1. WillBeCoder

    Why work hard your ass off for this worthless world?

    In my country minimum wage is just 6000 unit. And even terrible family houses are starting from 3.000.000 and wrecked like cars are starting from 200.000 unit. My grandpa was able to purchase too many houses, cars and things by just selling clothes in his little shop back then. Everything is...
  2. xEssence


    Interested in everyones opinions. :)
  3. S

    What a kind of people are there in the world of business?

    There are three types of people in this world. Which one are you going to be? Comment below.
  4. andykym

    Web Design with Figma

    I have some skills on creating web design in Figma. Is Web design only with Figma , worth it? If yes , how much i can charge for a web design project? and need some suggestions guys.
  5. Machiavellian Laws

    Pressure creates diamonds, fire refines gold. Good day.

    Today seemed to be the perfect day to finally and officially become a part of this legendary community. I won't pretend - I've seen and heard a lot about this place. My goals are very simple yet very influential; becoming a bit better version of myself each time I open and browse through here...
  6. lightworker1234

    Help: Paypal problem

    Which is the best PayPal Personal Account or Business Account? because I want to work in warrior plus
  7. Ammar Johar

    Ammar's No-Nonsense Guide to earn from Google My Business

    Disclaimer- I suck at writing and making guides so if I haven't written some steps down, ask me and I shall answer on this thread. I run an offline distribution agency for Industrial equipment used in refineries. I am a second generation entrepreneur and my father usually used to get industrial...
  8. Dark Hat 007

    I Need Your Advise And Suggestions For My New Company

    Hello BHW, I've gained so much from here, and I'm appreciative. I recall posting this "I'm Tired Of Being Broke, Help Out!" on 14th Feb 2020. Not like anything huge has happened, but God has done a lot, and resources/advises under that post (BHW in general) has helped too. Well, to cut to...
  9. Djigit

    Your first venture

    What was your first venture? Like what did you first do when you started with IM? Listening to all the stories inspires me and others!
  10. youveggie

    please. I BEG you, don't let it happen.

  11. B

    How much time do you allocate to sides hustles per day?

    Hi all, How much time per day do you allocate to your side hustles on average? I work probably 45-50 hours a week all computer based, and find it difficult to concentrate when I get home as I feel burned out. So what ends up happening is I procrastinate in the day (like now) and read up then...
  12. O

    Chaturbate white label limits?

    What is the most I can do with this affiliate white label? I already know that I can not use scripts and pretty much every other basic advertising embedding. I have spent the last few day trying to figure out how to get the redirect timer to stop popping up before the link opens. I am guessing...
  13. L

    Feed My Mind!!!! PLEASE...

    First off, thank u guys for ALL of this that is BHW.. I feel very fortunate to be part of it .. I post here asking for well.... guidance I guess... Nothin' in this world is free... I know this.... In school I learned about supply and demand and instantly knew that selling/customer service...
  14. best_bud

    Arpit here from India

    Hi Guys, This is Arpit, an Entrepreneur from India. Working on my startup and good with domain names and online marketing. How about you guys?
  15. Dyingpretty420

    Finally a member of BHW

    Longtime lurker turned new member. I'm from orange county California and I'm so excited I finally made the first step and to became a member here. So much to learn and excited for this new adventure in my life. Im all in right now and taking a chance and not just hoping for the best but DOING my...
  16. santhej

    Building A Reputation Management Agency in 100 Days With A Virtual Assistant

    I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. I am planning to build a reputation management agency in 100 days. For this, I am actually reselling a reputation management service from BHW. 95% of this project will be outsourced. A Small Intro About Me: I am basically a Mobile App Marketer. For...
  17. PinkGoddess1

    Hey Hey Hey

    Hey guys I am Sophia, 25 year old female living in Florida. This has been one of my favorite forums and I have been following along for a few months. This forum helped me get into the drop shipping hustle, however that was honestly a headache. My main side hustle is running an eBay account. I...
  18. S

    Hello to all, especially to the Feb 2016 Class!!!

    Hi! I came to this site by chance because I have started purchasing domains to flip, and oh I'm so glad I did. I realise I will have more options and opportunities to make something and will love to be part of the community and give back while doing it! I'm a total lvl 1 noobie at this: I...
  19. B

    Whats good BHW*??*...Ms.Bjsgotit from Cali..

    :gift:Hey BHW!!Hoping all is well with everyone. I'm Bjsgotit. I'm hoping to shake a few hands meet a few friends. Maybe converse ,learn and share a little knowledge. I'm open and willing to learn new wayz of survival in this day and age. Until later TTfn...
  20. L

    New to BHW - Hey everyone!

    Hey BHW! After weeks of reading countless threads about IM Journeys and other ways to create multiple residual income streams, I've been inspired to do 2 things: a) To officially become a BHW member. b) To start a few of my very own IM Journeys. Woo-Hoo!! :clap2: Over the years, I have tried...