1. K

    Buying monetized channel vs. starting from no subs? (also, growing channel niche by reposting popular content?)

    Hey, I want to start a legit youtube where I make original content, but I really hate to start from nothing cuz I know there's rare chances of getting noticed, and if a video does blow up I wouldn't even be able to monetize it. So instead of starting youtube and putting effort into videos that...
  2. NachoMan

    [Journey] 1k paid subs in 1 year for my new SaaS site

    Hi :), I’m creating this journey because I feel like I need to bounce some ideas, get some feedback regarding the decisions I made, and in general, taking this path alone can be a bit overwhelming :confused:. What I have done so far: I created a new site and developed a small software to...
  3. D

    i hate you....

    sorry i have tourette ... not i am kidding :p i am diego from argentina i recently found this amazing forum i am starting a ig growth social media agency , i am great salesman but i am not brilliant technical guy and thats why i want to learn in this great community .
  4. C

    Starting a journey

    Hello all! I'm starting to build a group of IM sites after lurking here some time. I have started a drop servicing site, IG, YT and TikTok as same niche. Have gotten so much from here now in few months and can't wait what is to come! Thanks for everybody <3
  5. mayadd

    Where to get a starting money?

    Hello my friends. I think you remember me, the guy from Syria who has been looking for an earning method. Well, I found a project that will make me a lot of money online. The program is offered by some guy from my country and we will meet up and talk. But I need some starting money to get into...
  6. ryanbrosas

    Hello just want advice.

    Hello again. :) I really want to start my adventure as an Internet Marketer but well I lack financial to start, Do you know a site that accepting a newbie Virtual Assistant? Thank you very much.
  7. taouil

    Starting my own PBN, need some guidance

    Hello, After using multiple services from BHW & out, for link building using PBN's, I think it's time to invest in my own PBN, I have $5K to start this project, I will also put $500-$800 each month (for new websites after I finish the $5K), I have already hired a full-time writer (for my other...
  8. cyberdheep

    Best Tips for writing content if you are just starting ?

    I am not good with writing. just starting to learn. if i get ideas from different websites and join bits of them to make an article will that work? Any suggestions or tips would help me start something. trying to make at least 3-5 articles a day
  9. Pounder89

    Starting from 0 in 2019. Too late?

    Hey guys! Sorry fo the long post, I don't want to waste your time so just jump to questions line if you don't feel like reading. I'm Andi, 30 years old, with a 9-5 job, not a bad one, but because of poor life choices thinks are almost reaching rock bottom on all levels, especially money. To get...
  10. K

    Hello everyone !

    Good evening Im intrested to starting my own YouTube channel about fitness (my own recorded workouts and so). Im a littlebit like fitness freak lol. Just like it. Im sure i can find lots of useful info and learn from here . Found this forum years ago and time to time im reading it. Decided to...
  11. moza

    Journey with 60£. What can i do?

    Title pretty much says it all.What journey can i take that will actually make me get some profit from 60£. Thanks to anyone in advance
  12. msmachette

    A Simple 100th Approach

    A somewhat short story - I've work in the adult entertainment industry in phone sex and webcam for 13 years. I started a webcam studio in 2006 and (1) didn't put consistent effort towards recruiting (2) didn't take any approach to stand out from the others and (3) didn't pay my models their...
  13. Pro1

    Looking for a good starting place - willing to spend 100$ + 8 h / day

    Im looking for a good starting place in making money online i don't really care about the niche or base of my operation, it would be best if some people would maybe give me some ideas of where it is good to start these days, i am familiar with seo and backlings and outsourcing stuff but i just...
  14. Xpock

    How Did You Get Your First $ Online?

    First of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker. Hey, that's some interesting and fun thread haha, at least for me. My first income online was after something me and my business partners started calling "Dojo", in short words, a Dojo used to be related with programming, etc...
  15. S

    Hello everybody! I guess I'll lay it all out.

    I've found myself here through digging around for ways to make money. To make GOOD money, sustainable money, and easy money. Now I don't expect to start off and press some buttons and get a few thousand dollars. I understand that even this "Easy"money will be slow at first, and it will still...
  16. S

    Hola BHW!

    Hola everyone! I'm from Spain, I'm new in this forum, I love wine, and i love BHW. I've been reading A LOT in this forum and everywhere on internet. I can even say it took weeks thinking about how to take advantage of all this knowledge I am acquiring. I have so much new information now...
  17. B

    slightly new. looking to learn.

    Hey there. I'm beastly. I've never really gotten into the whole Internet marketing thing since about last year. Though I have been soaking in information from here for a while. I dropped out of hig school young which I found to be the biggest mistake of my life. Though I was lucky enough to get...
  18. N

    Went to Clickbank, Chose a Product, What now?

    I've been trying to get into affiliate marketing for the past few days. I've been watching video and tutorials about it and got the basic idea. Now what i got from it is that you need to chose a product, promote it and become Rich from selling it :) :beach2: A couple ideas came to my mind but...
  19. D

    College Student Starting out, looking for advice to get started!

    hi everyone, i have been taking a look around BHW for the past couple weeks and i have to admit that i am very impressed with all the information that is posted regularly on this forum. I have finally decided that i wanted to start IM. I'm looking for advice on where to start as i am trying to...
  20. G

    Journey from $0 to 1¢

    I am a complete and total noob starting from nothing. No methods, no knowledge, and very little seed money. I don't understand 99% of the terms used on these forums. But I am determined to figure out a way to create alternative streams of income. So a success of even one cent will be significant...
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