1. Thingy

    MMORPG Bot farm (Looking for 1 or more partners)

    I am looking to start a medium-large bot farm and would like to collaborate with someone on this who maybe also has experience in this, I provide the investment as well as as computers to run the bot farm. Looking to do either one or the other in certain games which I'll share what those games...
  2. S

    I'm Looking for a Partner for High Income with a Low Budget!

    Hi BHW! I've shared information about the software I've developed a few times before. Recently, I've met someone and we get along really well. In addition to that, I'm looking for a business partner with whom I can make good money through the plugin I've developed. I would like to emphasize that...
  3. korosho

    [JV] My Crypto Project (DAO) - Your crypto traffic or mass traffic

    Hello and thanks for taking few minutes to read this thread. We are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to join us in this exciting project. Our team consists of four members (developer, manager, social media manager, and public relations). We have created a fully branded...
  4. A

    I am (been) looking to start a number of business/projects but don't know where to start and can't get myself to it, any tips and hints.

    I have been meaning to start my own ventures for quite sometime, I started a drop shipping and a POD but wasn't able to move it forward and slowly died down. I am looking to start a blog, a POD site and a investment portfolio for the time being, not necessarily at once but definitely in 2021...
  5. A

    Hello BHW community

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'm a newbie here, but not on IM world. So I decided to join this great community after reading posts on BHW for about a year, and i thought I could make new IM friends and work together with someone. My Background I have a degree in Math and I...
  6. Djigit

    Your first venture

    What was your first venture? Like what did you first do when you started with IM? Listening to all the stories inspires me and others!
  7. LaMante

    Help needed to monetize 700,000 visitors

    Nice to meet you all ! I would like to ask a question, i run a site with 700,000 about unique visitors (screenshot below), till i paid monthly from escort services pages, but i need any ideas to make a new site to sent the traffic from my site to a new site (e-shop, white labels cams, etc) so i...
  8. hazzi

    [JV] My football videos + your monetised Youtube account

    I create my own football edits for example top 10 Cristiano Ronaldo Free kicks but all i need from you is a fully monetised Youtube account and we can split 50/50 No investment required rom you.
  9. hazzi

    My merch By amazon account with your designs 50/50 profit

    Hi i have had a merch by amazon account for a long time but i do not have the best designs and keyword optimisation. I am looking for someone who has experience in t shirt designs and is good with amazon key word optimisation and i will also split profit 50 50 by the end each month. PM Me if...
  10. 1

    With the rise of Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency, is there opportunity ?

    When the internet rose to popularity in the mid 90s, and when apps became heavily used in the mid 2000s. There was came about these websites that generate billions of dollars (ex Facebook) and apps getting millions of hits (Ex Instagram). Innovation about innovation due to the internet,web, and...
  11. nifras

    Amazon affiliate Help Needed wasting my money or not

    Hello everyone i have a couple of question about my site content and seo i bought the amazon site and Seo at BHW marketplcae with following Features content : 10000 words Premium Theme 10 product comparison table with domain 1 year without hosting Total 261$ and i also bought Seo package...
  12. virtualryder


    Hello BHW members, I'm looking for JV on my Instagram account. I have the account of 176k Followers 1-year-old account organic followers. I normally get 2.5k + likes on each pic. I'm looking for a person who can do CPA or DROPSHIPPING or anything which Generates passive income from that...
  13. TheMav3n

    I am new to BHW | But not really?

    I am new to BHW. Second time poster first day user, but I have been browsing through the forum for what seems to be 1,000,000 + words until I said ENOUGH! Commit to a proven industry and reap the rewards! I am currently a student and work 25 - 30 hours weekly, which is sufficient for my current...
  14. Aluminium

    Content Writing JV (I provide the content!)

    I was looking into the whole AdSense + affilliate site shenanigans and found myself a bit overwhelmed. While I do want to eventually build by own site so that I can have another means of income, I was thinking about it and I wouldn't mind getting into a JV while I prepare. If you have a site...
  15. Aluminium

    [JV] My AdSense, Your traffic?

    We find a niche that isn't too competitive, create a site with blogger, I put my AdSense on it (it's old, like 5-6 years I believe) and we rake in the earnings. If you have quality traffic I shouldn't run the risk of being banned, we'll split it 60/40. I can also have weekly team viewer...
  16. T

    Looking for a Blogging JV!

    Hello I am new here and I am looking to get a Blogging JV! I am a college senior who would like to make some passive income off of my niche blog which can find by googling howtorandom and going to the first twiiter page join in by leaving a comment and in the comment make one of your letter b's...
  17. B

    Web product - I am a content creator. Looking for someone to team up with to drive traffic

    Hey. This is my first post. Hopefully in the right place. I'm mainly a content creator. I have created a simple one time payment membership website for access to video lessons on teaching email marketing. I'm teaching black hat and white hat. I'll be honest, everyone in this entire form know's...
  18. codexehow

    Writer Seeking Experts -JV

    Hey all, As the subject says, I'm a professional writer seeking experts to partner with to bring new information products to market. I'll be using Clickbank Powered on my end, just to keep things simple. I know that's a basic system, but I don't have the time or inclination to learn how to...
  19. WebmasterDeluxe

    Method Sales - eBook Joint venture

    I have a method that is 100% Unique that makes monthly income and is VERY passive. It is VERY easy. I am looking for someone to build out the squeeze site, ebook etc...I just have the keep 60% of ALL the revenue from the project. I own a webhost, so hosting of the site is free...I...
  20. N

    Need Targeted Traffic JV.

    Hi, I am looking for partner to help me drive mass targeted traffic. I have a very specific method and way of generating money that we shall discuss in private. The traffic would have to be sent to a webpage that either myself or the partner in the jv(we/us) owns and has control over. In other...
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