1. xanaIDE

    Is it Possible to Find all Websites Targeting a Specific Keyword on Google Ads?

    Let's say I searched for "cheap web hosting" as an example, I will probably get 4 ads on the search page. Is it possible to see all websites that target this keyword? thank you.
  2. mihirthakur

    Facebook ads campaign link click to landing page drop ratio more than 80%,

    I have been running a campaign and In that I tested two different audience and for both of the audience the link click to landing page drop ratio is more than 80%. The product niche is healthy food and I am targeting audience who are interested in healthy food but still the drop rate is huge...
  3. adflex

    Magical Targeting Technique for FB

    Our goal here is entering one detailed targeting option in the Interest box instead of adding a bunch of them. The point is having results that clearly determine which targeting option is acting imperfectly and needs to be eliminated. Do this: Hover to the Duplicate option under your ad set...
  4. Windnfire

    Twitter Targeting Expert

    Hello there, I am looking for an expert on Twitter Targeting / Twitter Ads. Budget: 1000$ for test Niche: Crypto/Blockchain Let me know if you are the one whom we're looking for. Friendly, WNF!
  5. L

    What are the best ppc websites

    What are the best ppc websites to get some traffic for my clients websites
  6. DunDidIt2X

    Millions Of Dollars At YOUR Finger Tips - The Journey Starts Here

    As part of my journey I am sharing valuable content each day for the next 14 days. My post today is a free give away of something of immense value to those that know how to hustle. Below is a cleaned and verified email list of over 400,000 investors in the U.S. This is literally a list of people...
  7. B

    How do I find the location of my followers to effectively market them?

    So my niche is babes niche. I want to monetise them by doing CPA, I scraped other babes accounts with an american bend. (American babes, american followers). But the thing is, I have no idea how American they really are, I tried to gauge by looking at their comments and follower accounts and...
  8. W

    Targeting Managers who like Tennis

    So I have a list of companies that my company wants to do business with. There are over 5000 companies in this list and ideally I want to know of only people who are Managers of the business (who are in charge of making decisions) and who like to play tennis. My plan is to contact these people...
  9. ad149

    Rich Potential Customers

    Hej, this post is probably in the wrong section so please correct me if you find me wrong. I want everyone to take part in this thread and discuss which are some of the most lucrative targeting. For example I always try to target shoppers in medium sized jewelry stores in my city. These...
  10. A

    Laser focused FACEBOOK groups ad targeting individual members - scrapting , growth hacking?

    Hello BHW community! I'm new here. Took a few days to familiarize myself with the community and posts. Now, seeking advice on the topic of facebook marketing, growth hacking and targeting specific group members to send them marketing. I have a small online business that sells shoes. I'm part...
  11. Cherishyourlife

    Target Facebook Ad by Name

    Hey Guys! I´m trying to sell Name specific Shirts and Merch. Is there any possibility to target People on fFacebook by names? For example: Women named Jennifer - living in the US - married - over the age of 35 Of course I know it´s not possible with "normal" strategies. I thought about...
  12. Stay

    E-mail list for targeting to small. Would buying FB profiles help?

    Hi all, I was looking for some info on this subject but could not seem to find it anywhere. So I hope someone here has experience in this. I have an e-mail list I would like to target. Only thing is I do not have over 100 e-mails on this list that can be matched to a Facebook profile. So the...
  13. O

    Targeting for Dog Account

    I am currently running my dog's IG account on Jarvee. It is at about 5K followers. Growth has been fine, very organic engagement, just on follow/unfollow, but I would like to optimize it. Does anyone have any organic, legit dog-niche accounts (other dog, pet, dog accessories, meme pages, etc.)...
  14. P

    Help me analyze my fb ads traffic please

    Hi it's my first time using fb ads. i am using with dropshipping. but i'm not sure if my ad targeting is good or not. can someone help me? this is the stats. just want to make sure if everything is going as normal or if im doing something wrong. thanks.
  15. donut020

    how to properly test keywords on Bing/Adwords?

    let's say I have a huge List of 1000 buyer keywords, would you target them one-by-one (in different AdSets each) to see which one converts? How long do you run them and when do you say the Keyword is a winner/loser? I read it's recommended to wait for at least 100 clicks but i think i'll burn a...
  16. lookylooky

    Can I target 2 countries with 1 site?

    I have a .com eCommerce site that is targeting the US by setting my Google Console to US. I would like to also target Canada at the same time. Is there a way to do this without loosing any rankings I've built for the US? I don't know if it helps but I do own the .ca domain as well and have just...
  17. A

    Targeting in Instagram

    Hello everyone! I have some questions for peoples who work with targeting. Especially, in Instagram. I work a lot in SMM sphere but now I want to work with tagreting by myself. In the past there always were people which help me. 1) How to make price per click lower? I mean does it make sence...
  18. Diashen

    Payment gateways / Order fulfillments

    Hello! I've just started building my shop recently (shopify+ali) and looking forward to starting dropshipping business. Here are few questions I've stumbled upon, hope you can help me out friends :) 1. I need to choose payment gateway option for the credit card, and in my country...
  19. Royalwithcheese

    IG bot targeting question

    hey guys im running Grammultitool 2 bot for my IG+CPA. I was wondering if there's any way to avoid following people from a particular country ? Avoid following people from france for example is that possible ?
  20. theIMMachine

    Will my now rankings affect if I target multi country in webmaster console?

    Hi One of my friend decided to target multi country (all) option in the webmaster console in targeting country section. But he is scared of getting his rankings pushed down for the country now he is ranking. How to target worldwide without affecting the rankings that he have right now...