1. Anacleto

    Need help to understand how WhatsApp bans numbers

    My phone number has been banned on WhatsApp for bulk messaging from WhatsApp Web using a macro recorder and I immediatly ran to the store and bought a new SIM card. I created this new account but it was banned instantly (Didn't bulk message or anything, just sent some messages to some of my...
  2. C

    whatsapp's channel password

    Do anyone know about WhatsApp.apk saved the " password " on its channel in the file ?
  3. C

    How can i create Whatsapp Channel myself?

    I have sim numbers with registered WhatsApp. How can I create channels myself for these numbers which is needed on Bulk Sender (Blaster) I need the tutorial, logic and algorithm.. My WhatsApp, can contact me here : +6011 5111 3567
  4. Mr.Chicken


    does anyone have a bulk marketing software for whatsapp? have around 3000 contacts in my work thanks
  5. taouil

    Bulk Whatsapp messaging

    Hello, Looking for a company that provides cheap Bulk Whatsapp messaging, I need the company to send bulk msg on-demand, If you offer this service, please send me a PM with details and prices, You should also offer a filtration service (Normally it should be a free service) [I provide you a...
  6. Emerdan

    Whatsapp Hackers seems to be promoting themselves by Quora

    I recently asked a question on quora about whatsapp and was surprised to get many answers within a few minutes, and then I checked one and found this: And then I checked the other answers and all of them were eerily similar: Then I checked the profiles of these people and they have been...
  7. ad149

    Instagram will remove Likes

    Recently Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that Facebook will focus on privacy more than anything else in the future. Obviously to save the company from all the bad reputation but seriously havig privacy and Zuckerberg in the same sentence makes me laugh. Messenger and Whatsapp will slowly...
  8. Harrrr

    How are you using Whatsapp Fire Sender or similar softwares

    Hey guys, I just got Whatsapp Fire Sender, I wa really excited about the price. I rarely buy anything impulsively but it just happened, software looks really great. But, I don't have an idea about what to market with it. What do you guys do with it?
  9. curkill

    Scraping&Checking Whatsapp Group Links in 30min - Tutorial

    Hey, I just had a free minutes, so today I'll give you some easy ways you can mass scrape&check whatsapp Links for free. (Don't complain that I will be using free tools and no custom/paid software/scripts, simply not worth my time. And please don't act smart by commenting that you can also use...
  10. hardik9099

    Want numbers for whatsapp accounts.

    whatsapp accounts getting banned if it gets reported by users. or because I spamming them with lots of link messages. i want some real working numbers. indian numbers will work. i want accounts on whatsapp. any seller here on BHW?
  11. B

    Any way to find whatsapp groups?

    Hey community . As the title says i want to find whatsapp groups that are in specific niche. For ex : beauty or deals. I have used google to find groups and there pop some of the re-sellers as well. But the biggest problem is repetitive group links. So , is there any way to find groups in...
  12. AleksRempleng

    My first thread. Purpose 500$ per day using whatsapp, Telegram

    Hi friend. I have been following the participants of the BHW not so long ago. But I have already managed to find a lot of useful material, meet new people and get a few warnings from admins because of inattentive study of the rules. But the more you study the forum, the more you understand that...
  13. Ixmike88

    [JV]My Whatsapp accs+autoreplybot. Your Adult traffic.

    Hello guys. As title says. I have a lot of Whatsapp accounts which is registered on European sim cards. And have Autoreply bot for Whatsapp. I am currently working with 30 ACTIVE partners that drive traffic to my Whatsapp numbers everyday. How it works Me: I'll give you my number(s) of whatsapp...
  14. jurlique

    [Method] Create Whatsapp Account Without Any Number!

    Shared from Telegram Group. See if this below method works for you :). I received this from a Telegram Group. Not sure whether if it works. Just think about using whatsapp without registering any number, that will be very cool as you will be using the whatsapp anonymously. Steps To Use...
  15. The Curator

    WhatsApp puts limit on message forwarding to fight fake news

    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jan/21/whatsapp-limits-message-forwarding-fight-fake-news?CMP=edit_2221 "WhatsApp users will be blocked from forwarding messages to more than five individuals or groups under new rules the messaging service is rolling out worldwide to fight the spread...
  16. bluecoder

    WhiteLabel Partners - Whatsapp Marketing Software

    Hi, We are looking for a White Label Partners for our Whatsapp Marketing Software. https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/whatsapp-auto-bulk-messenger-whatsapp-automation-tool-whatsapp-marketing-software-60-offer.1074783/ What we provide : ------------------------ Customize with your own Brand /...
  17. fiastirific

    Whatsapp message scheduler?

    hello world, I’m looking for a bot/app/website that would allow me to schedule whatsapp messages in advance. Kind of like how you can set up an auto newsletter sequence over 3 months. Is that available? Thanks in advance.
  18. blackhatbeavis

    Anyone WhatsApp Marketing 2019?

    Hi all. I have an offer that Id like to get to the masses (location unimportant) using WhatsApp. I've check here and it doesn't seem to be very common channel even though open rates are over 70%. I understand there are some strict restrictions on what you can push but also read that there...
  19. J

    WhatsApp Messenger Broadcast Marketing

    Hey Guys can you please recommend me a tool for broadcast. It is important to me that the customers (who have not saved my number) also receive my messages and that I can use all functions of WebwhatsApp ( Voice messaging ). I thank you for your help!
  20. bluecoder

    WhatsApp Marketing Software | Whatsapp Automation Bot Tool | Whatsapp Service Provider[VERSION 2]

    Useful Links Videos : Check out the tutorials Talk to us on Whatsapp : https://firesender.pro/talk $1 Offer : https://firesender.pro/1dollaroffer Support Email : [email protected] Join Telegram Channel : https://t.me/firesender Talk to us in Telegram : https://t.me/bluecoder Follow Medium...