Jul 26, 2017
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I have an issue with one of my websites as Google says it only has 6 referring domains (RD), but Ahref says it has over 350 RD, Majestic says over 100 and Moz says 25.

Normally, or at least with all my other sites, Google alway finds the most RD. Typically 25% more than Ahref.

My property in Google Search Console is over 90 days old, and the site is over 2 years old.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Or does anyone know where I can find more information about the issue?


Links in Search Console appear with a delay. That's why.
Yes, it does take time.
However, some of the links are over 2 years old, and Google still does not show them, which I find strange.
Google don't reveal all links they discover - they never did.
Tbh just go with ahrefs, they got 25k servers running on 256 TB ram so they're doing alright.
To be honest, it is not really the amount of links that concerns me, it is more the fact, that I fear that it might be a sign that Google has penalized the site.
Sorry, I was not clear about that in my initial post.
If your site is penalized, usually you see it with a drop in traffic and rankings, not with links being underreported.. Also maybe it depends what type of links you have

To further complicate matters, the site is not that well built; hence it mainly rankes and receives clicks based on branded search, which you will get no matter what. However the number of impressions have dropped by 50% over the last couple of months.

The site sells a cookie solution, which means that 80-90% of the links to the site is identical. So on the surface it looks like all the links have been built automatically as links, anchor text and the surrounding text is identical.
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