1. K

    Retreaval of Stolen Proprietary Data!

    Hello Good Folks! I have yet again a family member attempting an aggressive theft of my business. Ehh...More than used to this! But he's got Data on $millions of deals he's trying to sell to my competitors. Any possibly got any ideas on how I could, perahps ehh get into his Macbook and...
  2. G

    Pop up advertisin

    Hello, We are searching that pop-up ads virus maker. I will pay the cost could he can write me the message. Concept is He need to make our website advertisement with pop-up ads and need to find a 2 links source
  3. Seopreneur01

    Ahrefs hacked??

    I was just going through my routine Ahrefs research and suddenly Avast reported this: I'm assuming someone has put malware on the site and is trying to gain access to user ids and passwords. Is anyone else facing this issue?
  4. TaylerColley

    can .txt files be dangerous?

    can .txt files be dangerous?
  5. L

    How to make this domain Clean please check the screen shot and give me some suggestions how to make this domain clean Thank You
  6. A

    Website recovery (virus)

    Hello to everyone who reads this topic! In April, the site was infected with a Japanese virus that created many pages selling various things not related to the subject of the site, of course. On the console, things are as follows: And here are the pages that the virus created: , now all...
  7. B

    Can this kind of cure be the end of the pandemic? Covid 19

    Heey so recently got Covid and being locked in a room is making open my third eye I think. Inspired by China's own 1 child policy, what if there's something that makes the covid viruses infertile or not able to have more than 1 covid baby viruses each ? But really something that inhibits the...
  8. mainceaft

    What's wrong with these full of sht `.ru` sites ranked in the SERP

    Yesterday while I was search for KW's I collected from Ahrefs, for new project for me, I notice new .ru sites ranked in these KW's, they are not in top 3, but lower, (similar what you used to see with .it domains) But things here are worst, they spread many crappy computers viruses in...
  9. dadyyanki

    Help-How to know your device is infected with viruses??

    Is there any guide about Advanced virus scan for device? When we download files(movie from torrent, pdfs)it can be infected . Or there can be silent miner in device. How do you guys detect thoses viruses. (Except antivirus)
  10. Skorpionn

    Warnning! Dont use Adsterra! Malware infected network

    I placed banner for my mobile visitors in my tube website. It was very surprising since their CPM was much higher than exoclick, But they will redirect visitors randomly to their malware infected and fake antivirus page. They randomly open popunder, redirect or promote to install...
  11. homeriscool

    Have You Ever Seen a Movie Called The Hamburg Syndrome? Its Like a Movie of Covid 19

  12. SeedPhrase

    Help me to remove Trojan

    Hi, my Bros, I have a PHP script, that's very hard to find. that script contains 2 trojan files. can anyone help me to remove trojan? :)
  13. Veil123

    [FREE] Free Ahrefs Reports & The Golden Hand of Veil123

    Hey guys! I know that many of you are having a real hard time getting back on feet after the problems that were brought to us because of this never-ending Covid-19 virus, therefore I am offering my help and expertise for those who are in need of: Fixing bugs/providing solutions for your...
  14. Dictatorce

    I'm selling medical masks and PPE, is it still possible to use FB ads with it?

    I'm supplying masks, ppe, and etc. and no I'm not price gouging nor am I hoarding. Is it still possible to sell these products thru FB ads/Insta ads thru pages? People will contact me thru the pages themselves. I know FB/Insta are going hard against hoarders and people who overprice these...
  15. draco02

    Is China lying about their Coronavirus cases?

    Do you think china covers everything up?
  16. E

    This made me Cry...!

  17. JohnKowalski

    How To Make DIY Homemade Disposable Face Masks

    Hey, I didn't find this on the forum. Mods please remove this thread in case it has been posted before.
  18. E

    The world will not be the same! ;-(

    I won't say the world will "Never" be the same but after the Corona Epidemic, it will take many many years for the world to be normal again...!
  19. InnovativeSEO

    WHO officials warn health systems are ‘collapsing’ under coronavirus

    WHO officials warn health systems are ‘collapsing’ under coronavirus: ‘This isn’t just a bad flu season’ World Health Organization officials warned Friday against dismissing the coronavirus that’s swept across the globe as just a bad outbreak of the flu. Mike Ryan, executive director of the...
  20. Meerakat

    Here is how Corona Virus Actually Works (IMP)

    I have seen a lot of threads here in BHW, but they are all missing out on very important factors! I will give you the real points that actually make sense and that will definitely help answer your curious questions and threads! First of all, human beings start with 0 backlinks as a baby but as...
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