site speed

  1. Rollfic

    Web Hosting affects Ranking?

    Does your site loading speed play a vital role in ranking? Have you switched from shared hosting to cloud hosting and seen SERP ranking improvement?
  2. castoro

    Yet Another Ezoic Intergration Thread (YAEIT)

    What I was afraid of happened: I just installed the Ezoic plugin and my score on Page Speed insights dropped from 92 to 32. Here's the full story: I have a small site monetized with AdSense for only 1 month, and as I expected, the earnings are quite low (around 15 USD / month). Reading here on...
  3. crissdinesh

    What is your thought on Lazy load or delay of Adsense?

    Hi All, Is it a good choice to lazy load adsense? I got two ways to do. 1. Lazy Loading ads and the ads will be seen only when user scroll the page. 2. Delay ads for 3-4 secs. I’m able to achieve 90 and 99 above score in mobile and desktop respectively in speed test by Google by satisfying...
  4. Degen

    [Giveaway] WP site speed optimization

    Need a change of mindset ( it's a drag to do Reddit the whole time and am a bit tired of it ) So I am going to optimize WP sites for the first 10 members that reply to this thread. TAT : max 2 days ( for all 20)
  5. D

    Which one is best cache Plugin for wordpress?

    Hi experts, I am running a wordpress blog since 2013. I changed my theme before 3 days back and tried to check my speed with gtmetrix. But I did not get result. Due to this reason, I installed WP fastest cache plugin (free) and checked result but again I found not good result. It may be happen...
  6. benj_pirate

    Trying to get my SG wordpress site to load faster

    I have been looking online a loot to get a page that load fast. I managed to get decent metrix on GTmetrix see image: Here is my configuration: Siteground gogeek + cloudflare (free) + SG optimizer. Spent hours trying to configure these as good as possible thanks to google/here/youtube help...
  7. johnny79

    Whats Everyones Top Website Speed Test

    I'm thinking GT Metrix Pingdom Google Page Speed Do you have any preferences or something not mentioned here?
  8. proofoflife

    Does server location effect site speed

    Hi Guys I have a site that loads quickly in the UK, but loads really slow in Japan. The only thing i can think of, is that server is in the UK - Would that really have that much of an impact? Thanks
  9. EternalFun

    [HELP] Site load speed is over 4 s

    My site speed with 8 products as of now is showing load speed of 4 s @pingdom. I tinypng'd all images before uploading, have like 3-4 necessary apps but still site speed over 4 s. So, I tested a famous site (yes they bank good) with around 18+ products has only 1.05 s ?? What do I need to do...
  10. RealDaddy

    [Ebook] Achieve Loading Times Under 1 Second

    Download - Virustotal- Thanks, @Dwivedi 98
  11. Goodi OG

    What More To Do To Improve Load Time

    I spent 3 days optimizing my site speed from 7s to around 2.6-3.5s. I need the site speed to be less than 1.5 seconds and am having a hard time achieving that
  12. Shropdog

    Best ways to speed up Shopify stores

    I know Shopify is either loved or hated, and when it comes to total customisation and things like site speed ups they dont compare to Wordpress etc, but for the people out there who use Shopify or are new to eCommerce, what are the best ways to speed a Shopify site up? I use gtmetrix as its a...
  13. BlueBuzzy

    Do you know any service providers that can help you speed up your website?

    I have WP Cache, I optimize my image, but I still get a B to C score on GTMetrix. I know it's probably a no biggie for now, but I feel like a few problems such as add expires headers and use cookie-free domains must be fixed. I've tried to but can't seem to figure our how to do that. Any ideas...
  14. R

    Can someone rate my site speed?

    Here is my site I am confused with my site speed as all speed test sites are showing different results don't think I am promoting my site. Please check homepage and at least one webpage and comment me how the speed
  15. R

    What is CDN in site speed and how can I fix it?

    My site is slow and I fixed almost all the problems that cause my site slow but only left error is CDN. It is saying me to use CDN to increase site speed. how can I use CDN?
  16. alice252293

    Site speed question

    I tried everyting to increase my site speed. I also read tons of threads on here. I have used WP Rocket for caching. I also reduced my images sizes But the results is still average. Is that because of my web hosting? (I'm using Namecheap Shared Hosting).
  17. fb3003

    blocking robots | htaccess | site speed?

    do you guys practice blocking all robots (except google, bing, yahoo) on your site using htaccess and see an improvement in ranking? reason why i ask about serp improvements, because i know speed has a positive correlation on site ranking. and by blocking those nasty robots, I would assume...
  18. davids355

    [Guide] How to improve the speed of your wordpress website

    I had the opportunity of speaking with Google site speed optimization team recently in order to optimize one of my websites in terms of load time and I wanted to share some tips that I picked up from them, as well as some tips that I was already using. Why website speed is important Everyone...
  19. xWGx

    Site Speed slower w/ http to https redirect.

    So I realize how important it is to have a SUPER fast website these days for SEO - for having a low bounce rate and for getting more conversions online. I have been working on my sites to optimize them for speed and I've come to a point where everything is 90+ on GTMetrix, Pingdom and PageSpeed...

    Fight For Your Right... to Rank.

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