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  1. kurosaki4d

    Question about "Google Search Console"

    Hello BlackHat members :) I'm in the process of creating a 3rd affiliate site, and I would like to know if it is safe to add it to the same google account (GSC) with the other two affiliate sites? Suppose one of these sites get penalized somehow by google, will the other two sites get affected...
  2. R

    I have a problem with google indexing time on my website

    Recently, the indexing time for articles on my website is quite long compared to before. I went to gg search console and checked the recently indexed articles. I noticed that there was a resource message on the page that could not be loaded (49/cannot load 88). Here are some pictures of the...
  3. Sartre

    [Free Review Copies] Sartre's upcoming service: Skyrocket your Google traffic using my cutting-edge programmatic Google Search Console analysis ⬅️⬅️⬅️

    ~10 free review copies for active members. I've worked as lead of tech marketing at Havas, where I led an SEO team a couple of years ago. We mainly were doing SEO for corporate blogs with 5-figure monthly retainers. These sites usually had a ton of content, but a lot of it wasn't ranking well...
  4. T

    Indexing PBN posts using Google Search Console

    Hi all. Seen a scheme for indexing PBN using site in GSC: 1) There is a site in GSC. 2) a list of links to posts from PBN is placed on a new page 3) further indexing of the page with the GSC tool Question: is this a normal scheme? I am confused that it could be a kind of footprint. Or maybe not?
  5. W

    I'd like to ask you three questions about how to reject backlinks

    I'd like to ask you three questions about how to reject backlinks When you reject backlinks, you have to go into Google Search Console and reject backlinks Google Search Console cannot reject backlinks up to 10,000 at a time And even if you didn't write 100,000 url, you can't submit it even...
  6. Guybrushthepirate

    Sudden increase in "Crawled ‐ currently not indexed" URLs

    As per the title of the thread: suddenly a number of URLs that were previously indexed are now marked in the Google Search Console as "Crawled - currently not indexed". The content is unique and good quality (over 1,000 words, with videos, images and proper internal link). It started right...
  7. TheDankChocolate

    Does any body else see this in their GSC?

    All of a sudden I see a surge in the "Coverage Issues" for all my websites in GSC. I was wondering if I should start the validation for these but Big G has some other plans I guess? I am not sure what these idiots are up to now :( Does anybody else see the same thing in their GSC?
  8. E

    Are there significant risks to putting Google Analytics/Search console/Adense on interlinked sites?

    Is there any significant risk to putting Google Adsense, or Analytics, or signing up for Google Search Console on sites you might be interlinking? How much should you fear Google actually noticing this interlinking due to a shared Adsense account, and penalizing you? I'm sure there must be some...
  9. LatestPhoneZone

    Why is traffic still going to the https and http version of my site?

    Can some explain why the HTTPS and HTTP version of my website keep getting different stats, even after redirecting to HTTPS?
  10. Snqke

    What do you think about this Black Hat Method?

    Hello great peoples, I have methode that i use against DMCA Copyright claims, the methode is : Recive Copyright claims on Google Search Console with Links, and i got all these links and i change them one by one (change only the link) example : i recived this link ""...
  11. SashaPavelMisha

    If I force users to spend more time on website, will this be better for SEO?

    Hi i was wondering.. I have GSC and GA on my sites.. I personally think that all google can track is how fast user returns back to SERP and clicks next result, thus meaning that previous result click was not good enough... I also heard that if that happens within 1 minute, it's pretty bad...
  12. Satyabharti

    Is it possible to Make the Sitemap to be updated automatically on daily basis in the Google Search Console

    Hello Professionals, Is it possible to Make the Sitemap to be updated automatically daily in the Google Search Console? Currently the Sitemap in the Google Search Console Updating Automatically on the Weekly basis. Look Image:- I want that is should be updated automatically on daily...
  13. jiya raichand

    Organic Dipped by 80% compare to best month - Google Update ?

    Hi there, My website dipped by 80% but in GSC clicks & impressions are fine for that particular GEO. In analytics i can see big difference both in organic and goals. Overall is dipped by 40% but in particular GEO wise dipped by 80%. I checked ranks Please check the attached screenshot.
  14. jiya raichand

    Google Analytics and Google Search Console Data - Big Difference

    Hi there, Please check my GA and GSC data which i am sharing with you all. By seeing the graph you can see major difference in GA but not much in GSC. All of sudden my website traffic decreased by more than 70% and goals too but i cant see much difference in GSC. Please have a look into...
  15. P

    Google Search Console

    how to start google search console, and how to setup it....??
  16. Great-X

    How to update GSC from non-www to www

    Hi, I have recently moved my website from non-www to www I have already set 301 Redirect from the non-www version to www. (Used .htaccess) Now, what's next? 1. Should I have to add the www site in the URL prefix? If yes, then should I have to remove the non-www website and continue with the...
  17. Alma

    Trailing slash - GSC page with redirect issue, could internal links cause this?

    Hey, For a long time I have had this issue in my GSC: After going through them yesterday, I have realised what might be cause of this. All the urls listed there do not have the trailing slash "/". I have checked my WP permalink settings and they are correct: , so that means all my posts...
  18. jiya raichand

    URL is not on Google: Indexing errors ( GSC Noindex Issue )

    Hi all, One of webpage is showing noindex in GSC. Please check the attached screenshot. I have checked robots.txt for that page its showing "<meta name='robots' content='index, follow" and even in old GSC its showing allowed. But url still didnt get index i dont know whats the issue and...
  19. J

    Core Web Vitals - ZERO good URL

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to help my site improve on some keyword position with consistently building quality onsite and offsite SEO content. Meanwhile, looking at page experience in Google Search Console I found 0% good URLs. Moreover the core web vitals shows I have 260 failing URLs...
  20. codeforestdev

    google index api

    Hi, I had a problem with google search console. Although it has been 1 month since the site was opened, no page was indexed by google. Then I indexed the pages using google index api. I wrote a script for myself using this api. I can send updates for 200 urls per day. Do you think I can sell...