MMORPG Bot farm (Looking for 1 or more partners)


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Oct 24, 2022
I am looking to start a medium-large bot farm and would like to collaborate with someone on this who maybe also has experience in this, I provide the investment as well as as computers to run the bot farm. Looking to do either one or the other in certain games which I'll share what those games are in our chat discussion. I am currently in the "research" phase of this, with soon to be starting up the first batch ASAP.

I am looking to start small, but this will scale as we profit and progress, with enough profit to cover any expenses that may come up in the future such as losses and set backs.

PM your skype/telegram/discord as well as your experience/knowledge of RWT, Botting, hardware knowledge. Based on your expertise I will select a business partner or maybe even multiple business partners.

You can be an investor into this, or someone with knowledge. Thank you.
I have some knowledge about botting in a few games. we can brainstorm
tg: @metugg
I have knowledge about BOT farming in WOW, pretty skilled IT guy too, hit me up on TG if you are interested

Hi bro can you send me message here im new to forum cant even find where messages at.
I am using bot for fc24 ultimate team,and sell coins at the start of fifa first few months you can really make good money.I literally have no idea about coding or boting i just know how to utilize market well.First 3 months i was making around 100$/DAY!
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