privacy policy

  1. Vido900

    Free Privacy Policy for personal Blog?

    Hello guys where I can find FREE Privacy Policy,Terms and Conditions generator for personal NO e commerce blog?
  2. Panther28

    Get a great list of privacy policy & terms & conditions for your website

    Here is a simple trick I used in google terms & conditions website example filetype:doc You can get great straight to the point word document examples to use for your sites and LOTS of them.
  3. monere

    weird issue with my site - can someone help?

    Hi, I have a website in the self improvement niche and I just ran a "site:" check to see what google knows about my site, and among the dozen of pages that appear in the index there's also the Privacy Policy... with a "Lose Pounds" appended to it. Like, WHAT? So, the privacy policy page of my...
  4. IronWeber

    Can some one consult me about GDPR,Privacy policy and Terms and conditions

    Hello everyone, I had a website build about my service and I want to start promoting it and getting clients. Before that I would like to know what I need to do with GDPR,Privacy policy and Terms and conditions, so my website is finished and looks right. I live in eastern Europe. For now my...
  5. underground-rap

    Tools for Privacy and Cookie Policy?

    Hey, I got a couple of websites, planning to launch them soon. Got to make sure, that Privacy and Cookie Policy, as well as Terms of Service are perfectly written and include everything the website offers. Had websites before and wrote all of it on my own before, but lets face the facts. In the...
  6. nilkam

    How to create a custom privacy policy page for my wordpress website?

    I recently buying a domain and hosting from Hostgator and I want to create the custom privacy policy for my WordPress website can anyone know what site to create the custom privacy policy page?
  7. codeman1234

    where to get privacy policy template for amazon?

    Hello, Where I can get privacy policy for amazon ecommerce affiliate for europe countries?
  8. johnnyflex

    GDPR on Adult theme site

    I have an Adult theme site that doesnt allow users to register or post anything. Should i update my privacy policy for compliance or i dont need to update the privacy policy on it?
  9. L

    Woocommerce + Aliexpress GDPR Problem

    Hi everyone! It's my first post here, but me and my friend have been browsing BHW for quite some time. We've decided to run a joint venture based on woocommerce dropshipping business. However, we've just hit a snag in regards to privacy policy changes imposed by the EU's GDPR. GDPR demands...
  10. F

    How are going to be affected by the new Laws after the Zuckerberg situation?

    I'd love to know in which sectors we're gonna be disadvantaged after these new privacy laws .
  11. amoon

    Google begins to take action, and million of Apps could be purged from PlayStore

    Google had earlier hinted that it will be monitoring the Play Store closely, especially for keeping a check on privacy policy adherence by apps, Over the last 24 hours, Google has been sending notices to developers worldwide stating its intention to “limit visibility” or remove apps from the...
  12. F

    What's the quickest way to start up site? essential pages waste time

    Hi to everyone! There is too much fuss in starting a site. With all these special pages. What the quickest least hassle way to get wordpress site up fast? What are the absolute minimum essential pages i.e About Us, Privacy policy , Terms and conditions page, are all these legally...
  13. anafsp1

    What to post on About, Contact and Privacy Pages

    Hi there, Where can I get ideas to fill the About, Contact us and Privacy Policy pages of my PBN? Thanks in advance!
  14. soothsayerpg

    Legality Website Pages Source or How to?

    Hi Guys! Don't really know where to put this topic so i've decided it here. Mods please move or delete if inappropriate. Anyway, simple but crucial part of a website. Where or how do you guys get your privacy policy, terms and condition, dmca, etc. etc...? Many Thanks in Advance. Cheers!
  15. virtualbyron

    Privacy policy and duplciate content

    Hi mate ! All privacy policy page are very similar, so I hesitate to not indexed the page but at the same time I think having a privacy policy page increases the credibility on the google eyes What about you? I think Google is smart enough to know that it is a legal page and do not do any...
  16. M

    Should I add a privacy policy to each blog in a blog network?

    I can't decide whether to add a privacy policy to each of my blogs. I have read in some places that Google detecting a privacy policy can help in organic search results but there seems to be mixed opinion on this. Also, I would want need to make the policies unique to prevent my blackhat...
  17. azguru

    Anyone read the new Google Privacy Policy? Thoughts?
  18. spaceinvader

    Privacy Policy & About Us Pages etc

    Does having 'Privacy Policy' 'About Us' 'Contact Us' pages and the like on your blog earn you any favour from google/yahoo/msn in terms of SEO? I know it helps you get cheaper prices in adwords by improving your quality score so it lead my to question weather the google search somehow perceives...
  19. J

    Privacy Policy and Adsense - Advise?

    Google Adsense says you need a privacy policy. I noticed that many adsense websites don't bother. Is it worth the bother to put up a privacy page? Have people been banned/lost accounts on adsense when you didn't...
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