Growing a nice keyword blog slowly over a few years


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May 2, 2010
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This is what can be considered a starting point for those that don't have the time to start of full time blog at first.

This site I want to talk about is has about 50 posts, and is 3 years old this year. Never built any links and only has about 6 RD.

It's never been added to google analytics or webmaster.

Site is indexed about 80 content types.

DR : 7-9
Organic traffic $5
Keywords : 70 +

Takes 1-3 hours to index on google, and about a week to index posts on ahrefs.



Top Pages:


Positions are from page 4-6. So not really any traffic, in fact I only just started getting regular traffic in the last month.

Last 4 weeks have seen 30%+ growth in organic keywords.

I used mostly to start it up it up ai content, but now, i add ai content that is heavily edited with my experiance, and I try to read as much as what I can from chatgpt, and expand it with source reading from major news and blog sites eleswhere.

Like my new rule states, I prefer to wait till i can get to $30 a month in ahref, then i'll probably do adsense, as its safe for that.

Till then I'll be putting up a related product link to somewhere as a sticky ad, and seeing if it gets any clicks.

Might not seem much, and it isn't paying the bills yet.

But the compeition keywords of similar sites with 500 -800 indexed pages, is above 20k+ for keywords, so if i could order those on a platter eventually. Hmmm tasty,

Anyway, don't give up if you are just starting, this kind of result, and possiblitity isn't too far ahead of you, as this has been with minimum work. You could get here and further in 3 months with some good determination if you are a total noobery mcnoob with the help of Wordpress.

I wasn't sure at first if this site WOULD rank, but i took a stab, and it only started with a bit bing, and no google, but now regular google visits weekly.

Best of luck, and only good pointer if you take from this, is write about various things you know about till you find something that is under one of those envolopes of your website, then you can expand the site more around that particular avenue of a subject.

Thats what I done with my other sites, and will with this too. Just published an article before I posted this, for a page that ranks for about 10 keywords, so I'll see when it gets indexed. Hopefully soon!
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