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  1. G

    Backlink indexer services dropped in efficacy after spam update?

    Don't know if it's for the spam updates, but lately backlink indexing services take way much more time for indexing backlinks, and generally the number of backlinks actually indexed is way lower than before. Does anybody else have similar problems and it's a common thing or mine is an isolated case?
  2. curious_

    Bulk checking Google Index Status of links

    Hey guys, Is there a tool that tests if a URL is indexed in G00gle? but for hundreds of links. I found this tool ( but it has a limit of only 10 URLs at a time. Is there a tool that can handle at least a hundred at a time?
  3. curious_

    How to index subdomain links (Web 2.0)

    Hey guys, I found that G00gle now don't index subdomain links. Maybe it's been a while, but I realized it only recently. Here are some example of subdomains I mean: I submitted a...
  4. kuldeepsingh689

    Index New Web 2.0 Blogs in 2021

    Hello, Is there any method to index new web 2.0 in 2021? Share your trick, it can be helpful for many BHW members. Thanks
  5. johnny79

    Is Speed Links still Packing the Same Punch?

    Just wondering if people are still using speedlinks to try and index links? I first bought it about 6 months ago to help with local directories and the rate of indexing was decent around 40% of links would index, but over the last few months I feel like your lucky to get even near 10%. Has...
  6. shapads

    (Non-Indexable URLs) URGENT

    I need help regarding my website. I have been building links for a while to make sure I get the best out of this website, but it seems the more I do, the more my effort goes away. I recently crawled links to get Google to find my backlinks, but I get Non-indexable URL for hundreds of pages...
  7. I

    Any free method to check if a domain/url is indexed in Google ?

    Hi fellow members. Do you guys know any free tool / service / method through which I can check if some particular URLs (say around 20) and indexed in Google or not. I know you can achieve this through 'scrapebox' but it costs around $97. So if you guys know any free method to check whether a...
  8. FaizanAnsari

    How Can i index Backlinks or social post URL?

    Hello guys! Does anyone know about how can index my backlinks? I m using GSA indexer, indexification, and other tools but my backlinks are not indexed? which tools should I use to index my backlinks quickly? which way to index my backlinks fast? if anyone knows about it so please guide me...
  9. sir.rankalot

    Indexing Backlinks is a new problem in 2020. Almost all indexers are not working

    Many SEOs may notice the changes in the way Google index both your website as well as backlinks, some are still building backlinks and don't know that their links won't count. Yesterday is the 30th day since I notice the problem with indexers, while I get my links indexed by only 4-7% after 1...
  10. sir.rankalot

    Tips To Get Your Backlinks Indexed Fast and Safe

    Let say you have about 100 backlinks you just build and dont know to get Google to index them. Here's tip - Find Facebook groups with a lot of active members - Write an article about hot, trending topic on web 2.0 blog (free web 2.0) such as Medium, Tumblr, Wordpress - Include many images on...
  11. Estepe

    Do we need backlink indexer tools?

    Do we need a backlink indexer tool? like or something like that? I hope someone will shed some light on backlink indexer tools
  12. E

    1 Hour Indexing and rank 1st page on Google Search - Sites

    Hello everyone, Im new here. From my Previous experience im sharing some websites which index fast like within 10-20 Min and even rank on first page. After Posting you have to make backlink that post to other media that will help you to rank your post to google 1st page. Here is the Site Link...
  13. S

    Which InDexer is working best Now?

    I did not use any Indexer service before. I want to buy a Indexer service to index my - 1. Forum Post 2. Web2.0 Priority Search Engine: Bing Search One of my friend told me about OMEGA Indexer. Is omega indexer working well now a days? Is Indexer is safe for index the money side or my HOME...
  14. Mymusic

    [Giveaway] Index your Backlinks through Speed links net

    I have more than 9500+ submits on so I will index up to 50 of your links. Comment this thread and I will PM you. Please put your links in the google sheet. Requirements: - 50+ posts/messages P.S. This thread will be live until 20th August 2020.
  15. Anup Patel

    How to Index PROFILE Backlinks?

    I have created over 70+ Profile links and tried different methods of indexing like created Blogspot web 2.0 and posted links with content, same did with Tumblr web 2.0 and create google docs and shared it publically and still, my backlinks aren't indexed :( please suggest me some effective...
  16. the gent

    Probably the shitiest indexing tool around

    Many members say :poop:Omegaindexer is a good indexer to go with and to try it, i'm here to say DON'T even bother with this shit tools, i knew some of them even advertising Omegaindexer:poop: and working as an affiliate with them, and i contacted a member here and he says from 100 links 98% are...
  17. michiosha1

    Self-indexing web 2.0

    I need pages (may have low pa/da, for t2/3) that get indexed without help of indexing services. Ideally something easy to post like or I've been looking on this forum, but couldn't find such list, they contain just info if it's no-follow or do-follow. What's most important...
  18. Willyfish

    Question on index by google

    A question for you. I have some backlinks that are shown in ahrefs, he recognise the links but not shown on google search for the moment. Does that mean that google will index them too or it is no guarantee that it happen ? What can I do to have them index in google too ?
  19. L1ckMyDorr1to

    What's your best Indexing tool for 1Tier links right now?

    Because Bulkaddurl is down right now, do you guys have any suggestions for 1 Tier Link indexing service? And if you do know an indexing service, can you personally vouch for it? I heard about Omega Indexer but some people said that its not working at the moment because it uses the same method...
  20. Ronnie Machio

    Noob question about indexing backlinks

    OK so when I launched my site back in April 2019, I attempted to build some links and I have been going back over the report and some like 70% of these links have not been indexed to date. Should I try to index them or is it too late after all this time. Or are they low quality which is why...