1. Panther28

    New domains coming to a register near you soon!

    Yep, this is better than many of the previous ltds, this is the kind of thing I've been wanting for years! :cool: The new tld is .ing so lots of ideas, time to get the dictionary out.
  2. M

    Does changing domain TDL can have an impact on SEO

    Hi all! I have been browsing around to know if changing domain TDL can have an impact on SEO. But I am having a hard time finding information on the TLD specifically. Does anyone have any clue or past experience? Thanks!
  3. Nato1

    NFT TLD Domains

    Two days ago in the middle of the night I watched a video of crypto chico talking about a new NFT play on eth network. They are selling TLD as NFTs, so you will be the owner and you can create Subdomains on these TLDs and rent/sell them. Without much more research I FOMOed in buying one of the...
  4. homeriscool

    New Domain Name TLD for Local SEO - Any Benefit in SEO?

    Hi all, I've found a really good domain name for a local SEO project. It is a domain with a new domain extension so I'm wondering if there's any local seo benefit?
  5. sohom

    [Must Have] Domain Tools (Free) | DomainHack generator - Social Media availability - TLD price,renew comparison - cheapest Domain price & renewal -etc

    [Must Have] Domain Tools (Free) | DomainHack generator - Social Media availability - TLD price,renew comparison - cheapest Domain price & renewal - {many more....} 1) DomainTyper Link : Domain Hack generator + AJAX domain availability checker Social-Media Name...
  6. imrootx

    is it possible to rank country code tld ( .li ) ?

    Hi, does using country code tld effect of ranking? i want to .li tld. like , "contact me" can became ( smart domain hacks :p ) , my keyword ends with li.
  7. thesilverhawk619

    A good TLD is very important..?

    Hey, So I have searched for some expiring domains which are on auction, (Thanks to the fellow members for giving this idea) and I have a similar idea but not same, so I want to use the same domain with a different TLD. Is it a bad idea or whether I will be banned or something like that from...
  8. QuanticIT

    Which TLD is good for new blog?

    if .com is not available, which TLD is good for blog? .co / .net / .org?
  9. J

    What TLDs do you use?

    Hey guys, I hope this question is not that private, but I am curios what TLDs people use. I am not really interested in the purpose or area. I am working on a personal project and wanted to know what is used aside the usual .com, .org.. Thanks :)
  10. developer1989

    .com or .org for health related website?

    Hi All I'm confused in choosing domain name between .com and .org. The required domain name is not available in .com but it is available in .org. So can i go with .ORG. (I'm planning to monetize with Adsense) But for my keyword, Googles 10 results was in .com So if i choose .ORG is there...
  11. Kerneloshka

    cctlds Domains for Geo Targeting

    I have a question: My Customer is located in Mexico. Her Business provides services in Mexico to American people in the United Stated. Meaning all the customers hire my client from US for a Service in Mexico (Destination Service). Do we have to use .mx as domain or .com ?
  12. rudrapada

    [Help] I am confused in choosing domain extensions.

    I am from india, I want to start an ecommerce store, which caters to indians only. I am confused between .com and .in I can't find many unique brandable names with available .coms Would .in be okay to build a brand? Thanks in advance guys!
  13. KJREDDY247@

    4 letter domains

    are they still valuable, i mean about the 4 letter top TLD domains? .com, .net and .org
  14. javadth

    native domain names still works ?

    hi i found a good expired domain for my niche but its a native i meant for example :www.سیارات.com its emd related to my niche , but my concern is about i think google doesn't give enough interest to this domains what you think ? is it worth to work on it ?
  15. sonyhp

    Keyword on domain name vs TLD ranking

    Quick question guys, does anyone know what domain would rank better for "news" keyword from the following? (considering both are new) or ? Would be great if you could backup the fact with a source. Thanks!
  16. javadth

    .info domain is good or bad for seo ?

    hello people i wanted to register a .info domain for my cctv selling website just wanted to know is there any good or bad thing about this .info domain ?
  17. javadth

    local language domain or english domain name ?

    hi i wanted to start an online flowershop 2 or 3 years before local domain names was so useful but never used it again since last years what you think ? now local language domain is good or english domain names ? i see some local language domains in google top serp but its not in my category
  18. kurosaki4d

    Migrate website to another host

    Hello, I am currently hosting a wordpress website in Godaddy, however i entend to move it to Sitegroud along with the domain name. That been said, i will be unlocking and migrating completely the domain name to Siteground, so i am concerned because i want to know if there will be any downtime...
  19. zrigos

    Adwords Domain TLD's Matter?

    For new accounts does the domain tld matter? Like does .com, .net, org, etc matter over .xyz, .info, etc <a cheap domains? Whats your experience? Does this matter with making accounts run quicker or longer?
  20. Mark Eternally

    A Lot of 3 Character .org domains available

    3 character domain currently open for the taking ...
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