google search console

  1. R

    New website suddenly got few clicks from google and traffic completely down.

    Please explain about this.
  2. J

    Low CTR for keyword in google search

    The ctr for the keyword being in average 7.4 is very low. How could it be explained? What position should I have to get 10% of ctr?
  3. l33t'

    Problems with my E-Commerce Store (Laravel)

    Hey, I have a few questions for SEO experts here among us. Briefly about my store: I have always built my stores with WordPress before but this time I wanted to build a store with Laravel because there are simply more possibilities to program here. I now have a store in Laravel that is set up...
  4. V

    Weird URLs in Google Search Console

    Hello SEO experts, I am seeking some understanding and advice on my situation with a website. I created a simple website (10 pages) 6 months ago. 3-4 months ago, I noticed that some weird URLs were appearing in Google Search Console, for example...
  5. goultes

    GSC doing ok, but some posts going DOWN. What is that, Google??

    My website has experimented a drop followed by a stabilization in traffic, which is normal: BUUUT... some posts (some of them very importants) have dropped to ZERO and not recovered: Why, Google?? What should I do?? Is there someone fighting with the same problem?
  6. Loklush

    How to Recover My Site After Site Got Hacked [Need Suggestion Urgently]

    My Site got hacked on 6th of October and I recovered my full site from backup on 14th of October after that I saw my google Index posts raise to 200K+ posts on google all malicious post links which is created by hacker. After that I request google though GSC for removal of all malicious post...
  7. shindou90

    Is it normal that my new website on a fresh domain hasn't been indexed yet?

    I've researched around this topic and most people say that I should focus on creating more " high quality content". I understand that but I only have 18 posts at the moment. It's been 3 weeks and there is no sign of getting indexed. I've submitted the sitemap and made sure that the crawlbot...
  8. eyedesignacademy

    A lot of query URLs are crawled by google bot

    A lot of query URLs are crawled by google bot and some URLs are indexed. I think it is unusual. Someone can help me?
  9. M

    Regional settings of the website

    Hi! We have an info portal about travel insurance located in Russia. Recently we have posted a lot of articles about Germany so now we've got massive traffic from Germany and our Google positions measured from Germany are much higher than those measured from Russia. Is there a way to know what...
  10. nikonaime

    Google Search Console indexing

    Hello BHW, I've recently started a new website for free online slots. It's based on Wordpress CMS and I've used some ready template. I've submitted the sitemap to google search console, however previously there were tons of template pages which I've removed or changed. So, now when google is...
  11. BigBlackPoodle

    Best Indexing Tool

    As title states, looking for any kind of recommendations for indexing tools since GSC only lets me do 10 requests/day. I'm using OmegaIndexer now, but have considered using IndexMeNow. Does anyone have any recommendations/advice?
  12. B

    any one with similar trends in google search console

    my many of websites which were getting no impression or very low impression suddenly getting lots of impressions
  13. Alphaman77


    I have been facing this error for three to four days now, I have removed and reinstalled the robots.txt file but still the same issue is coming in GSC, can someone help me with this issue. (New Website) thanks
  14. T

    What the heck is this in my Search Console???

    So, I'm looking through the top queries for the month and I noticed that we got 184 clicks to one of our pages from the search query: "" WTF is this??? How is that URL a query? We have ZERO links and ZERO association with that site...
  15. G

    In my experience, these are some of the KEY SEO steps to getting on the first page of Google!

    Hello Black Hat World, I am new here, but not to building websites. I am very happy I found this corner of the web - I feel I could be a home here. I built my first site at 10 yrs old (1999), and I build sites and help with SEO for myself and others. Here are a few of the best SEO tips I give...
  16. omar abdi

    Building backlinks to this site any suggestions expert ?

    This is one of my sites that I've been running for the last 2 years. I haven't built any backlinks, but I'm considering doing so to potentially increase my traffic by 10x. Do you have any suggestions this site is for 100% white hat techniques? There's competition in this niche. My competitors...
  17. R

    After 26 July Traffic Went Down 60%

    Hello experts! After July 26th, my website's traffic went down by 60%, and I have been publishing one article daily on the site. No articles have been indexed since July 26th. Please let me know how I can solve this issue
  18. theforamyst

    Google might find out your websites via the Google services (G Analytics etc) you use?

    How concerned are you that Google might find out your websites via the Google services (G Analytics, G Search Console, G Tag Manager) you use? And that Google might punish 1 or more of your websites if they see you did any black hat for anyone of them? How concerned are you about this? Because...
  19. D

    Google Search Console showing inappropriate Data

    Hello Guys, Need your help with Google Search Console. Recently, I got to know that some generic search terms like "Web Design" is on position 2 in search console but impression is just 1. How it is possible? Can anyone help me finding the reason? I am bit curious to know that. For your...
  20. S

    Weird de-indexing of my website

    Starting on May 21 my site started slowly being de-indexed in google. That's what my gsc shows: The number of HTTPS urls also goes down (and it also started on May 21): The same goes for mobile usability pages (although it has started on May 19): Before that, on May 10 I started pages...
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