1. See you vader

    Virtual phone for Whatsapp Business ?

    I need a Whatsapp business number for European countries but I'm not living there. How can I get a European phone number to use for Whatsapp business long-term ? Also will a virutal landline work ? Spasibo :D
  2. Alex0808

    Spying whatsapp

    Is it possible to read someone's whatsapp? There are plenty of methods are given on Internet but I want to know first if is even possible ?
  3. beastkay

    Anyone in here doing Whatsapp Marketing?

    Hey BHWers, I've tried searching for the keyword "Whatsapp Marketing" + in title + in year 2020 Got no results So this means is it that hard? or something else? Let me know if someone is doing it
  4. Chiku Arsen

    Is there a whatsapp bot ??

    I'm looking for a WhatsApp bot to scrape the numbers from a group and send mass messages. Is there any bot that you know of?
  5. zeroblackhat

    How to SnapChat on Google Chrome or FireFox

    We use WhatsApp Web, Like that can I use SnapChat on Google Chrome or Firefox, Please share your suggestions.
  6. J

    Make Bulk Whatsapp Groups

    Hi, I have list of 10000 numbers and want to make whatsapp groups of them But when i do , whatsapp bans my number Can anyone do it for me , make me as admin so i can handle groups i am trader of garments,shoes ...want to make groups to sell this items
  7. RanQ Higher

    Woohoo.... finally I got it!

    Anyone have tried WhatsApp dark mode? It's really awesome, guys! :)
  8. dragonguy4

    [Whatsapp broadcast] your phone number + content

    Need A LOT of promotion material & target number to test my whatsapp broadcast project in higher scale (been succesful in certain rate). Rather than risking number by saying useless words, better to send real promotional message You provide the numbers + content Limit: - member before 2016 &...
  9. S

    I searching for this WhatsApp Referral Script

    Does someone here know where i can buy a Script like this? http://bonus-bucket.com/de/GewinneJetzt/
  10. MidnightRambo

    Sms Verification Problem

    Hey Guys, hope you are all well. I have a little Problem and i'm sure one of you can help me out. I need a german sms verification from Whatsapp (or austria, switzerland, netherland). Normally i use Getsmscode for this kind of purpose but they don't offer these numbers. Therefore i switched...
  11. Rohit Mehra

    Any One Have We chat Account?

    Hii Greeting all Of BHW members I Am Searching A Friend Who Have WeChat Account I Need Some Help Hope any One Will Comment On My Post :) Have A great Year:)
  12. LearningForever

    Need Whatsapp number from Spain

    Hey! I need a mobile phone number (virtual) from Spain. It will only be used for WhatsApp and should be operated from a Latin American country (in a phone or PC), any recommendations?
  13. draco02

    [HAF] Whatsapp Interactive Automated Software

    I need a Whatsapp bot that is partly interactive, like on one hand i can initiate a bulk message sending to a scraped list of phone numbers, but on the other hand, there will be 2-3 answer options included in a message if i enable the answer option. A:/B:/C: Example: I send the text "Hello my...
  14. Biggs

    Has anyone tried Whatsapp Marketing?

    Looking to get into WhatsApp for promotions and sending messages. Where I am at text messages are pretty much non-existent. If anyone has some expertise in this field, feel free to share :) I want to message all my contacts without the fear of getting banned or something like that, also...
  15. armur

    Marketing Journey to 100 POD Orders a Day using the Green Streak Technique

    I'm an introvert. I have social anxiety. I'm a tech geek. Give me a coding assignment and I'll sit day and night to get it done. I just love it. However, ask me to market my skills and my social anxiety kicks in. I start getting self judgemental. I read these wonderful marketing/promotion...
  16. W

    WhatsApp CRM

    Hello guys, Thank you so much for you help. I have a WordPress website and Clickfunnels, i Wish to use WhatsApp Messenger as e-mails. So i Need a software like Aweber Active campaign mailchimp etc. Needs: -user come to web Page and compile the form with his whsatapp number. The app collect...
  17. D

    WTH - USA whatsapp marketer

    Hi, I have a service discounted uber referral for usa consumers 10$ off every ride looking for someone to advertise the service on relevant group and contacts on usa I can give special promo code to track performance then pay paypal 1$ for each paying customer. HMU in pm to get started
  18. D

    ✅Unlimited ✅ WhatsApp Messages ✅ Sending Service ✅

    FAQ: Q) Are there any Coupons/Discounts/Offers? A) Our service is quite unique so we don't plan on doing that, instead, we'll keep the pricing bare minimum. Though if somehow we offer anything in the future, it'll be openly showcased on our website. Q) Do you support white labeling/resellers...
  19. trane8881

    [METHOD] CPA + Facebook + Whatsapp

    Hello BHW, this is my first method that i share, hope it will be useful for someone, i'm sorry if maybe someone already done this. What we will need: 1.) Adult CPA Campaign (If you don't have one Just check CPA section of BHW and signup for one) 2.) Facebook account (Register / Buy it -...
  20. X

    How to not get Banned by WhatsApp ?

    Everyone talk about traffic from facebook,instagram but whatsapp is a huge opportunity for making money problem is that there is some actual good bots for bulk send message but there is 2 BIG problems : 1- Whenever i buy a WP Activation phone number or i renta phone number from a pva website i...