1. Julzwriter

    How Does Someone Keep Taking Over My WhatsApp?

    I have a phone number, which I don't use on WhatsApp. But someone keeps installing WhatsApp using that number. I get the verification code sent to my phone whenever they install the app. How are they able to install WhatsApp using my number, yet I get the verification code on my phone? What...
  2. R

    Whatsapp Recovery?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if it's possible to recover messages that you have deleted within a Whatsapp conversation? I still have the conversation with a friend going, but there are some individual chats from a while ago that I manually deleted which I'd like to essentially un-delete... haha...
  3. A

    WhatsApp / Amazon phone number checker

    Hello I would like to buy a software/script to check whether or not phone numbers in a list have WhatsApp accounts or not, and filter out the ones that do not leaving me only with the ones that do. Or something similar but for amazon accounts. Preferably as a Php script that I can use simply as...
  4. Purush

    Will Telegram taking 1st place over whatsapp?

    In the January, Telegram is the most downloaded app. Is it the beginning of competition to Whatsapp . In India, WhatsApp download has been moved 5th place , the main reason as change in the policy in terms of privacy. Many people sending message against WhatsApp in WhatsApp itself. How are...
  5. akash80575

    Earning Money Using Telegram

    I created a Telegram Channel back in 2019. It was something related to jobs and updates in a particular field. During the time I posted on it for some time and signed up for third-party advertisements as well. I forgot the channel and lost some followers during the time. However, Third-party...
  6. vigyavan

    Elon Musk has urged people to use the privacy-focused messaging app Signal after....

    Elon Musk has urged people to use the privacy-focused messaging app Signal after WhatsApp forced users to agree to controversial new terms and conditions. Also, WhatsApp will be sharing data with Facebook.
  7. Nw_Work

    all my whatsapp messages disappeared!! (I believe this is due to the recent update)

    I was certain I had backed up my WhatsApp on google drive as well like maybe somewhere in 7th or 8th month this year too! But what happened is I was on WhatsApp and working on my laptop and then there was like a freeze and lag on WhatsApp and looked like it was refreshing or something and then...
  8. Andrewbar

    Looking for whatsapp autoresponder bot

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a whatsapp autoresponder that sends a few spinned messages to every new person that messages me. I need a bot that doesn't need any emulators to run. Does anyone know a bot that can do this, paid or free?
  9. G

    WhatsApp software to extract user profile picture

    • please see attached photo for visual explanation • does anyone know of a method to extract user profile photos from contacts • By default the photos are low resolution thumbnails & you must click each one manually to view as high resolution • This manual method takes far too long when...
  10. Tecnoloquitos

    Looking for whastapp sender service

    hello i have database with numbers i would like to send a video to those numbers maybe its 5k to 10k contacts, is it posible? Pm me your rates :) thanks!
  11. crazy.ass.mofo

    WTB: Bulk SMS Serivce

    WTB bulk sms service for Japan/Korea Also interested in bulk whatsapp SMS service too, I don't want to buy any program... I want someone else to do it becuase i don't have time to manage lots of whatsapp accounts Thanks guys
  12. NawtyBoy

    Any Reliable Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software

    Yes, can anyone recommend me any Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software. Which is reliable and is updated regularly. The one in the BHW marketplace isn't working i guess as the OP is not responding in his thread. Thank you.
  13. simplify

    Whatsapp is Glitchy Right Now

    There is a problem in Privacy settings -> Last seen. It is now automatically set to nobody. If you try Changing it to Everyone or Contacts, it will throw an error "failed to update privacy settings. I see this problem in my whatsapp. Also it will not show that your recipient is online when...
  14. DigitalSpawn

    How to promote and monetize on Whatsapp/Telegram groups?

    More and more people using all sorts of messenger groups today. Be it for edgy memes, your anime addiction or your next travel deal. I see alot of potencial but I was wondering 1. how do you promote your group? 2. Can you get "fake" users so the group looks massive to new people joining? 3...
  15. Tanki Faruk

    Use Whatsapp Web Dark Mode

    For How to install and other information https://github.com/rucesocial/whatsapp-web-dark-mode Can you express your opinion in the comment?
  16. adska

    Viber/Whatsapp advertising

    Hello, how do you think if Viber/Whatsapp advertising can be effective? Perhaps have you ever tried such method? I have a huge list tel.numbers which use viber or whatsapp app, so i would be able to send ads to every of them, because there is no any restriction or spam protection like a FB...
  17. See you vader

    Virtual phone for Whatsapp Business ?

    I need a Whatsapp business number for European countries but I'm not living there. How can I get a European phone number to use for Whatsapp business long-term ? Also will a virutal landline work ? Spasibo :D
  18. Alex0808

    Spying whatsapp

    Is it possible to read someone's whatsapp? There are plenty of methods are given on Internet but I want to know first if is even possible ?
  19. beastkay

    Anyone in here doing Whatsapp Marketing?

    Hey BHWers, I've tried searching for the keyword "Whatsapp Marketing" + in title + in year 2020 Got no results So this means is it that hard? or something else? Let me know if someone is doing it
  20. Chiku Arsen

    Is there a whatsapp bot ??

    I'm looking for a WhatsApp bot to scrape the numbers from a group and send mass messages. Is there any bot that you know of?