1. K

    1st try at cpa marketing, incredible failure

    Hello i just started my cpa journey. It turned out however that im not nearly as successful as i thought. I was hoping to make atleast 2cents, but i managed to get 0 conversions. I got almost 15'000 impressions and it lead to only 20 clicks... Offer: free new iphone 14 german(desktop)...
  2. R

    Journey To $750/Day With An OnlyFans Agency Pt 2: Reddit Edition (Not Crass!)

    Hello everyone. My previous journey thread for my Webcam/OnlyFans management business was taken down by the mods for being too crass. No worries, as we are starting a new journey. And this time I am going to tone it down a little. After struggling to retain any models, I have decided now that...
  3. C

    [Journey] Dropshipping Journey to $1k per month

    Hello BHW, I have been lurking on this forum for many years now. I have had my account on here for years and have just now decided to start getting active. I have read a lot of threads on this forum that have really opened my eyes to IM and have inspired me to start my own journey this time. By...
  4. Sofiamartinez

    ✈️ [Journey] Building 20 Sites With 1 Million Visits Per Month ⛔ Case Study - Lets Do It

    Hey BHW Family I own a Virtual Assistant Digital Marketing Agency with 50+ Experienced Employees. I am adding some more to test out a few successful SEO/Content Writing strategies that worked for me in the past to build the 20 sites. I am planning to do all manual with the quality a twist in...
  5. besard_thaci

    The objectives I definitely want to achieve

    Hello all members of the BlackHat World forum, Today I am sharing with you my goals that I want to achieve before the age of 25. I am currently 18 years old, and I am very excited about my future and the realization of my dreams. Cause of the crisis situation all over the world, and the country...
  6. abrahamPigeon

    StripCash Affiliate Program journey

    I'm going to try out the StripCash Affiliate Program, if anyone has some tips, tricks or experience they want to share I will appreciate it.
  7. gcmart

    [Journey] Survive or Go Bust within 60 days

    Dear Journeymen, I am GC and have been here as a member for more than 10 years now. You guys have been a source of inspiration to me since day 1 I came here. Warrior Forum times used to be decent way back but BHW is more honest, more brutal and more direct. I am an entrepreneur and have...
  8. U

    Journey to quit 9-5 job

    I am a shift food chemist in Pepsi. I have chosen fiver to provide video editing service to people so that I can quit my job and get some freedom. I will update this thread EVERYDAY until I get my desired results. ✅ Things I have done so far : 1. Created fiver account and gig a month ago. 2...
  9. TheDankChocolate

    [Journey] Creating an Automated News Website with help of Manual+AI Content and scaling further.

    I have been into IM for quite some amount of time (5+ years). In my initial days, like some of us, I was going behind multiple niches on a single website (utter stupidity). But I learned my lesson very early and within 6 months of launching my first website, I came to the conclusion that if I...
  10. M

    Starting My first Journey To 100$ per month with KDP

    Hello Everyone, I'm sorry for my bad English so bear with me. Welcome to my Journey to reach at least 100$ per month with Kdp low-content books I am already working with kdp since May 2020, But I m not putting in the work so I m not making any great results So "I'm going to change that". This...
  11. K

    [Journey] Niche Porn Site to $4.20 a day

    Why am I writing this: I have recently been inspired reading a few other BHW users journey and it made me want to document my journey as well. I'd also like to think that by putting actions into writing it will lead me to be more accountable in following through with my goals. Backstory: About...
  12. Jonnn

    Tik Tok Journey to 10k

    wassgud BHW as most of you know tik tok traffic is the gold mine right now everyone focused on monetizing it but before the chicken must come the egg. so you need traffic before monetization to stay motivated and so we all can share some tik tok knowledge lets use this thread i will be...
  13. RealHoffman

    YouTube Journey - FROM ZERO TO HERO

    This is gonna be my YouTube Journey. I'm tired of not being active on my YouTube Channels. I want to spend a lot time on YouTube and get partnership program. MY GOAL IS : 100k subscribers YPP I don't have time so much to write, because I'M STARTING RIGHT NOW AFTER THIS POST. I will...
  14. AlexSeiler

    Growing Instagram Accounts till freedom

    I started growing Instagram Accounts back in 2018. I often tried it but never succeeded. So I created two accounts in an easy niche: Anime Why did I choose the anime Niche: -There are unlimited animes and animes are getting more popular around the world, especially in my area. -I watched a...
  15. Seo Lover

    How my ecommerce venture helped me build my own production house & how I plan to scale it further - Journey with weekly updates!

    About us: For a brief introduction about us, we are an e-commerce company that has excelled in the field of Neon Sign Business over the years with an unmatched boom in the market. WHAT WE DO: Let's talk about how it all started: In early 2019 we stumbled upon the idea of selling neon signs as...
  16. Siddhant654321

    {Journey} $2.4k/Mo. SMMA Agency

    It's been quite some time since I have started using black hat world, but never posted anything. So, this is my first contribution. I have started a google ad agency recently. I currently have 0 clients but I am determined to change that number. I have decided to charge clients $1500 ($1000...
  17. richard90

    [JOURNEY] First Shopify !

    Hello everyone This is my first Journey ever ! I wanted to try this a long time ago but never had time for it... Before I begin I just want to say sorry if my English is bad ! MY GOAL : Generate my first sale ? ‍ WHAT I'VE DONE : Shopify website ( Purchased from FIVERR 10$) Domain name...
  18. Alma

    My PAA + whitehat journey (currently at $12k/m+)

    Hey, Some of you may know me: I sold 10 lists of PAA websites about 8 months ago, when they weren't as well known as today. Few months after I started my own pure PAA website and yesterday was my first $400 day. Both visits and CPM are increasing. My only regret is not starting earlier. This...
  19. Oleb

    How to be RICH

    Like seriously how do someone become rich, there are millions of methods, tutorial or books "To get rich" is there some kind of pamphlet someone could read or even a tutorial that after you have read it'll be okay now you are heading towards your first millions. Mentally it's hard, when you see...
  20. qandeelfahad1

    Journey: Are these stats good for a 5 days old site with 25 posts?

    Hello, I just create this new site and this is the first time that I am toying around with this. Can someone tell me if the stats are good for a 5 days old site? THESE ARE TODAY'S STATS.