looking for a Python Developer who can build bot for a Quiz Website.
  7. S


    Is there a bot that can produce numerous videos with a single button click? For example, if you provide it with 1000 titles and video scripts, it will generate 1000 videos for you, which can then be uploaded to a video sharing platform. Additionally, features such as adding audio to videos, as...
  8. S

    My unbridled passion for programming + your ideas and selling skills

    I have developed a bot for automatic video content generation. You can check out this thread about that. So, I'm looking for a partner to improve and sell the bot. Also, to develop more bots, of course.
  9. H

    I'm interested in traffic SEO and would like to chat with experts in the field!

    I'm waiting for traffic experts. I want to talk about business with them.
  10. dekak

    Multiple Facebook account automation

    I have multiple Facebook account with total of hundreds. I have that hundreds account all logged in using Firefox Multi-Account Containers, a Firefox extension that allows to connect to websites using different user names in one single browser. What I do is, I use my hundreds account to comment...
  11. C

    Smart Contract Trading Bot Dextools

    I see with each coin on dextools in the order book on the right side the yellow symbol for bots/smart contracts, which continuously execute different numbers of buy/sell orders. where can you integrate such a bot into your own token or where can you find a provider for it?
  12. J

    New to this website

    Hey just wanted to introduce myself, I'm here with the intentions of figuring out all the semantics of setting up a spotify bot farm. I understand a high end pc is required these days for it to be profitable and that "profitable" means thousands these days and not millions which is fine by me...
  13. T

    Ideal proxy for 2 warmed up accounts (years old with regular uses)

    Hi I'm looking for US proxies for 2 of my main accounts for automation. The 2 accounts were all registered in the US so I'd like the proxy to be in the same city. The 2 accounts are my main so I want the safest and best option for them possible. What are my best options?
  14. D

    Hiring Freelancer to Design Voting Bot (Mar 12-Apr 5)

    Hey there. Long time lurker, first time poster and looking for a freelancer. There's an voting contest that will be running Sunday, March 12, 2023 through Wednesday, April 5, 2023. I need someone to build a voting bot that can access the web-bast voting platform daily and submit 2000...
  15. M

    BAS - Browser Automation Studio Omegle Bot

    I want someone to build a bot using BAS (Browser Automation Studio) that can spam post custom text (provided as lines in a txt file) to Omegle and directs traffic from thousands of unique individuals to my links/platforms. Bot Features - Multithreaded - Proxy support - Built-in Fingerprint...
  16. S

    I want to develop a "giant" Youtube bot and I need your ideas

    I have BSc in marine engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering. I know it sounds fake. But, I can explain. Read this section if you want to learn, and skip to the next section if you don't. I have a few ideas in mind, but I opened this thread to get your opinions. I want to...
  17. randomsoftwaregroup

    Form Filling Bot (My owned sites)

    Can a bot be created to fill out a form that looks like a human is filling it out? Can it change/adjust IP's to match the city/zip or at least state of the consumer? These are my generated leads, and my sites. I am trying to replace call center agents with more accurate automation. The...
  18. J

    [WTB] TikTok Bot

    I want to hire somebody who can code me a TikTok Bot Ideally a Bot with all Features included: Views Live-View (for Live Video) Account Creation Likes Comment Follow Share Everything with Requests and NOT with BrowserAutomation like Selenium/Puppeteer, except Account Creation. Account...
  19. B

    Looking for a custom bot

    Looking for a custom bot, or service to generate "pulls" or "downloads" of a Git Hub repositories. We need to see showcase that repository is highly active and being pulled/downloaded by many. Anyone willing to help or knows who I might contact?
  20. S

    Looking for advanced browser automation

    Hi, I am looking for someone that can help me with automating a checkout on a website. I already managed to automate it with Python - Selenium, but my bot is too slow when he clicks all the buttons to navigate through the checkout. To fasten this up my plan was to reverse-engineer the POST...