1. L

    Make money with your scientific work

    This method is perfect for students or former students. I have noticed that some students sell their theses and earn some extra money with little effort. A friend of mine who went to the same university as me sold his master thesis shortly after graduation. The topic of his master thesis was...
  2. payal23j

    Academic Content Writing Service - Quality with Plagiarism Free Content

    Academic Content Writing Service/Online Classes - Quality with Plagiarism Free Content Contact me on Email # [email protected] or Telegram # payal23j About me I worked for many companies with my writers team who are experienced and specialize in Academic writing. I can manage all of your...
  3. techsparks

    How to do SEO effectively with competitor?

    My website was on rank 1st thesis institute in Chandigarh on this keyword but after one of my competitor purchase the domain with the same name or keyword, after few days my website rank got down and its showing on number 3rd right now. I am working on this website from the past 7 years and now...
  4. A

    Academic Writer

    Hi, I am Zagrat and I am a professional academic writer. I have written for more than 6 years with both ENL and ESL forums. I also do statistical analysis using STATA, SAS, SPSS, Tableau and Ms Excel.
  5. W

    What should I write for my thesis?

    So in about 3 months I have to start my thesis for my masters degree in software development. And so far I have no idea what to write about - so I'm asking you guys now, since I love just sitting and reading inspirational articles from here. My specialisation is "Web systems", which means web...
  6. D

    Thesis vs Genesis 2014 - Which is the Best For seo and fast load

    I am planning a new blog, I need your opinion what are the best wordpress theme in 2014 that are responsive, good speed and seo buildup I?d love to know pls? thanks
  7. YellowBoi

    Thesis v1.8.5 help?

    I just can't seem to get the changes I've made to show up. I'm trying to widen the width in the design option, something which I've done many times before, but for some reason, it's just showing the changes, the header change also seems to be affected. Can't seem to change the header no matter...
  8. eddie_v

    [REQ] Wordpress thesis awesome skins

    Hi I have been online reading on the website for a few days and have recently got paid my first $400 i made through affiliate marketing. I would like to thank everyone around here who posts tips for making money online. I hope very soon i will be able to do that myself.I would like to request...
  9. Sinbad Konick

    Which thesis tutorial you think is the best to learn professionally ?

    Hi everyone , Which thesis video tutorials you think are the best when it comes to thesis customization ? I mean from where i should start learning as doing thesis customization projects professionally... Thanks in advance
  10. putrasandy

    How to make this border on Thesis Theme?

    Can someone help me to make this border / bold shadow on thesis theme (see my attachment..) note: like matt cuts's blog Thanks before :D
  11. C

    Which Star Rating Plugin Works Best With The Thesis Theme

    Which plugin is the best to use for setting up "Rich Snippets" in wordpress as a star rating system using the thesis theme. I found some bad reviews about the "GD Star Rating Plugin" it's suppose to slow wordpress down using thesis.
  12. A

    Thesis 1.8.3 and CPA Redirector 2

    I changed one of my WP sites to Thesis 1.8.3 and CPA Redirector2 stopped working. Changed the theme back and the redirects started working again.
  13. azguru

    Best Wordpress Plugins to use WITH Thesis theme???

    What are the best Wordpress Plugins to use WITH the Thesis for SEO???
  14. A

    Thesis theme?

    I've been looking into getting a paid theme to use on WordPress and Thesis has been suggested to me. Before I go and spend the money, are there any other themes I should look into using?
  15. putrasandy

    [HELP] Thesis design Question

    Hi guys, just make a short... Sorry for nub or dumb question, but I have googling until death but can not find the answer.. Thanks How to design THESIS like this....
  16. W

    thesis lovers may dig this: top 10 thesis wp customizations

    lol, krispy kreme is on the list. (not my site, but some of u thesis tweakers may get some good ideas from these)
  17. wahidpolin

    Thesis 1.7 template problem

    I have been using thesis 1.7 for a while now.But recently while i was trying to customize the theme,it broke down so i removed it completely and then installed it again.Every thing worked nice but every time i try to customize it by clicking the "custom file editor" button in my wp admin panel...
  18. glovek77

    [Wordpress] Thesis 1.6 Error, please help! Reward inside.

    Error fixed. Thanks for the help mikie! :-)
  19. G

    Thesis theme quick question

    Hey! Does anyone know how to make thesis display comments on the main page after each post? Thx so much guys!
  20. mystery

    Premium WordPress Themes

    Hello everyone, What are some of the top premium wordpress themes other than the Thesis and the WP-Genius?
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