1. yapnop88

    Ahrefs or Semrush GroupBuy - Where i can buy the Membership?

    Hello, i want to buy membership for Ahrefs or Semrush GroupBuy, Do you have any recommendation from where i can buy it and it is better? And do you think Ahref is better or Semrush?
  2. mainceaft

    Good plan for Ahrefs account

    So I used to do my KW search competitions analysis on Ahrefs when it was offers free trial account, (I had multiple that time) Now on their website I see this 7 days trial plan. So about ~5 Yrs ago, I lost or my ranked website , It's was about wide niche I understand it very well, but the...
  3. dicten1

    How to maximize ahref keyword tool

    How can I make the most of the Ahref 7-day trial? In one day I had done all my keyword research to last me a year and don't know what more to do with it. Do you have any suggestions? My website is new with few backlinks. In my keyword research, I generally use Ubersuggest, however, I...
  4. dank_chocolate

    [Method] How to effectively find keywords with Ahref?

    No, this is not the traditional Ahref keyword research guide. There are thousands out there! The method that I will be sharing below, Trust me, I have been using it for the past year and it has given me a heck of results! Without wasting any time, let us begin with the method. Requirements...
  5. KingShizL

    What features rock and suck about Ahrefs

    Mention the one feature you love about AHREF and one feature you hate also
  6. krazylearner

    domain not verified issue in Ahref

    Looks ahref has introduced several new security features due to which ahref in group buy accounts is not working. Is anybody else facing the same problem? Any workaround for this? Thanks
  7. Vox1Hex

    Is it safe to link all my sites under ahrefs webmaster tool?

    Hi, I have heard a lot of legends about google and how they can identify you as owner of all your websites and if that happen your website can be banned. That is why I am trying to avoid it and I have separated accounts for my google search consoles. Today I made account with ahrefs webmaster...
  8. therp

    Expired domain - Ahref rank Vs Organic Traffic Vs CF TF, Which one to consider?

    Good Day Everyone. I'm confused which factor should i consider the most while buying expired domain. All domains are spam-free, checked their link profile as well. Out of three Ahref rank , Organic Traffic , CF-TF which one should be given more weightage?
  9. 18young

    Can anyone suggest good group buy site to buy ahrefs ?

    As the title say I need to find out your guy's suggestions. I already bought their trial version but I think that I cant buy it again with the same card. So need to find a good and trusted group buy site for my next project. Let me know what sites that you guys use and how good those so far.
  10. gold service


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  11. Logical Ranker

    $ Real Links For Real Value $ Organic Traffic Rich Guest Blogs $ No PBN $ Handwritten Content

  12. W


    Hello operators from the darkness, I am operating an SEO biz and I am expanding, hiring a couple of people for content/on-site seo/ design I focus on PBNs + Native brand article for clients SEO Its mostly off-site SEO that is the most part of our strategie. I worked with Semrush, MOZ and...
  13. jiya raichand

    Ahref Temporary link 307 meaning

    Hi, I was just checking my site in ahref (The Best Pages by Incoming Links) this section so i noticed its showing 307 redirection for some of my pages. Can you please tell me what is this and is it a big issue. Somehow i checked in google but didn't get many ideas. Thanks :)
  14. finolaina

    Meet amazon's affiliate sites - Ahrefs or Scrapebox?

    Hello! I'm wanting to meet amazon affiliate websites, but I don't know how to get there. As I am doing now is: 1- I download 5000 words that users search on Amazon (by country). 2- I use Scrapebox to get all the sites offered for each word searched. 3- I eliminate duplicate domains. 4- I use...
  15. G03

    Different AHREFS stats on the same site?????

    Hi I have a VA checking links in ahrefs. I noticed when my VA does a search and when I search the same site in ahrefs stats are different. Can anyone explain this? Example:
  16. O

    Im starting with ahref, what are the RED points in SEO auditory?

    keywords , competition research , content development, get backlinks, mentions and social media prescence, im forgeting something? God bless everybody who share hes valuable time and wise in answer a newbie. OrtenMKT
  17. Dmyles

    How often Ahref crawls your site?

    Hi, I've an article which was posted few months ago and it ranks only for few keywords according to Ahref. So I analyzed my competitor article and added set of unique keywords from his site. Problem is, I don't think Ahref crawled to that article after I updated it. It's been more than a month...
  18. blackworld_abhi

    Disallowed Google webmaster links reflect in ahref backlinks report?

    Recently I disallowed many spam backlinks in google webmaster tool, it will reflect ahref backlinks report?? How can I verify its working or not ?
  19. ALMAESTRO010

    Is Moz more accurate than Ahrefs ?

    Hi Is Moz more accurate than Ahrefs ? When I check my site on Moz it gives me DA 10 But when I check it out on Ahrefs, it tells me there is no authority for this site. So who is more accurate in the result? thanks
  20. Boriss

    How to Find Your Competitor’s Guest Posts

    Method 1: Use Google search queries Your starting point for finding competitor guest posts should be Google search. There are several queries you can try, but this is the one I find most effective: “Author name” + “guest post” –site:competitordomain.com –site:https://twitter.com Method 2...