1. U

    [Journey] Dating + GoogleAds - No cloaking

    Hello! I finally decided to start my GoogleAds + Dating affiliate CPA journey! I'II try post as frequently as something interesting will happen.. I won't by using any cloaking the landing is very safe and informative. Btw. I'm using SKAG's Let's see.. I have mid experience however I'II give...
  2. MR.Spuf

    Copy Trading - Fully Passive Income 2% / day to 100$/day

    Lately I've been researching a lot if there's such thing as passive income from Crypto and I've found a service that can help boost my monthly income. I knew about it by 1yr ago, but since there was not that many activity I've postpone it till new. I've deposited $1.2k and I expect a return of...
  3. OGBluey

    [JOURNEY] to 100$ a week with NSFW twitter page

    Hey guys! Let me start this buy introducing myself. I'm a 19 year old guy that wants a new challenge in life. I have done a few online side hustles. For example, Affiliate marketing and Onlyfans management. These were fun but not really my thing. So I thought to myself lets start an NSFW...
  4. RuspBerry

    Rusb Journey - Behind the Scenes of My Online Success: A Journey of Digital Earnings & More

    Rusb Journey - Behind the scenes of my online success: a journey of digital earnings Hello everyone I have been using this forum for some time, at first without even registering. I normally accessed the site and started reading thread after thread for hours to get inspiration for my projects...
  5. Diske

    [Journey] Blasting Remaining Crackrevenue Funds On Media Buying

    Ola amigos. So I've decided to document this journey and hopefully get some advice from more experienced media buyers. Note I have 0 experience with media buying apart from FB/IG and Google ads. Where It Started I ran CBD offers through Crackrevenue for a while, it yielded some positive...
  6. NicolaeP

    My journey to find my way

    I created this thread to motivate me and keep me focused. I usually set my sights high, get my plan right and every time I fail miserably at sticking to it. So I'm hoping that maybe with a little help from you and maybe some new ideas I can carry out my plan, even if it probably won't turn out...
  7. TheSlug

    I started a monthly subscription product. {my results and could use some advice}

    I remember being up all night on BHW back in 2010. How time has flown! Learned so much that I've been able to apply to every business venture I've pursued in the past 13 years. The past 6 years I have been doing a lot of offshore fishing. And creating content fishing. Getting to know the people...
  8. JNinja

    Udemy Course Earnings Journey - Fresh Start

    Hey BHW Community, I’ve always wanted to do a course and see if it is a good stream of passive income. I’ve held it off for years as it takes time to build a good course. But yesterday I decided…. screw it, let's make a quick course, put it on Udemy and see what happens. The plan is to post an...
  9. edindesign

    Maybe one of the unique approaches to run Social Marketing Business - Blackhat - Whitehat - Goal 5000$ Per month Profit in less than a year !

    Hello guys, I was trying this like 1 year ago, but i think after researching, learning and get my ideas to the real life i think i am ready to start the journey and want to share this with all of you guys because i think it is directly connected to the name of the forum and what this forum is...
  10. atom3219

    I'm looking for new opportunities to earn money as a hired webmaster

    I have managed my own websites and earn from monetization on it last 4 years. However, my circumstances are changing as I plan to relocate to another country, and I need to find a way to increase my income quickly. I have some knowledge, but I'm not sure how to use it to make money as hired...
  11. white_collar_deviant

    [ Journey ] FAFO - Building AI Websites To $1,000 a month

    A GOAL: $1,000 a month through display and affiliate income B GOAL: Achieve profitability ($75 a month) C GOAL: Develop a system to automate the whole building process TIMESCALE: 12 months (05/11/2024) OUTLINE: Within 12 months I'll aim to build at least one AI powered website to a monthly...
  12. A

    [JOURNEY] First SEO site ever, aiming $1/day

    So I started a personal project this year, around June, but I learned about SEO and decided to use this project to put what I've learned in practice. It's a hard call because most traffic comes from my country (tier 3 - brazil) and niche isn't very lucrative at all (mostly education). I think...
  13. s4h1n1997

    [Journey] Until I Succeed

    Hi all, thread name might sound weird, but this is my curse. Sorry for in advance keeping it very long. I’m a 26 years old guy from 2nd world country in Asia and living in another 2nd in Europe. I have 2 Bachelor degrees and have 9-5 job as a Software Engineer/Java Developer. Don’t remember...
  14. zeus0071

    [Journey] First Making Money Journey

    So i ve been lurking here for a while and asking questions from time to time till recently i decided to actually move my ass and start doing something....i started working on two niches the 1st one is meme niche an the 2nd is about motivational , mental health and self improvement quotes for the...
  15. Welkroo

    [Journey] YouTube from 0$ to 500$ a month

    FROM ZERO TO HERO I'm a 27-year-old young man from Germany, and this is my new journey. Although I know that I have already created several journeys here on BHW in which I tried different methods to earn money online, more or less all of them failed! The main reason for all those failures was...
  16. whoispepegotera

    [Journey] to get more than 1M traffic (BlackGreyHat)

    Good morning, everyone, First of all I apologize for my English, as it is not my native language. During the time I've been creating websites, which is not a short time, many things have happened, from technology changes, algorithm changes to my own person. I just want to say one thing, no...
  17. gabasiq

    Getting started - AI images and the copyright is yours

    Ok, so I just bumped into Very easy to create AI images and those can be sold to web-designers on Shutterstock and similar websites. If you have suggestions on where I should sell other than Shutterstock I'd love to hear it. Day 0 - (-$19) for the subscription. I posted...
  18. P

    Youtube Journey - Niche Revealed and Looking for Advice

    All, So I started a new youtube channel. I am terrible at youtube promotion and would love some advice from people here on BHW to help me get my channel moving. Its brand new channel. The channel is niche is scratch off lottery tickets also known as scratchies or scratch tickets. My theory...
  19. AryaStark

    My Journey - Awaking my Web Design Agency from the Dead again! [Shopy Website Development Service]

    Hello my fellow members of BHW, Quick and short: I'm gonna document my Journey on how I'm starting my Web Design Agency from 0-100 again! Why ''again''? Well I'm not new to this. After I graduated high school back in 2017, I started my journey with eCommerce. I got into Dropshipping with...
  20. Manish Lamrod

    From Newbie to Veteran: 15 Years on BHW

    Fifteen years and one week, to be exact. On September 22, 2008, I joined this amazing forum, which has been instrumental in building my digital career. From learning the ropes to acquiring clients, BHW has played a significant role in my journey. Previously, I shared a short story about my 13th...
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