Creating GIFs for Instagram Stories

    Hi guys, So as you will have seen, instagram storied added the GIF sticker function. As soon as I saw this I had lightbulbs flashing for what kind of things I could do and the applications of this for creating branded GIFS. I am having some trouble. So far I tried: - going to GIPHY - Signing...
  2. sniper-elite

    Buying Impressions and Story View

    Hi Guys, as you can read in the tile, do you think that buying Impression&Reach or/and Story views may hurt the account? Never tried before! Thank you very much!
  3. P

    An Instagram bot that can view stories?

    Does such a thing exist? I'd like to be able to automate viewing stories. Ideally you'd be able to set an account, and automatically view the profiles and then stories of all the followers of that account. The idea is to be "Seen" when the user looks at who has viewed their story. Can someone...
  4. A

    Instagram Stories´ views decreased very hard. HELP ME.

    About 2 months ago I received about 2k views in Instagram´s stories, but now it decreased quickly to 300 views! I sent a report to instagrams creed and it came back to 2k for just one day and later it is about 300 views again by now. They didn´t change more when I send notifications. What can I...
  5. Silagane

    How to get feature for Links in Instagram Stories?

    I see a lot of pages recently get the feature of putting links in their instagram stories "swipe up" to get to the website. Is there any way on how to get this? Like a specific number of followers? I heared vertified people get it, but i've seen pages that arent verified but have it as well...
  6. Zero Hour

    2017...where ya going?

    Alright it's 2017. Who has a take? Where have you been? Where are you going, and any resolutions for this new year? Personally, I want to take my 5 figure business to 6 figures and lose 50 pounds. What do you got? Zero
  7. A

    List of sites to share news?

    Hello Guys, Please share with me best sites to share news online. I have tried tried lot of websites but every time i post a news, it goes to moderator directly or my account is in moderator approval. I need sites where i can directly submit my news. Hope you guys will help me. PS my news...
  8. K

    Share your failures

    There is something called "Success bias" or something like that. The idea is that though successful people and endeavors are only a very small percentage of all efforts we hear about them much more than about the failures. There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is of course the...
  9. B

    Buying Erotic Stories Content

    I have searched and searched for erotic stories that I can link to from my site but have found nothing that doesn't conflict with my sites content in some way. I am now looking into posting my own erotic stories on my site but, ...I need content. Does anyone know where I can buy GOOD erotic...
  10. @shelton_sellers

    Real People : Real Stories -- Blogging Success Stories

    So, I am looking to start a blog and push it's PR up as fast as possible using my writing ability and link building methods. To give me a little motivation, I want to hear TRUE stories about when you started to make dollars, not cents, and how long it took? Please be honest. It's better to...