1. Panther28

    Growing a nice keyword blog slowly over a few years

    This is what can be considered a starting point for those that don't have the time to start of full time blog at first. This site I want to talk about is has about 50 posts, and is 3 years old this year. Never built any links and only has about 6 RD. It's never been added to google analytics...
  2. techgeek2021

    [Method] Use Ahrefs to find new keywords and content ideas

    Use Ahrefs to find new keywords and content ideas for your site in 6 steps: 1 - Search your site in the Overview 2 - Click "Organic Competitors" 3 - Select 3 w/ The Highest % Keyword Share 4 - Go To "Content Gap" & Input The 3 Sites 5 - Select 2 or 3 Intersects 6 - Keyword Gold In this...
  3. dakudaddy

    [Need Suggestion] Ahref search volume Manipulation

    Hey BHW Family, I saw many people are manipulating AHREF Volume. How can they do that? Are they running any search script that can increase searches in google on a brand name from different IPs? Why I am Looking For this? I am just curious about this and want to use it in a project :)
  4. I

    Domain Rating Secrets: Fiverr's Expert Techniques

    Could someone please explain the methods used by individuals on Fiverr to increase the Domain Rating of Ahrefs? My main goal is to enhance the Domain Rating, and I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights provided.
  5. Paabl0

    Toxic Links From Reddit Clones

    As per Semrush, I am getting multiple Toxic links from sites that repost Reddit content. These are all clones of Reddit, some sites have a weird name as darknet and shit. Some have leddit and all replica names :D And this happens whenever I post my links on Reddit. I am guessing it happens...
  6. Paabl0

    Do you follow Characters Limit of Blog Title & Meta Description?

    I did my Blog/website SEO audit today. Ahref had multiple warnings saying my post titles are too long (up to 80 characters). It asked me to limit it down to 60 characters max. It said it's recommended for Google. Similar thing for meta description. It asked me to limit down to 150 characters...
  7. Norman_drey

    Ahref vs Moz domain rating

    Between Moz and ahref which one is more accurate when it comes to checking backlinks and domain authority
  8. seoguysdotae

    Professional,Skilled VA for SEO

    Hey there, i am a SEO guy myself for the past 9 years but due to some business ventures and personal reasons, I am not able to do this full time anymore as I was before. Looking for a skilled professional to do following (could be one of them or all):- 1) finding good domains (Expired or...
  9. #IM

    [REQUEST] Ahrefs Keywords Generating

    Hi all hope you guys had/having a good day I hope if someone has an active subscription with Ahrefs and could help generating keywords Basically i have 3 main keywords, and i want long tail keywords from these main keywords If you could help that will amazing Appreciated Cheers
  10. KORO22

    [Method] Get Semrush free PRO ( 119$) account for 1 month

    So what you need to do to get your free account ? All is easy , you need google their main competitor! Step 1 : Google "how to get ahrefs 7$ trial " Step2 : Find their paid PR that will say that "ahref 7$ trial is not available any more" Step3: Find their ads Step4 : Click on it and create...
  11. SeasonedCode

    ahref and semrush sebscriptions

    Hello BHW Is there any chance to get an ahref or semruch subscription for free or for a lower price
  12. G03

    Question: Ahrefs ranking up, DR is up, but rankings for main KW Dropped

    I built the combination of broken backlinks and high authority home page links for my website. The Ahref rank went from 10M to 2M, DR went from 18 to 36, however my main keywords went from #50 to #20 in the SERPs then dropped to #65. Everything on the page is optimized. Trying to figure out...
  13. A

    Ubersuggest or Semrush, ahref?

    So i'm trying to start a blog and content creation in general but kinda in a confusion on what to use between these tools or what's recommended for a beginner on SEO and keyword research? i'm low on budget so i'm leaning into ubersuggest but will it help me SEO-wise? got any tips?
  14. HenryObi

    Ahrefs Just Announced A Free Website Checker Tool That Lets You Do More

    They just announced on Twitter a new tool that is free and gives you access to do the following; Use it to view: - Any website's organic monthly traffic, value + history for the past six months - Traffic share by country - Your top 5 keywords in your top country - Your top 5 pages by...
  15. Dark Hat 007

    [Method] How to get easy KWs Google wants you to rank for

    This is probably already here, I'll share nevertheless. If you have ahref, could be done with other tools though. Ahref free version works. -> Go to your Organic Key Words page. -> Using the filter feature there, click on Position set 11 - 20 (this should be Google's or the SERP second...
  16. metalfingersdoom

    Which tool do you use for authority checking?

    Hey guys, what tools do you use to check the authority of domains? I use ahrefs as I find it more accurate than semrush but would like to know what the most widely used tool is just in case I happened to not know about it/not know of its usefulness. inb4: please no tin foil people telling me...
  17. Dark Hat 007

    Quick Request Please

    I hope I'm posting in the right section. Dear BlachHatWord - the gift that never stops giving. Please can you help with an Ahref login for tops 1 hour. Or Can you help with the keyword research result of a specific keyphrase for me? I can't afford aHref now not even its group buy version...
  18. Jetstars

    WANTED: Backlink reverse engineering

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone skilled with majestic or ahrefs to reverse engineer our competitors affiliates. The goal is to find all the sites using affiliate links pointing to our competitors and provide the list of URLs. I don't want a list of all the links I can do that myself. It needs to...
  19. B

    yo! Ahrefs boss' - if you read this - it will be a win-win

    YO! ahrefs guys, if you are all listening make a $9.99 plan. that is 1/10th the current price and limit everything by a 10th also. and you all will see group buys guys like us will buy directly from you. many of us hardly use it anyway, so win-win. savvy?
  20. uxdrug

    How To Identify High Quality Backlinks[Checklist]

    Hey Guys, One of the blogs that I ignored for a while had 2.85K backlinks from 882 domains. And I have built each link via outreach + guest posts. So link quality is also good but I've seen many websites with half the links but better ranking & traffic. Then I thought there might be some...
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