1. NeedMyLink

    New update from the Ahrefs

    Ahrefs has made another update. This time in the Keywords Explorer section What's new? - Date of first review: The date when the keyword was first discovered (available on all new plans) - Breakdown by device: Number of searches on PC and mobile devices (available on new Advanced...
  2. Maxmum Alee

    Etsy Policy Update 2024

    Hey everyone! I wanted to share some exciting news from Etsy! In 2024, Etsy is rolling out updates to the onboarding process for new shops to ensure that Etsy remains a trusted and safe place to shop and do business. Here are the key details: Priority on Safety: Etsy's team is dedicated to...
  3. darvi6

    Not updating followers of a page

    Hello guys. Recently I see that followers of a page ( slide jewels) won't update for lots of of my Instagram accounts. But the latest followers of this page is shown in one of my Instagram accounts. What is going on? I updated app but didn't work. Deleted data and cashe too. Tried to use...
  4. Alex_Roma89

    Site removed from discover

    Have any of you friends ever been removed from discover? After the last update I noticed that my site no longer even gets an impression from discover even though I continue to publish content exactly as before, and I was even getting 30k impressions a day. Help me and you will have my gratitude!
  5. Jaordas

    September 2023 helpful content update (less strict on AI, what does this mean for you?)

    https://status.search.google.com/products/rGHU1u87FJnkP6W2GwMi/history First of all, didnt see a thread for this exact update, forgive me if their was one. However im creating this because I want to ask BHW members how they are doing and how they feel about the updated Guidance on Machine...
  6. tattooedbuddha

    FAQ & HowTo Schema Changes

    ”Going forward, FAQ (from FAQPage structured data) rich results will only be shown for well-known, authoritative government and health websites. For all other sites, this rich result will no longer be shown regularly. Sites may automatically be considered for this treatment depending on their...
  7. l0cke

    Forthcoming Changes in Google Algorithm

    Google is changing its useful content system in order to better comprehend and rank content provided from a personal or expert perspective. Content writers should concentrate on producing unique, valuable content that provides readers with a fulfilling experience and follows closely to their...
  8. D

    From 40k to 4k trafic in less than a month with google update

    Should i call it a day ? Wrap it up ? thats it ? go next i guess it's getting lower and lower and lower every day :)
  9. 7

    A News sitelinks buttom on SERP Feature?

    I never seen this kind of sitelinks before, could anyone explain a bit?
  10. T

    The Latest Google Update

    I'm a bit late on the boat with this one I think. A few of the site I work have have take drops in the last 2-3 days. I know there is talk about a new possible update, but I actually missed the December updates because I saw not movements and was preparing for the new year. After reading the...
  11. HenryObi

    Another Helpful Content Update Released

    Google just announced another helpful content update which was released yesterday (5th) and as usual would take weeks to roll out.
  12. dakudaddy

    Google Killed My 2500$ Monthly Earning Site

  13. dakudaddy

    How Many of Facing Indexing Issue ?

    After Spam update, I am facing indexing issue on some of my sites. Most of the sites are crawled last time on 20th October
  14. M

    May 22 Hit KO My Affiliate Sites (Please Help) Still Not Recovered!

    Hey, thanks for giving your time. Without wasting it, let's begin. All three Semrush screenshots below were affected by May 2022 update. Since then, I've tried pretty hard by adding content and other stuff, but nothing seems to work. The third image is a site that I shifted to another domain...
  15. Turbo B.

    Which Google updates did this?

    It is an adult site in the screenshot. There are tons of other adult sites with the exact same rise and drop. As being adult sites, they do not have content on pages by nature.
  16. seo_alexa002

    Helpful content & Core updates FINALLY Recognising the Careful Research Done by Major News Publications in YMYL fields

    Helpful content & Core updates FINALLY Recognising the Careful Research Done by Major News Publications in YMYL fields
  17. Dark Hat 007

    New Google July Update - "Here we go again"

    While most of us are barely recovering from the May Core Updates, the Big G's have rolled out another. Have you experienced anything?
  18. L

    wordpress elementor issue how to solve this problem

    When I click anywhere in my elementor wordpress website a black screen appears with white close icon How to fix this I enabled disabled all plugins still same issue
  19. ali78691

    Advertisers will be forced to use Responsive Search ads. Expanded Text Ads is going away in 2022.

    Important Starting June 30, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads. Expanded text ads will continue to serve, and you'll still see reports on their performance going forward. You'll still be able to pause and resume your expanded text ads, or remove them if needed...
  20. densby

    Site traffic after June 2

    hi guys i need help. after June 2, traffic systematically goes down.. why this is happening and what to do? ps: removed cdn today
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