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  1. CoffeeLofi

    BHW! how the hell are ya!

    I've been browsing on here for about 2 years and learned a lot of helpful methods and gained a lot of value, I finally decided to create an account. I have some experience in web design and smma, looking to expand my IM skills (specifically affiliate marketing, cpa, YouTube channel methods...
  2. artur core

    New Account - Zero Views (Shadow Ban - Details in Post)

    Good day together, i have started some tiktok Channels in different niches to see which one performs the best. My newest Account (all created on the same mobile phone) has 1-2 Views on ~ 5 videos. I thought this can't be and upload some of the on an old account which i rebranded, also 0 views...
  3. Aureja

    Greetings from Surfshark

    Hey all, it is nice to be a part of a such big community. Surfshark is a newbie here, but quite experienced in affiliate marketing. If anyone has a question about affiliate marketing, don't hesitate to ask, I think we have a lot to share. And now our question for you is how well do you all know...
  4. GodKarma

    Hi everyone, newbie looking for SEO services

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. Here to learn much about SEO . I'm looking to develop my business and have better SEO results on my website. Hopping to get the help I need.
  5. aegisAOE-age-of-empire

    big fan

    hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm not good at introducing myself. I've been reading this forum for years and I decided today to join, because I got some questions on some posts and could not post as guest. After creating an account, I got dm letting me know I can post a introduction thread. I...
  6. NeonBlue

    How to warmup new Telegram account? Using SMM panel on new account?

    I plan to open new Telegram account for long term usage/business ideas and will be creating TG channels Questions about warming up: -How long is warm up phase? This is most important question I guess, like how long would you be "minimal/careful" with your usage of TG (Not planning to mass spam...
  7. A

    Hi, new member here! wanting to start a digital agency.

    Hi everyone. I've joined BHW in the hopes of getting some advice on starting a digital agency, primarily focusing on web development.
  8. P

    New to all this but hey!!!!

    i am trying to start a new tubesite so i am just looking into anything that can help me.
  9. SecondWorld


    Hello my name is SecondWorld, I recently read through something here and now I have decided to register here. I hope to meet some cool people here and of course make some money online :D Kind regards, SecondWorld
  10. mrsmilyy

    i created 2nd tiktok account in the same phone then i have big problem

    hello, I created a second tiktok account on the same phone I added several videos, every day I add one there I am at 6, I created it at the beginning of the week The problem is that no video has views, 0 views on all videos and I tried everything I took content I uploaded it I filmed with my...
  11. webstar_g

    Update✔ High Traffic Rate

    Instagram Reels have become a popular feature for content creators to increase their reach and engagement on the platform. Reels allow users to create and share short-form videos with a variety of creative editing tools, including music, filters, and special effects. Sharing helpful information...
  12. J

    New to this website

    Hey just wanted to introduce myself, I'm here with the intentions of figuring out all the semantics of setting up a spotify bot farm. I understand a high end pc is required these days for it to be profitable and that "profitable" means thousands these days and not millions which is fine by me...
  13. pureservices

    Hello everyone

    Hey, I am new here. I would to know more about digital marketing.. Thanks
  14. E


    SALAM everybody, im new here, i do technical support and im good at using AI prompts, i write and do portraits, i earned 0$ from internet so far, most of methods require an expertise and full focus on one nich, i think im smart enough, i just need a path, wish me luck fellas !!
  15. H

    The journey of becoming a savage at online business starts today!

    What's up guys, i'm 25 and I own a production company for videos and photos and I also work in music management within mostly the Latin industry. I come well versed in the overall business and development of brands and music artists, but im trying to fuse all that withe everything im learning...
  16. R

    I am new to this zone

    Hi. I am new in this portal. I want to know more about this platform. Can you help me to know how I can interact in this portal
  17. K

    New member with milions

    Good Mornin BHW I am from czech republic, I have a huge FB pages /milions/ and i am here to make partnership to monetize them. Thanks to all for let me join. Filip
  18. B

    Hello all. I'm new member

    Just discovered this forum. I want to learn more about marketing and seo!
  19. wes01

    Anyone else having trouble making new instagram / facebook account?

    tryna make new instagram / facebook but it keeps giving me an error saying cant complete, try again in a moment everytime. any solutions?
  20. S

    Need GAds VCC

    Your VCC must not trigger "Suspicious Payments" on new GAds accounts. If it does, you need to promise a refund. I run whitehat ads. Please leave your telegram on this thread, or message me on BHW. I can't message anyone or reply in this thread.
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