Your first venture


Nov 12, 2019
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What was your first venture? Like what did you first do when you started with IM? Listening to all the stories inspires me and others!
Affiliate marketing spamming 4 chan with dating offers and it was a JV with a guy from the US whom I met on another forum and boy
Adult tube, realised I knew fuck all about Niches. Took me 4 months to realise it was impossible going I'm 6 months into my rare niche. Life is good :D
My first venture was in 2013, used to upload and rank fiverr testimonial videos to youtube promoting clickbank products. The guy that did my videos isn't active on fiverr anymore but he was bloody brilliant.
Who else remembers Cash University?

Damn I sucked at being a female, lol
I created a lyrics website. Monetised with Popups etc. Did quite well for sometime till I started receiving copyright notices. Then legal problems started and web host pulled the plug. Good old days, when it was so easy to rank in google.
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