1. Hostinglogy

    web stories

    My stories are not getting indexed. Any suggestions?
  2. Negi Ji

    Proud Of Myself Today

    Hey guys, Just want to tell you that what happened today and I am really proud of myself. My aunt called me today and she told me that she wants $300 basically she is asking for his son who is living in another state of India but due to covid, he lost his job and want to come to his hometown...
  3. D

    KrystalGrowth for Instagram on a new account

    Hello Newbie here. I've read that technically there is no limit imposed by IG on story viewing. Is that true? Anyone has any experience with this on a new account in 2020? When is an account considered to be "no longer new"? what's the time period? And finally regarding KrystalGrowth tool: it...
  4. Heiko

    People of BHW that got out of the Hood/Ghetto - Share your story!

    Hi, So i am not living in the ghetto nor' do i live a bad life or have any bad circumstances around me anymore. However, i know there are some really though people around here that have lived in the slums, ghetto, hood whatever you wanna call it, and got out of it. Meaning they worked hard...
  5. Djigit

    Your first venture

    What was your first venture? Like what did you first do when you started with IM? Listening to all the stories inspires me and others!
  6. HenryObi

    How Can I Improve/Increase The Reach On My Facebook Page Stories?

    I have a Facebook page of 85k+ fans.. The Maximum views my stories get is 5k and that was a few times others range between 2.5k to 3.5k views. How do you improve yours? How can I do same on mine?
  7. Titanlord

    Success and expectations of people around you

    So I am curious to know after seeing your success finically how did people around you react? how many just did a complete 180 and expected you to give them financial support, what are your stories?
  8. K

    Can't create any Hashtags in Instagram Stories

    Hello all, I am a new member on BHW. Maybe you can help me out with my problem: Since a while I can't add any Hashtags in my Instagram Stories. (Hashtags can be added to normal posts, only in Stories it doesn't work) I already tried following: Deleted the app and reinstalled it, reseted my...
  9. D

    Where do the many story views come from?

    Hi, guys! There is one thing on Instagram, which a don't understand. I have an open account set to "pro" without specifying the category. I have very little followers - around 550 but I still get on my open stories 300-400 views per story. Those are not only my followers, but I also don't get...
  10. H

    Boosting Instagram Stories views

    Hi there everyone, hope you doing well:)! I manage some IG accounts and I having some issues with story views in one of them. The account is nearly at 150k followers but is unable to get a good amount of story views. Is barely unable to get 2k views and I guess those numbers are too low for...
  11. saadoff

    Stories and child accounts In Jarvee

    Hi again, I'm doing the child accout method and I'm trying to do a call for action using IG stories but the thing is that when I set up an IG story campaign in Jarvee only the photo is displayed and not the text "follow my main account @xxx " for example
  12. IG Pro

    Stories - explore page

    This screenshot is for people what say stories are useless: Instagram is pushing stories AF. If you are not using stories, it's like sharing posts without highly targeted hashtags. Have a great day! -Filipo
  13. yumduck

    How can i automatise Ig Stories?

    Hi, i wan't to automatise ig stories. Allready check Jarvee, Buffer and a lot of softwares. The best thing i've find is only to post instant stories (without delay) An feature fonction that i need is to post survey in my ig stories Some ideas? Thanks a lot
  14. M

    How do you get traffic though snapchat stories?

    so the goal is to get people to find you through snapchat "my stories" is that possible to do if you upload snaps from memories or do you need to actually take a NEW snap via your camera? i'm wondering if there is an algorithm that will not display your stories if you are "reusing old ones from...
  15. bmanfacts

    [Question] Do Folks Actually Click Through to View Posts in Story Shares?

    I'm curious. I have several active accounts where I do this just to give exposure to my other pages. Yet, when I check through on the analytics before the 24hrs are up, not many people actually clicked the photo to see the post and engage it. I'm curious, do people actually click through them...
  16. KORO22

    How to buy stories on Instagram?

    What is the best way to search for bloggers from the USA and buy stories on Instagram?
  17. I

    It is possible a temporary block on Instagram Stories using bot?

    i think that one of my friend's account that is running with a bot has encountered a temporary block on instagram stories My friend says that he's trying to publish a story, all seems going fine without any kind of error but when he try to see the story just published, there's no trace did it...
  18. michaelshezzer

    Got A Story?? Unusual/Interesting Webinars???!!

    Hello Everyone, Long Time NO Speak!!! It has been ages since I have been on this forum and how it has changed since 2011 :D:D:D:D Must be a sign of getting old lol... Ok! Straight to the pointy end!!! I am writing an article about webinars... :eek::eek::eek::eek: I have gone a bit cliche...
  19. maxhuro

    Instagram Photo/Video,Album & Profile Picture Downloader

    New instagram Tool that will help you to download Photos/Videos Albums and Profile Picture in the highest quality. No ADS No Mining Scripts very fast site and simple to use. FEATURES (Coming soon) INSTA STORY - you will be able to VIEW and DOWNLOAD instagram STORY ANONYMOUSLY. Upload...
  20. Blakester

    Amazon Kindle Stories - We'll Write Them For You & Give You All Commercial Rights (Creative Writing)

    * REVIEWS * After our success & awesome reviews on our selling thread, we're now here to introduce our Story Writing Service (For Amazon Kindle Or Anything Else) Order Your Story Here! Use Coupon: Leave a Reply below to get your coupon. ~ Coupons Will Add An...