referring domains

  1. iAuthority

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  2. Guybrushthepirate

    Newly created websites with hundreds or thousands of referring domains: how they do it?

    Hello, I want to open this thread to share thoughts, ideas and opinions about how to do link building. A bit of background before digging into the topic: I feel have a solid understating of how SEO works and I am good at everything related with on-page optimization, both on the semantic...
  3. Z

    Multiple backlinks from single site or RDs as more as possible?

    Hi. I can't recall where did I see the comment "Google algorithm tends to attach importance to the first backlink acquired from a referring domain, and the late comers from the same domain will be of less impact." Does it mean, for example, if I had already improved my rank for the keyword "A"...
  4. Slangur

    Referring Domains Not Showing Up?

    Hello, i am having some confusion, i hope you can help if possible. I recently just started creating citations & directory links for a website. There are about 40/50 of these links as of right now. Basically the directories and citations are just containing a link for the website for the...
  5. F

    What is the effect of multiple backlinks from one domain

    Hello pls can someone tell me which is best for seo link building: Multiple backlinks from one referring domains RD pointing to different pages on my website OR just one RD backlink pointing to just a page. Is there a difference in result
  6. R

    15+ RD Permanent ******** web 2.0 baclinks for ranking Medium and Low competiton keywords

    Hello, I am selling 15+ RD web 2.0 links for as low as $2 per link. Here are the packages: Gold: 10 x 15+ RD links for only $25 - Buy Now Diamond: 20 x 15+ RD links for only $40 - Buy Now Features - For each backlink, I will add a post which will include a spinned article, having your...
  7. BringBacklink

    Referring Unique Root Domains Blog comment Backlinks

    Contact Details: Skype: bringbacklink Email: [email protected]
  8. El Magico

    Just Curious How sites get so many Spammy Back Links

    For Example how are sites like this I check on Ahrefs how over 1000 back links but so few refering domains : Just curious, What type of links are they getting? And if Spam doesn't work why do they rank well?
  9. Veronique89

    Most influence on ranking: amount of referring domains or total amount of backlinks?

    Good day, small question: what has the most influence on ranking: amount of referring domains or total amount of backlinks? All help, replies and tips are very much appreciated! Have a wonderful day! Warm regards, Veronique
  10. D

    RD vs Backlinks?

    to moneysite what i should i do to get improvement in rankings? Referring domains or back links?
  11. soa0611

    Check Majestic TF/RD for free with this Chrome plugin

    i just came across this cute Chrome Plugin and enjoying my free of charge TF/RD checks. probably it won't allow super bulk checks, but at least it's not those 2 checks on Majestic's site may be...
  12. DK21

    Ahref finds more referring domains than Google...

    Hi, I have an issue with one of my websites as Google says it only has 6 referring domains (RD), but Ahref says it has over 350 RD, Majestic says over 100 and Moz says 25. Normally, or at least with all my other sites, Google alway finds the most RD. Typically 25% more than Ahref. My property...
  13. mindmaster

    Any tool to bulk check number of referring domains according to Moz

    Scrapebox and other tools can scrape the total numbers showed by Moz. I want to get the total number of referring domains. Appreciated.
  14. Nargil

    Majestic and Today's Automated Spam Blogs

    Today I've seen quite a few of my domains receive extra 100 - 500 referring domains. They can be seen in Majestic, not yet in Ahrefs. I have contacted Majestic whether or not they are planning to filter these out, we will see. These come from automated spamblogs like...
  15. rickydzine

    A Question Regarding PBN Domain Strength

    So i've noticed much talk here of PBN domains and some persons who ignorantly force their opinion based on their own experiences which in most cases end up in both of them saying 2 opposite things. For example let's take the following statements into play: 1. A Fresh/Expired web2.0 won't be as...
  16. NotSoAverageJoe

    [Guide] How to spamcheck expired domains the easy way

    Hey there guys, long time since I've posted here. Noticed a lot of people ask this lately, both on here and in different groups I'm in, so I figured I'll make a guide on how I spam check expired domains. The guide will cover the following: Why you should spam check How to find out how a domain...
  17. pulkitseo

    How to use domain as referral domain for main site

    Can anyone tell me in steps what can be done to make a domain referral domain to my main site.? we haven't even uploaded content in the referral domain....once we have plan we will start working on it...can anyone guide me? thanks and regards
  18. H

    get a list of ref domains?

    hi, was wondering if there a web service or desktop program that lets you see a list of referring domains (not pages) - not just the raw number, but a complete list of domains.. Thanks
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