1. X

    How to not get Banned by WhatsApp ?

    Everyone talk about traffic from facebook,instagram but whatsapp is a huge opportunity for making money problem is that there is some actual good bots for bulk send message but there is 2 BIG problems : 1- Whenever i buy a WP Activation phone number or i renta phone number from a pva website i...
  2. FriedrichWN

    My whatsapp number got banned, can I change numbers? What about backups ?

    Couple days ago my WhatsApp number got banned so emailed them and got a reply basically saying "we banned you, we won't tell you why, go F yourself". So I started looking around for free SMS verification services and used like 5-10 different numbers ofc no success. Now if I get a new SIM card...
  3. T

    Whatsapp api business advices

    Hello guys! First i'm sorry for my english, is not my first language(and this is a reason for that i avoid to engage in discussions here). I'm experienced webdeveloper and i want to start a business selling whatsapp api services. I will sell whatsapp numbers with possibility to create marketing...
  4. Iron Sheik

    Outsource WhatsApp Conversations To Virtual Assistant?

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some input from some of you who have a lot of experience in outsourcing repetitive tasks to virtual assistants. So I recently read the Four Hour Workweek for the second time to identify if there is anyway I can improve in terms of productivity. One key concept from the...
  5. Stardew

    [Journey] Chaturbate + Twitter to survive on a third world country

    Hey guys, I am a 17 year old, trying to make his first bucks online, for that, I will use the good old method of Twitter + Chaturbate :) Might need some help since I am a newbie. What I´ve done so far: Created an account 1 month ago, I am promoting a Chaturbate model who doesn´t have a...
  6. S

    Can anyone help? WhatsApp this year

    Hello can anyone help me? I need a free way of generating bulk WhatsApp accounts, if you know how, And are willing to help, Leave. Your message below. With Skyp name
  7. Ashway

    [WTB] whatsapp bulk sender with source code

    As title suggest i need whatsapp bulk message sender with source code.
  8. nickZ

    WhatsApp help if you can please

    Guys I need help....here is the story in short 1 year ago I was working with a partner, it ended up badly him stealing money etc. and in addition he was sending me threatening messages and video over WhatsApp. I did not replay and have instead deleted them and block the guy. Now he is suing me...
  9. ninja21

    WhatsApp Business Account - Get Verified? [Discuss]

    Hi, As we all know WhatsApp verifies the business account with a green batch based on their own terms. But is there a way around? or a seller here in BHW that sell the service? Image attached for anyone who doesn't get what this thread is about
  10. M

    Whatsapp Billing/ Pay per message

    Hi I am trying to find a software which offer pay per message for the Adult and Psychic category I want to be able to charge my customers per message So when a customer goes to my website they see the profile of the Psychic reader they want They pay and then get redirected to either Whatsapp...
  11. Digital Lead

    Whatsapp Unlimited Auto Bulk Sender Software - Normal & PRO Version | No Longer Need Channels

    Get 10 blasting credit when you purchase $1 Wappsend PRO Trial GRAB 40% DISCOUNTED COPIES NOW FOR WAPPSEND SOFTWARE I will give 10 discount review copies to JUNIOR VIP , user must have at least 100 posts. Watch our demo videos here...
  12. H

    How to save contacts automaticlly?

    Hello, did anyone know how to save contacts from whatsapp chat automatically? because adding more than 5k contact is too hard manually.
  13. M

    The Future of Giveaways

    Hello ppl, I want to start a Big Giveaway for an online store. Now im thinking of sending all Entrys directly to WhatsApp to Build a WhatsApp List instead of an E-Mail List. The opening rate is really high and its easy to enter. What do you guys think about this idea?
  14. S

    Easiest way to have at least 10 sim cards from ''serious'' countries for Whatsapp use

    Hello guys, I do own a HUGE and legit list of phone numbers from French speaking countries. My idea is simply to add a bunch of them manually in Whatsapp and try to make sales by directly speaking with them (writing or vocally). But I do not want to be spotted as a spammer nor use my personal...
  15. Internet-Marketer

    REQ: Whatsapp Verification With USA Number

    Hey, Can someone help me to verify whatsapp with USA number for free? I only need one account right now. I will really thankful to you and add maximum rep to you! Thanks!
  16. D

    [WTH] Web Dev - Little WhatsApp Bot

    Searching a Developer for a WhatsApp Bot. Pretty simple work and not any complex software. It's not something like WhatSender, Twilio, etc. - No usage of the WhatsApp API! It needs to be via the Web version. - The users will "activate" the bot by sending a specific keyword. (The bot is able to...
  17. Anacleto

    Need help to understand how WhatsApp bans numbers

    My phone number has been banned on WhatsApp for bulk messaging from WhatsApp Web using a macro recorder and I immediatly ran to the store and bought a new SIM card. I created this new account but it was banned instantly (Didn't bulk message or anything, just sent some messages to some of my...
  18. C

    whatsapp's channel password

    Do anyone know about WhatsApp.apk saved the " password " on its channel in the file ?
  19. C

    How can i create Whatsapp Channel myself?

    I have sim numbers with registered WhatsApp. How can I create channels myself for these numbers which is needed on Bulk Sender (Blaster) I need the tutorial, logic and algorithm.. My WhatsApp, can contact me here : +6011 5111 3567
  20. Mr.Chicken


    does anyone have a bulk marketing software for whatsapp? have around 3000 contacts in my work thanks