1. TomTheCat

    My avatar has changed

    SInce BlackHatWorld updated the theme, I've changed my avatar. How does it look?
  2. Thingy

    MMORPG Bot farm (Looking for 1 or more partners)

    I am looking to start a medium-large bot farm and would like to collaborate with someone on this who maybe also has experience in this, I provide the investment as well as as computers to run the bot farm. Looking to do either one or the other in certain games which I'll share what those games...
  3. Starblazer

    Amateur archaeologist found enormous treasure trove of 6th century gold in Denmark

    According to the Vejle Museum, where the horde is due to be displayed, Ole Ginnerup Schytz had just acquired a metal detector and was walking the fields when he came across the gold. Some 22 gold objects which weigh just under a kilogram, dating from the sixth century, were discovered. Jelling...
  4. Mr.Bones

    World of Warcraft Classic selling gold?

    It's not exactly a new market, but it kind of is since Classic has come back out. Has anyone been doing this? Any tips to do it safely? I am working towards trying it myself. Will share a journey if it goes well.
  5. cashpostam

    [LIFE METHOD] How you motivate yourself to work hard ? (About Ups and Downs in Life)

    Hi everybody When i will give answer to this question it will be : The main stream of motivation in my life is power of freedom and wealth ... So when i think for little how will think goes after succed in some idea God give me SuperPower ‍♂️ to dominate in all good times and to get back...
  6. Goldandsilver10


    Good Evening Hope we are all money lots of money. If you are not making $$$ keep trying.
  7. FistFullOfCash

    Making Jewelry for Sale On Etsy/Shopify

    So Ive contemplated doing this for some time, but decided to give out my idea here instead of move forward with it since its not as passive or scaleable as Id like... I stumbled upon this stuff called "Precious Metal Clay" which is available in Silver or Gold (22K and so on). The stuff looks...
  8. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Bitcoin: When Manias End

    Interesting read: If you disagree with the article please explain why.
  9. partnerplans

    new man with a plan

    hi there, i'm new and are looking for seo page 1 techniques and help etc etc i own a few sites and twitters blogs etc, and work with ebay partners. just opened a new flights n hotels search site, very nice it is and it's connected to my gold twitter with goldsmiths(the jeweller placey in uk for...
  10. Etchy

    OldSchool RuneScape? Best/Worst F2P Money Fast (First Post)

    Hello, First id like to say im new to BHW but i used to post on TTG :) OldSchool RuneScape ____________________________________ I Play OldSchool RuneScape to pass some free time, but i can never find a good enough way to get a f2p bond. I've found many tutorials on how to make gold but not...
  11. O

    Introducing Orocrypt - Digitized gold for a Digitized world.ICO JUNE 14!!

    It’s going to be a very exciting summer ! We would like to introduce Orocrypt, a new asset digitization platform that aims to issue tokenized precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, we are planning to issue out gold-based tokens. Each token will represent 30g of the highest...
  12. W

    Introduction to Bitcoin!

    Hey BHW, I'm whirr. As long as this red bit is here, this thread is being worked on :) To be very honest with everyone here, when I joined, the cryptocurrency section looked kind of sad. I'd like to spice it up a little with this Introduction to Bitcoin! for anyone interested in stepping...
  13. Z

    Looking to make quick money with an Affiliate Program?

    You've come to the correct place, here I will teach you how to use this website to spread and make quick money! I will lay this out in step by step order; Step 1, Sign up for the account, follow this link ( Hit register and make sure to verify your email! Step 2. Hit the G2A...
  14. Shadexpwn

    [How to] Make Money Arbitraging Video Game Assets

    There has been spark and discussion of those who still think gold farming is profitable. It is, but much more difficult than in the past. This is the opposite end of the spectrum. You can go the path of gold farmer or initially use business skills to streamline the efficiency of haggling...
  15. Heshl

    How to become a amazon platinum and gold sellers

    Anyone knows anything about this? What is the criteria to become a platinum or gold merchant and what are the benefits?
  16. 2

    Snapbacks/caps Dropshippers or Wholesale IN NEED!

    Pm me for details only good quality need a lot of snapbacks to resell!:cool:
  17. Graves™

    Question about this site I am starting up.

    Well I am starting a site that sells virtual gold(GP) for the game "RuneScape". I have the domain name RSGP . info, and my partner has 2.3 Billion GP in the game. So he is going to sell the 300 million GP for $150 to invest in the site. I originally wanted to sell the gold normally, and then...
  18. Falrish

    Looking for a Quality Jewelry Supplier

    I am looking for a manufacturer of a targeted type of jewelry. I am looking for quality material, not plated but solid metal. PM me if you can supply solid platinum, gold, sterling silver and stainless jewelry at a very competitive wholesale cost.
  19. stackbread123

    I need a team - PPC / Website Design/ SEO/Others

    Hello guys, I don't know if any of you know the popular MMORPG game called World of Warcraft. Currently it has 11 000 000 subscribers. It is a pay to play game(20$/month) so the gamers are used to paying. There are third party people(not the official company) selling services and currency for...
  20. renta

    Cash for Gold Affiliates

    Does anyone know CASH FOR GOLD affiliates? :tee: 2005 gold $350per oz:( 2009 gold $1200per oz:D
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