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Hello everybody! I guess I'll lay it all out.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Shimdroid, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Shimdroid

    Shimdroid Newbie

    Jul 11, 2015
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    I've found myself here through digging around for ways to make money. To make GOOD money, sustainable money, and easy money. Now I don't expect to start off and press some buttons and get a few thousand dollars. I understand that even this "Easy"money will be slow at first, and it will still require effort and work on my part.

    The reason I say easy is because I work nearly 35 hours a week at a BUSY restaurant as a cook making under $12/hr. I was contented with this for a long while until almost a year ago next month, my father passed away. My dad was everything to me and in the last few years we had become a bit estranged, although he's always been my hero, and he suddenly passed away unexpectedly to do diabetic complications. He didn't prepare for this (He was relatively young) and didn't leave us much behind except random belongings that are now precious to me, and a few thousand in life insurance.

    Ultimately I got less than 10k from it and have less than 3k left, and I'm no longer content with my 9-5 slave routine. I want to take this last bit of cash and this new determination and unhappiness with my current life and transform it into something. I want to make my Dad proud, even though he's not around to see it. I know what he always knew what I was capable of, but have always been lazy. I came across this forum and after reading around quite a bit I am both cautious and excited to begin trying my hand at some of this.

    If someone could mentor me to start off, that'd be excellent! Or if I could be pointed in the direction of some good guides that are 2015-relevant.. Perhaps a suggestion on where to start even would be nice I suppose. After I post here I'll be browsing the 'Journeys' section. I went and after reading some things around here bought a domain and hosting and put together a website based on a niche I know well, and have ideas and information to expand it personally with my own quality content. Not sure HOW niche it is or if there's any profit potential in it but it's something I know and I figured even if I couldn't monetize, the practice would be beneficial. Looking forward to hearing from you hats!
  2. towelfox

    towelfox Junior Member

    Jan 11, 2012
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    I'm not going to mentor you nor will I help you search. However, I wish you good luck. There is some excellent info on this site, you'll just need to read up and determine what interests you the most. I'd forget about making easy money though. After a LOT of hard work I sometimes take a few days off and still make decent money but you get out what you put in. Sometimes less :)

    Ive been a noncontributing member for years but only recently (last 6 months) have I been seeing a reasonable IM income.

    When you read the threads here the most valuable tip well be that you should take action and not be afraid of failure.

  3. xsshaxor

    xsshaxor Junior Member

    Mar 2, 2012
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    Dollar Crafter

    I started with creating an adsense site. Since you already bought a domain name and hosting and have a niche, you're
    already going in the right direction.

    Don't worry about the niche too much for now.. You need a start, and the best way to start off is to build a website around
    a niche you know well, so it takes minimum investment.

    So.. Find some tutorials on how to build a website with Wordpress if you don't know already.
    Write about 10 quality articles about your niche. Try to put work and time in it, f*ck article spinning for now.. Really get into it yourself.

    (Each article should contain at least 500 words)

    Make a logo for the website (or pay someone on Fiverr.com to do it for you)

    Put Ads on your website. Google Adsense is the way to go.
    You're basically renting out advertising space to Google. Really easy, they also have a good
    support team so if you don't know how to put the advertisements on your website, you can litterally call them
    and ask them how (I'm sure they explain on their site as well)

    The ads will make you the dough $$$

    Now find tutorials on SEO, search engine optimisation and building backlinks so your site
    can get higher in Google.

    Work hard, and give it time, and you'll get there.

    If this is not for you, then try out CPA.
    LOTS and LOTS of CPA tutorials around here.
    When I started CPA, I was making $1.5K a month within a month.

    Good luck!
  4. hekke

    hekke Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 31, 2014
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    Welcome to BHW buddy!

    First off, nobody here is going to mentor you. Look at this page instead: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/f11-making-money/. Also, I am sorry to hear about your dad, just keep being strong.

    It's a great advantage if you start a site around the niche you're interested in. You'll be able to grind out content yourself and you know the market. Although, if your niche in interest is laws/insurances/etc. you might have a hard time ranking - but certainly not monetizing from it. The first step is to get traffic to your site, monetizing it is second.

    Look for products on Amazon, ClickBank and look up the CPC for your niche. If you find related products or related keywords, you know that you can monetize the niche. Try to see who are ranking first on the keywords you are trying to rank for and how they rank first - is it because of their great on-page and off-page SEO for this certain page or is it because the site got great domain authority (DA)?

    Best of luck!
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