1. sosyofun

    Do you think I can find a business partner for this venture?

    Hello,I have a plan to create a site that focuses on a few regions and will appear on the first pages for the "esc girl" niche. Thanks to the WordPress system we've developed, we can publish thousands of content pieces suitable for this industry; the content is of high quality and easily ranks...
  2. edindesign

    My Spotify Accounts and Tools + Your Marketing and Clients

    Hello guys, I am looking for a partner. I have 200k spotify accounts around 20k premium accounts and i have tools (bots) that can jump into accounts and we can use them for live streaming, for listening song and videos and for farming. I want somebody who would have clients and promote this...
  3. Apexworks

    My Domains & Web Hosting Accounts + Your Web Design Skills & Content

    I own +2000 domains, mostly generic keyword domains, all are more than a decade old. I'm looking for a JV partner who has time on their hands, and web design and content creation experience. We develop one domain at a time (or many, up to you). We develop, monetize then flip them and split the...
  4. thebotmaker

    [JV] Need a Developer? Boost Your Profits with My Automation Skills

    I can automate anything. In return for my expertise, I am seeking a profitable method that is already earning income or a solid idea that we can implement together. I am confident that with our joint efforts, we can take it to the next level and achieve greater success. So if you are ready to...
  5. V

    Looking for UK, German or French citizen partnership

    I am looking for a UK, German or French citizen, a serious and reliable person for a new business. I have withdraw today, and the test is ok. Daily profit Only for UK, German or French Thanks
  6. bbrokeaf

    I’m Looking For A Content ID Buddy

    I created an automated video script that can post up to 10 videos a day to youtube with decent quality and I wanted to test the viability of this idea. The nature of this content is fair use and does qualify, but I’m starting out with a fresh Youtube account so I don’t quality yet for YPP. If...
  7. сpark

    Advice me partner

    Hey, affiliate community! can you help me and recommend advertiser with cc sweeps for TH geo? If you know cool advertisers with CC sweeps fot TIER-1 geo it would be great! Thnx!
  8. S

    POD - Print on Demand - customisable product site

    Hey, Im looking to buy a pre-made site on Shopify or WordPress in which customers can create and customise their own products and place an order. Upload their own design for t-shirts or visiting cards etc. Pre-made or if someone can build or has an example and can share costing and timeline...
  9. M

    Looking for serious DropShipping Busniess Partners

    Hello Everyone, I am a mechanical engineer working full time in project management industry in middle east. I have learned a great deal from my company on how to brainstorm- initiate- execute and operate a project...... While I dont have crazy experienve in dropshipping but I have learned alot...
  10. T

    Looking for partner in Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, zimbabwe, Ghana

    Hi, I'm looking for partner in Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, zimbabwe, Ghana. I need buy some accounts from that Countries (unlimited quantity). Contact me if you from that countries and can work with me for a long - term. My telegram: @blackman198x
  11. SonOfJat

    Looking for crypto blogger (Partner)

    Hello all, I'm looking for a partner, someone who is willing to give his full time in crypto blogging. Indian bloggers are preferred. Of course you should have good understanding of blockchain and crypto-currencies and good proficiency in English (writing). PM me to discuss more details.
  12. Stoy_Morado

    [JV] My OnlyFans Model + Your Traffic

    Hey BHW Members, I have a Model (Couple) which i manage alone on OnlyFans. They provide the content and i'm managing everything from A to Z. I'm looking for somebody who can drive traffic to the OnlyFans page and get subs. I'm searching for long term business partner. Note: I want to JV...
  13. ty310

    [JV] My Aged Upwork Account and Proposals > Your work

    I am a US based digital marketer with almost a decade of agency experience. I'd like to find a partner to offer marketing services (content writing, graphic design, etc. I would be open to hearing out other ideas as well) via Upwork. We can split 50/50 if you just want to use my account. If...
  14. K

    Taxes when using friends Paypal account.

    Hi everyone, i am new to this forum. I am located in a third world country and Paypal is not supported in my country. I want to use it any way because many customers use it. My question is, if i use a someone’s Paypal account from another country, does he have to pay taxes for the income? What...
  15. cryptocheese

    Japan Based Partners needed with, accounts

    Japan Based Partners needed with, accoutns WE have several Websites with Japanese traffic, what need to be monetized and we are looking for local Partners.
  16. weirdo23

    Looking for business partner with Paypal Account or Accounts

    Ok guys so i have a big problem with PayPal accounts at the moment and im looking for a partner with stealth PayPal accounts.Im ready to share some of my earnings. Im using third party checkout so the accounts cant be linked to my site. Im willing to buy off the account of my future partner as...
  17. L


    MTURK JOINT VENTURE LONG - TERM Hello Friends, I am Offering JOINT VENTURE for "AMAZON MTURK" US Users only. If you are from USA then you can join with me. Your "AMAZON MTURK" Account and My Worker. We Can Share Profits. Even if you don't have "AMAZON MTURK" you can create a new one...
  18. D

    Are non-JVip's allowed to partner with fellow members in joint ventures?

    I had an idea which required expertise of some other member. I wanted to ask if I can post a post related to that about finding those with the required skills.
  19. Acriey

    Link exchange

    Hello, I am looking for "partners" links to post on my website. Have 10 slots available right now. Pm me for details. My website's niche is hentai; would prefer websites within this niche, or general adult/porn. Here are some stats: (last 30 days) (similarweb) The website is...
  20. V

    Vinegar Strokes Introduction

    Hello All, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Scott and I'm the owner of We have developed a live streaming tipped based app. I'm currently looking for partners, marketers or affialtes that would be willing to discuss options that would be mutually beneficial...
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