search volume

  1. Panther28

    Have to thank google for giving up the digits!

    I had a list of 97 niches in my spreadsheet that all had estimates of the lower end of the google rating 10k-100k for example. I'm not sure how long they changed it, but the numbers are accurate again! Anyone noticed, or has this been something for a while? Having fun recalculating my niche...
  2. shadow5

    Increase search volume for a particular keyword?

    Anyone know how to increase search volume for a particular keyword? (or if there's any existing guide on here on how to do so?) Brainstorming some ideas. Send me a PM if so.
  3. C

    New Search Analysis Section From Income School

    Does anyone know how income school (project 24) conducts their new search analysis in the updated course? I believe they have a method of justifying if a 0 search volume will bring you traffic. Thanks :)
  4. T

    Using monthly search volumes to measure seasonality

    Seasonality has an important influence in many industries. Sam shares the process he uses to map seasonality on a site (including a Google Sheet template), and how to leverage the data in your SEO process. By using seasonality insights as part of your SEO strategy you can gain a competitive...
  5. SeedPhrase

    1.1M search volume but difficulty 0(SERP result 63)

    Hi guys, I got a keyword with search volume 1.1M with 63 results without quote. but the problem is till position 20 only youtube videos are ranking. should I target that KW or not??? what you think about this KW guys, please drop your suggestion and feedback.. Cheers!!
  6. vimal85

    Google Keyword Planner

    Hi Everyone!!!! Is there any free tool that will give us a approx. monthly search for specific keywords? and also the best tool for competitor keywords used for specific page? How to find keyword of competitor using free tool? best tool for Competitor Keyword analysis?
  7. Azt3c

    Free Keyword tool that lets you filter by search volume?

    Hi! I'm looking for a tool like keyword sheeter but one that lets you filter keywords by search volume. I know KWFinder is one but that's a paid option . Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post it on , I wasn't sure.
  8. Electro_Maddy

    keyword Volume Vs Avg. Monthly Searches

    Hello Guys.. What is the difference between volume and average monthly searches of a keywords. Gettin so confused all kinda searches..
  9. lawyal

    Need Search Volume for 100.000 KW for Germany

    Hello, I have a list with aprox. 100.000 keywords and I want to lookup their search volumes for the German market. Where could I do this as a one time job, no rank tracking is required? Most provider I know have much lower lookup limits per day/week. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  10. Cyber devil

    [NEED ADVICE] Monthly Searches differences

    I was looking for " game Hack" keywords and came across one that has - 9.9k monthly searches according to keywords everywhere -210 monthly searches according to kwfinder -170 monthly searches according to ubersuggest. I also looked at the google trends for the keyword. It showed like this For...
  11. tiiberius

    [METHOD] Make Google Show You EXACT Keyword Search Volume WITHOUT Spending A Dime!

    Don't you just LOVE that Google hid the exact search volumes of keywords in Keyword Planner? ...and gave us beautiful "ranges" instead. I'm talking about these guys: You can just FEEL the Love they have for SEOs, can't you? And only way to get rid of it is to PAY....... or is it...
  12. whiz

    Any other ways to get accurate geolocated search volumes?

    I was using Keyword Planner for a bit but they stopped showing graphs and now show incredibly vague ranges (1k-10k, 10k-100k). I read that they throttle data for those who don't actively spend on Adwords campaigns. Does anyone know how much you have to spend to get the graphs back? I think...
  13. Blackgal

    Search volume in facebook

    Gi guys, I am looking for a tool to find the volume of search in facebook search box (like google keyword planner), do you know where I can find it? thanks, Ps: I am looking for a similar tool in pinterest
  14. K

    Keyword Research: Low Search Volume Keywords

    Hi guys, I'm currently generating keywords for a newly launched website that provides services for a particular country. So including this location name in the main keywords is preferable for us. However when I insert the location name in the main keywords the search results on Google Keyword...
  15. B

    Need to find big volume niches no mater the competition! Just volume!

    Greetings everyone. I am trying to find keywords with a lot of searches per month in keyword planner. It doesn't mater the competition. In fact the higher the competition the better. I would like to find keywords with 500.000+ exact searches. Does anyone has a method to do so? Thank you
  16. J

    Keyword Research - How much does competition matter?

    Here is the scenario 2 keywords: keyword A and keyword B Both have 30,000 or some number "x" monthly searches Keyword A has 1 million pages competition or some number "y" Keyword B has 1.5 million pages competition or 1.5*y Question: Is it a guarantee that it will be easier to place in the...
  17. J

    Does Google Provide True Searched Volume?

    Does Google provide true monthly search volume through their keyword tool? I have an article rank on the first page of Google with over 10.000 searches per month, but I have no traffic from that article? Please share your ideas? Thanks
  18. ipopbb

    Safe Sex with a Keyword Tool

    Safe Sex with a Keyword Tool The Problem with JavaScript Logging Systems Nothing beats "exact actuals" like your own web server logs. (In my experience Google Analytics is always 25% low on actuals and Omniture is always 40-60% low... nothing beats having your own log files and a dependable...
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