Privacy policy and duplciate content


May 11, 2014
Hi mate !

All privacy policy page are very similar, so I hesitate to not indexed the page but at the same time I think having a privacy policy page increases the credibility on the google eyes

What about you?

I think Google is smart enough to know that it is a legal page and do not do any harm to the site, I just want to be safe

to put it simple, it's very very difficult to get penalized by duplicate, from experience it only happens with manual reviews.

Else google simply doesn't index the page but it still does regardless...
Definitely add a privacy, about, contact, tos/disclaimer page. Yes, there is some dup content, so if you make modifications to make it unique, definitely do this.
I always make these noindex, didn't use to do it in the past but I don't notice a difference when it comes to ranking.
This has become standard for me since the privacy policies on my bigger sites have my personal information like adress etc (or that of my business) in there and I don't want all my sites to show up in google when someone searches for my address / name.
I'm using a generator for that and never had any problems with my sites.
Having it set to noindex would be the best way to go if you really must avoid duplicate content by all means.
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