1. E

    Whatsapp banned from facebook ads?

    Hey guys, we are doing some gambling ads on facebook and lately all our whatsapp accounts get banned, The facebook ads are keep running for some time after the whatsapp get banned, this whatsapps account are get warmmed properly but its like im missing something Acutally im not sure its even...
  2. WhatsappTool.jpg


  3. hims.000

    (How) how to grow whatsapp channel ????

    i am wondering to see that some WhatsApp channel is growing rapidly.. i just created a channel with 10+ followers (lol) i have not find any guide on internet... anyone know how can i get more followers on my channel????
  4. P

    Seeking developer for Whatsapp Multithread Bot

    Looking for someone to create a multi-thread bot for Whatsapp emulating a real person and using AI augmentation to convert messengers to subscribers. * Use SMSPool or similar API to create mass Whatsapp accounts * Use ElevenLabs API to be able to send voicenotes * Do so through API or without...
  5. G

    Whatsapp Group Spam

    Looking to put a Whatsapp group out of commission. Considering this strategy: 1. Have tons of phone numbers join with the group's public "join" link (a dozen joins per week or more would be great) 2. Have them spam a bunch of stuff in the group so it becomes unmanageable and the users lose...
  6. T

    WhatsApp Channel followers and Reactions

    I'm looking for someone who can offer Whatsapp Channel Followers and Post reactions.
  7. H

    Whare are WhatsApp ban peremeters like?

    I am interesting in building a SAAS related to WhatsApp, and wondering if it's even possible to send 30 whatsapp messages a day, per phone number/account (not scams... for businesses like digital marketing agencies who want to contact dentists). I am not interested in sending 1,000 messages at...
  8. EscobarsAngels

    WTD Buying used & aged whatsapp accounts (US, UK)

    Looking to buy aged whatsapp accounts from us and uk. Please pm or reply if you wanna sell any. Need for spamming.
  9. onlinebusinessgr


    While using bulk message senders on WhatsApp, people often face account bans without understanding the cause. This is where the WhatsApp Shield Bot comes in - a tool designed to evaluate the strongness of your WhatsApp account. When you send bulk messages, WhatsApp might ban your account based...
  10. B

    Telegram to whatsapp automation

    Hello everyone, I have a business where I rely on whatsapp to contact my clients, what I want to do, is to create an automation system that takes posts from a specefic channel on Telegram and send them to my clients automatically. Does anyone know how to do that in the cheapest way possible, I...
  11. B

    Facebook Ads - WhatsApp Connect to ad Problem

    Hi guys! I am facing problem that, I make an ad on Facebook. Putting my WhatsApp business and authorized him with the ad, Now the problem is Facebook ask for page? .. Alright I made a page The main problem is When I publish the ad and it's running When client click the add to contact and be...
  12. J

    WhatsApp Green tick - Where to publish articles to be eligible for GREEN TICK?

    Hello EVERYONE, The company is in real estate. Facebook business verified + WhatsApp API solution is purchased + Online presence is what they lack. - So please anyone who knows about it comment below. You can mention related people or leave the link for useful websites. Thank you all in...
  13. V

    WhatsApp bans? What's your experience folks?

    I don't use sold accounts, I make them myself and always (well, almost) clear everything. I noticed bans happen to me almost immediately when things like euro or payment methods are mentioned in the chat. Well, you can't just prevent people from asking about these things, even if such things are...
  14. G

    How do you get more WhatsApp accounts?

    help pls
  15. onlinebusinessgr

    WhatsApp Warmer Bot - Multi Accounts - Antiban Tool - Account Engager

    The primary cause for an account being blocked typically arises from limited activity or a low volume of incoming messages. However, this automated engagement tool significantly boosts both incoming and outgoing message counts, effectively reducing the risk of an account ban to nearly 0%. Warm...
  16. mrrajrumel

    Need Help Creating a WhatsApp Channel

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to the community because I'm in the process of setting up a WhatsApp channel for my business, and I could use some guidance. I've heard that WhatsApp can be a powerful tool for communication and engagement with customers, and I...
  17. dbs00

    WTS / RENT LTD Lifetime Whatsapp WA ToolBox, Pabbly connect and subscription and others

    WTS / RENT LTD Lifetime Whatsapp WA ToolBox, Pabbly and others I've got old reselling accounts for for some deals that aren't available anymore: https://watoolbox.com/ https://pabbly.com/ https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/ and others check the last posts to see all the deals that I decided...
  18. A

    What is the best WhatsApp marketing tool?

    Hello guys Currently, what is the best tool for sending group messages to WhatsApp numbers?
  19. spikespiegel

    About growing telegram and whatsapp groups

    What are your free/cheap most effective methods for growing a telegram/whatsapp group? Moderators, please keep this in the Blackhat category, people here have the best knowledge. ;)
  20. smspinverify

    smspinverify.com, we provide real phone numbers to verify social media apps such as Google Voice, Gmail, Telegram, Tinder. POF, and many...

    We provide Real phone numbers to verify social media apps such as Google Voice, Gmail, Telegram, Tinder. POF, and many more. Web : https://smspinverify.com Telegram : https://t.me/smspin Refund Policy : Customers can contact our customer support within 2 days of purchase. We will refund the...
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