A Simple 100th Approach

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    A somewhat short story -

    I've work in the adult entertainment industry in phone sex and webcam for 13 years. I started a webcam studio in 2006 and (1) didn't put consistent effort towards recruiting (2) didn't take any approach to stand out from the others and (3) didn't pay my models their money earned. In 2014 I started dating a man that gave me the motivation to take my studio a bit more seriously and approach it as a business rather than a hobby. We began focusing more on recruiting via social media and implementing a few 'out side of the box ideas' in order to retain models. Oh, and we paid them. My studio has since flourished.

    I have been on and off in adult affiliate marketing for the last 5 years as well. I hit the jackpot when I figured out I could provide incentive traffic to a few ads until they caught on and I got shut down. (It was tremendously fun while I lasted)

    I have since decided I will not be the 99% of humans that start and quit something before it becomes successful so I'm back at it.

    The Simple Approach I'll be taking-

    1. Get 5 domains and hosting
    2. Use the adult wp-script theme and plugin
    3. Upload additional plugins (header/footer, google analytics, ad rotator, plugrush)
    4. Verify sites to plugrush, traffic junky, and juicy ads
    5. Do a little layout and menu editing
    6. Set up affiliate accounts in wp-script
    7. Upload videos
    8. Have plugrush auto submitting plugs to build traffic
    9. Place traffic junky and juicy ads in widgets
    10. Add campaign to niftystats for tracking

    I also have a website I'll be providing youtube video reviews of affiliate sites.