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    Hey. This is my first post. Hopefully in the right place. I'm mainly a content creator. I have created a simple one time payment membership website for access to video lessons on teaching email marketing. I'm teaching black hat and white hat. I'll be honest, everyone in this entire form know's everything I'm teaching, from email harvesting to simply setting up and optimizing your leads tunnel.

    Its not aimed at you ;) Its targeted to small businesses and such. I've created the website, social media, and content. Finishing it up with my motion graphic artist. I'm looking for someone to team up with to drive a large amount of traffic to the site, in return split sales. Product is selling for $30.00 for about an hour worth of high quality instructional videos, and a bunch of graphic downloads.

    If interested would like to hear from you. Its important that its REAL traffic not bots. The traffic will convert. a 50/50 split

    Or if anyone has suggestions on the best methods for good traffic