What's wrong with these full of sht `.ru` sites ranked in the SERP

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Apr 10, 2013
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Yesterday while I was search for KW's I collected from Ahrefs, for new project for me, I notice new .ru sites ranked in these KW's, they are not in top 3, but lower, (similar what you used to see with .it domains)
But things here are worst, they spread many crappy computers viruses in their(auto generated) page, that's fools search engine serving different contents, this screenshot of one of these :-


The link for this page Are Encrypted, so no one can report it to google etc. I tested one of these file and test it in VirusTotal and all are viruses
From my previous knowledge working as IT for long time, this is really really bad, like ~70% will download the file and run it, because many of these KW related to some sort of files download (e.g printer driver)
What kind of misery these people live in to spread such sht.
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