1. Panther28

    Where to Get Started in This Online Money-Making Business World? - It's Easy, Get Started Plan Included!

    Use this helpful plan I built up over the years that outlines your main admin tasks, of what you need to be aware of and be doing as an entrepreneur. ================ Business Core Activities Asset Focus Websites Logins Software Marketing Channels VPS / Database Research...
  2. T

    Game plan.

    I want to devise a game plan on how to make money. So I will treat this thread like my own personal diary. No need for anybody to read it :D If you have some advise or something to offer, always here to listen and collaborate. :) THOUGHTS: 1. Do I have some skills? Nope, know little bit of...
  3. Meerakat

    Looking for a writer

    I need a business plan written, please make sure you know how to write business plans and are experienced with it. Budget: $16, Word count: 1200
  4. IamTahaMirza

    Today Marks The End Of Being Broke! - My Introduction

    Hello fellow BHW members, I've been around looking at this forum since 2016 I remember, but I didn't know it was such a gem back then. Didn't know so up till the past 2 weeks. I was looking for some methods that worked and I got hooked on the immense knowledge and information this forum has...
  5. L

    advise on wordpress hosting

    i am searching for free wordpress hosting to just upload a theme and work on that theme little bit from last 2 hours i am trying registered on few also every one giving error on uploading theme any solution please to make this theme online on wordpress ?
  6. adderall

    A College dropouts' plan to buy a house!

    Preface: I've been lurking around BHW for a little bit now and have been inspired by the My Journey To XXXX a month. So, I'd like to share my small experiment with you guy as well. Intro: Before I dive into my plan, I'd like to give you all a little background, I'm currently thinking about...
  7. D

    I need to find a compensation plan expert

    I have a client that is trying to make a multilevel marketing platform. He is struggling with the compensation plan, and ask me if I could help him find one. I actually don't know where to look for one, so if anyone know the way, thank you in advance. Or if anyone is the expert, send me a PM...
  8. dankest_dmitrii

    [Journey] Path to creating a SEO business through follower acquisition

    I'll start by saying that this is my first post aside from my introduction (I am trying to follow all guidelines). Beginning these past few days, I took a deep look into the content on this site and I am absolutely hooked. I am writing post because after a few days of reading, I have come up...
  9. msmachette

    A Simple 100th Approach

    A somewhat short story - I've work in the adult entertainment industry in phone sex and webcam for 13 years. I started a webcam studio in 2006 and (1) didn't put consistent effort towards recruiting (2) didn't take any approach to stand out from the others and (3) didn't pay my models their...
  10. 2colt5

    Starting Youtube

    Okay guys tomorrow I will begin some youtube + cpa. I plan on creating videos encouraging users to get a free download, and make them feel like they really need it. My goal is to create 4 videos tomorrow, and for them all to get to 1 dollar per day, and I will than scale up, hopefully to 100...
  11. Julesmichael

    Video aggregation site question

    Hey guys, I'm building a site that will be a platform that aggregates specific video content to users (hip-hop/entertainment). It is a similar technique of a website called WorldstarHipHop. My question is how do I get video content to pour into my site? WorldstarHipHop is so popular that...
  12. K

    New to FB, is this a good FB Ads Marketing Plan?

    So I've been having some struggles with starting FB but after some research I've come up with a plan. I'm still new to FB so any input on this method would be much appreciated and where to improve For reference, my business is in person teaching for clients. The goal is to get more clients for...
  13. SeoProMatt

    My Journey to $10,000 a month in 12 months. STEP BY STEP.

    From multiple sources, I plan on increasing my monthly revenue to $10,000 by July 2017. Keep in mind i'm also a full time student studying towards my degree in Aerospace Engineering. Present: 1) Started a tutoring company (Tutoring For Students) Current income: $450 a month 2) Client SEO and...
  14. Sartanion

    Will it work?

    Hello! I'm planning to earn money to future (ofc, same as everybody here :D ) I just want to ask you if this will work, maybe It's not too original, but still. Are there any holes? 1. Select niche - I though of some health, sex or something like that. 2. Domain 3. Website with product reviews...
  15. M

    Need +10k soundcloud followers

    Hello BHW, im searching for a freelancer who can help me growing my soundcloud account. Of course i know that i can buy followers and stuff but im incapable to buy for example 5k fake followers for 100$. Thats way to much in my opinion. Is there someone who can offer me a good price? Thank you...
  16. K

    Avoid Wasteful Testing

    Hey BHW! I've been studying up on copywriting, finished my third book today, studied & re-wrote word for word some old newspaper ads that sold millions, made some demo ads to prove my worth.. anyway so I'm anxious to get started but I refuse to have to build my own websites/blogs. I've been...
  17. A

    Hello! (Seeking advice)

    Hello, everyone! I am a newbie here and plan on being very active. Would greatly appreciate any advice you could give. A little bit about my background: I currently make low six figures a year, but I am barely getting by due to the amount of people I support (my own decision to try to step up...
  18. N

    Business startup plan - Replier are becoming a millionaire

    I am a grass roots who is engaged in a small trading company, only 2 staff, my old brother and me, as a goofy like me, my salary only afford bills. Currently, we bought some aftermark tablet computer from China and plan to promote tablet pc, i dream one day my tablet will popular as iPad and...
  19. J

    Made MONEY $160 Online for the first time of my life EVER!!

    Hey everyone . I would get to the point right away! I made my first money in an On-line business in a referral program. In like 24hrs i made my first 80$USD and in like 3 days i made up to 160$ man i am soo Glad! I wont lie or anything i had to pay $40USD to invest in it but for...
  20. C

    Advice please, learn, or get the professionals in?

    My current plan/hope is to get a niche/keyword that I want to develop a site for, start using Fiverr for the service I plan to offer through the site, and learn SEO to steadily build the sites ranking to eventually have on front page of google. I was reading through some of the threads on BHW...
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