Betting journey

    So i started working on a strategy about 4months ago and im currently playing it showing great results so far. But rn i have 1k € balance cause i had to withdraw 500€ for a trip im taking as overhead money. My question is rn im doing 200€ bet sizes with a total winrate of 66% and a 33% losses...
  2. B

    My Progress This Year So Far - From Ahrefs Rank 84,000,000 to Top 1,000,000 in 40 Days

    Hello everyone! This year I realized I needed to start ranking my websites better with the search engines. Time and time again I had customers complain they could not find where to buy my products. When you searched my brand and product name in Google, Amazon ranked higher even though I quit...
  3. S

    The Newbie's Journey into Social Media

    Here is my journey into Instagram Marketing! I'm a complete Newbie with Instagram and Marketing, so this will be interesting. I will be updating my progress weekely, and posting my new goals. The challenges I'll be facing is just pushing through obstacles, not giving up, and learning all this...
  4. S

    Hello everybody! I guess I'll lay it all out.

    I've found myself here through digging around for ways to make money. To make GOOD money, sustainable money, and easy money. Now I don't expect to start off and press some buttons and get a few thousand dollars. I understand that even this "Easy"money will be slow at first, and it will still...
  5. L

    Lonewolf's hopeful progress forum.

    Hello all, I've been bobbing and weaving through thread after thread on here for a year or more now. I haven't really posted save for a few noobish questions. But now, I'm ready to venture into BH. I've been accepted into CPATank for a while now, but haven't really gotten any bright ideas...
  6. N

    Do you know how to hide my IFRAME progress/loading in IE?

    Hello I have an IFRAME that refreshes itself every X seconds. But customers complain that Internet Explorer (and Firefox) display a Refresh progress/loading bar in the status bar of IE/FireFox each time the IFRAME refresh. Do you know how to hide : - the little text in the bottom left of...
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