1. N

    Which bulk whatsapp marketing software is the best and still working?

    Hi every experts, actually i have 3 questions about Whatsapp Marketing Software. 1. Can anyone briefly introduce the whatsapp marketing software to me? Because i found that there seem to have different kinds of bot, like whatsapp bulk sender, creator, filter, channels, and some i really can't...
  2. P

    Can you post a message in multiple Whatsapp groups for $5?

    I wаnt a Whatsapp marketer frоm India. If уоu саn post a message in multiple Whatsapp groups, dо send mе a pm with уоur whatsapp number. Plеаѕе mention thе number оf groups thаt уоu саn post fоr $5 (minimum iѕ 25 groups) I will choose thе person whо offers thе highest...
  3. L

    Whatsapp auto responder plataform

    I have the best auto responder platform for whatsapp ... A complete panel with administration, creation of attendants, statistics. Viewing the service or the panel with open source! $900,00 More information add me on skype: playwhatsapp
  4. S

    Whatsapp Messaging

    Hello, Im creating a bulk whatsapp mailer and i need your inputs: -What kind of pricing is acceptable? -What kind of features can help market better through whatsapp? -Are whatsapp messages covered under the CAN-SPAM? I know some countries they are not governed by rules yet.. What...
  5. L

    autoresponders for skype, viber, whatsapp

  6. W

    whatsapp channels

    hello all now whatsapp is a good way for promotion if you need more information pls add my skypee: emmafb88
  7. A

    Whatsapp marketing

    Hi every body I want to know more about the ways of whatsapp marketing. whatsapp bulk sender/ webbase software/ channels finder/ channel creator/ and etc. :cool:
  8. M

    Fastest and Best Whatsapp Filtering Software

    There are many tools for filtering whatsapp users, want to find out the best and fastest one. Lets discuss and compare. 1. Baloo Filter - Download from facebook group named 'keralaz' (search 'keralaz' group and join the group in facebook and you can see download link in the top)
  9. B

    Whatsapp BOTs (BlackSanta)

    Whatsapp BOTs I am a new member to Black Hat World and to make a positive start I have got a creative idea for some whatsapp automated spam BOTs aka a more powerful whatsapp bomber. I will be developing this application in C#. Fuctions - Load upto 10 BOTs - Spam one person from loads of...
  10. MyDymo

    Whatsapp message blaster?!

  11. xninja

    best whatsapp marketing software / bot

    Hello... i am looking to buy whatsapp marketing bot wondering how many is there, i see a lot of scams, so which is real/best and their websites for more information's and prices regards
  12. W

    whatsapp channels/senders

    Whatsapp Channels / Senders: Only for you fresh From : China Protected (if u need the password i will give it to u) Format: number,hash,ID I accept paypal , i will send u daily to ur email , after u pay i will send u , if u want channels for test : its not problem , i will send u in txt...
  13. W

    bulk sim cards --real cards

    i have bulk real sim cards i want to use them for whatsapp channels who can do these with me paypal accepted pm me and my skype id: emmafb88
  14. G

    Web whatsapp for backlinks?

    Just wondering if you could use web whatsapp for backlinks, the domain and page authority are pretty high?
  15. P

    Whatsapp.cm SEO who have Interest

    Hi everyone I won whatsapp.cm domian,if you can do SEO for "whatsapp"keywords,i think we can make so big money,if you have Interest.pls PM
  16. arpitagarwal82

    What is Whatsapp Channel?

    Just saw some post about whatsapp channel. Can anyone explain what does whatsapp channel means?
  17. H

    1000 messages for $5 (including images, audio & video), 100k messages for $500 in 1 day

  18. F

    Need bulk whatsapp verification with US or Europe numbers

    Just as the title says. Please inbox me with prices and country.
  19. wickedguy

    *NEW!! Whatsapp & Wordpress!!!

    Right Guys. Long time since I posted. :) I'm currently busy finding ways to integrate whatapp into wordpress. I decided to open just ONE thread for all the whatsapp/wordpress stuff (i've got quite a few ideas i'm working on), and THIS is that thread. Well, how far am I? 1. Created a widget...
  20. hardc0der

    Marketing with WhatsApp Messaging Panel / WhatsApp Bot

    Boost your creativity in marketing using WhatsApp Messaging Panel / WhatsApp Bot ! We developed a WhatsApp Messaging Panel to help people reach their clients. With this WhatsApp Messaging Panel you can do the following: - add multiple phone numbers (to send messages from) - gives you the...