1. B

    Whatsapp warm up

    I've had 5 of my WhatsApp numbers get banned and I think it's because I don't have a good trust score with the app. I did some research and found out that I need to "warm up" my account. Warming up my account means getting people to add me and message me on WhatsApp. I came up with a couple of...
  2. B

    Always getting banned from whatsapp

    So I've scraped a LOT of phone numbers from an escort website and I have to send a message to every single one of them (OF management agency). I bought a virutal phone number, then I used a bot to start a campaign that will send a message automatically. However, whatsapp detected it very fast...
  3. B

    Where can I find a Whatsapp bulk bot ?

    I've scraped around 1000 phone numbers, now I need to send a message to every single one of them on Whatsapp. I found a thing called "wabot" but it doesn't work and idk why.
  4. Nw_Work

    Really annoyed with WhatsApp Right Now

    Trying to add group members from contacts and can only get around 8-10 added before WhatsApp bans account for spam, anyone know how to bypass this or solve it to bulk add group members?
  5. Nw_Work

    [Suggestions Pls] Wordpress Plugin for WhatsApp share upon custom fill form or content lock

    Hi any one knows a plugin which can allow custom form to integrate whatsapp share where after share with 5-10 friends or groups then lead to submission of form or unlock content?
  6. Sunya

    Omg! What has happened to this ....

    I have never used a clickbait title in BHW before. :D News: WhatsApp Servers are down worldwide! Messaging isn't working.
  7. K

    Monetize Adult Traffic

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I was a reader and now I am ready to take some action. I have read many different topics related to "How to make money with Adult traffic". First of all, sorry for my bad english. I have got several questions, because many of the topics are outdated. My plan...
  8. D'Dark

    I'm looking for a bulk messaging bot for whatsapp

    I know there are several out there, but I've already bought and tested several, I want something that works, and doesn't generate so many bans and delays, maybe you already have one ready, I'm interested! I need something that works with big streams without loss
  9. Santiz

    Is it possible to make a Whatsapp feed like a Telegram/Substack? Examples?

    Is it possible to make a Whatsapp feed like a Telegram or Substack (any email lists) channel, are there any such examples? Not a funnel for a week, but a permanent communication channel with tens of thousands of subscribers.
  10. Promise Obi

    I need Germany number for WhatsApp

    Hello please I need a Germany number for WhatsApp verification If you can do this please send a message
  11. U

    Whatsapp/Telegram verification permanent SIM

    I want someone to get a SIM and give me the verification code. There should be a way to pay SIM with credit card. We can discuss about a price or exchange. Please reply to this thread or contact me to make an arrangement
  12. rajib000

    Bulk whatsapp group scraper, where i can find the group?

    Hello BHW. 1• I want us wa group link, can anyone help me? 2• i have a software called Autland suite. This software can scrape wa groups link by keywords. But I want only usa groups. How i can do that? Thank you
  13. ShehuAB

    Which sms service provider works well with whatsapp?

    A tested and trusted network that wont cut me off to resell the number. Thanks
  14. eaglehunter

    Looking for someone who can send bulk whatsapp messages

    As the title suggests, I need someone who can send bulk whatsapp messages.
  15. RollingRo

    Is there somebody do whatsapp marketing?

    if there is a tool that can count the number of user replying your whatsapp, do you guys have some interest? u can figure out the final effect of an ad compaign, not just the amount of button click. i want to do that whatsapp friends adding counter, cooperating with whatsapp bulk sender, it may...
  16. S

    Whatsapp, skype, telegram content read + put it in txt

    Hello! Do you have any idea how can I collect all incoming message in skype, whatsapp and telegram to a common .txt file? I wanna catch these details to a.txt file in real time: platform /date/ time / sender ID/ message Thanks!
  17. noellarkin

    Messenger of choice?

    For some reason, the instant messenger of choice for most people on this forum seems to be Skype....is there a reason for that? I would have expected a forum of blackhatters to use something a lot more niche, like XMPP (a classic), Matrix or Tox (which may or may not be used quite frequently by...
  18. Arsalan Nazar

    Whatsapp Voice Or Video Recording

    Hello Blackhat World, I hope everyone doing fine, I am looking a legit app for whatsapp calls recording tired some apps but zero solution.
  19. R


    So, In short I lost my mobile and I uploaded the back up to my google drive of my WhatsApp last time in January, and now i just found my mobile and when i install the WhatsApp again after formating my phone (as it wasn't unlocking I forgot the pswrd of my mobile, so i formated my mobile) its not...
  20. R


    Hello there, Ive been looking around for "How to manage 1000 Whatsapp accounts" I can easily create them with my method. but to manage them? Its impossible. I need whatsapp cloner or something that didnt "die" in the background process. i tried to use several Cloning apps on google play. they...