paypal bank verification

  1. mainceaft

    Merchant ask for phone verification to confirm Paypal payment

    Hi , I bought service using unverified PayPal Account , and since my country not support via PayPal I create fake account . when I make a purchase I fill PayPal account details using different country IP and suddenly they ask for 20% VAT tax . I Used my real IP on purchase page (to get ride...
  2. H

    Where to make Paypal to Payoneer Exchange?

    Hello peeps, i was wondering if any of you know where i can exchange paypal money for payoneer, i tried linking mine, but i am getting error messages
  3. L

    Looking for someone to cash-in some Paypal My Cash and then send it to me

    Sorry if this is in the wrong category. Looking for someone that can cash in some Paypal my Cash card and then send it to me, preferably via WU or MG as I don't own nor I can get a verified paypal. Any other suggestions are welcomed. This is not a one time job. I'm looking more for an associate...
  4. F

    Non verified paypal acc limits?

    Will be my acc banned, suspended or my money hold, if i register new paypal acc on unique IP (no paypal was registered on this ip) and i send there monthly 50$ for monthly subscription?
  5. R

    Help me accept payments by using one of your Paypal sleath accounts 50% profit ($100s+)

    Looking for people who can help me accept payments to one of their VERIFIED Paypal sleath accounts and share the profits 50% - I know some people have experience creating and handling sleath Paypal accounts so this is perfect for me and for you. Example: " you send me your Paypal email. I will...
  6. puneetas3

    [WTB] US Paypal VBA - Payment by Paypal

    I want to buy a US VBA for paypal that can verify instantly. I tried seller on BHW and other forum (aspkin), but they seem to not accept paypal or need paypal payment as friends/family. My problem is I have a Paypal business account (my personal verified account 6-7 years old) which can't send...
  7. B

    Can you link Paypal to a bank with a different name

    The paypal account has a completely different name on it then the bank acc does. Can you link them and make withdraws, transfers, without any problems And let's say you link a cc too with a different name on it.
  8. tendemo

    PP Issues Im stuck

    Hi I just had my payoneer card removed from my PP account. I need to withdraw ASAP and don't know what to do I need a VBA with debit card facilities. Kindly advise.
  9. S

    We have removed this bank account form your Paypal account.

    Last few days ago ai go a mail from paypal. whay day do that i don't understand. See below...
  10. dropshippa

    Paypal got limited !!

    hello everyone ! As the title says, my paypal got limited and i don't know why, well, here's my story. I bought a USA fully verified paypal account 20 days back and mostly bought some stuff from ebay and other shopping sites and after few days like 4 days back , it got limited and i am confused...
  11. H

    Need help for paypal verification

    Kindly tell me how can i Verify my paypal acount vcc or Bank is avaialble ? where?
  12. Tunenchi

    Paypal failure a writer for "iwriter", recently I managed to make some money but unfortunately I did not receive any. The payment was denied by paypal due to reason code 3148. I tried to verify my paypal account but there were couple failures after several trials. I hitted the bank and left the issue...
  13. ran60616

    How I got a new US eBay account and a verified US PayPal account after getting banned...

    So I'm new here at BHW, But have been selling on eBay since 2008 - No noob in that department! Not sure if this has already been shared with everyone here, but wanted to get this out to everyone who had their eBay banned and/or PayPal restricted/banned. My eBay was banned in 2011, But not my...
  14. H

    Help with paypal verification.

    Hi guys! need a verified papal account,anyone kind enough to help me with the verification process? I can pay $5 via payza . Plzzz anyone help.
  15. D

    Paypal In Pakistan

    Dear Guys, Please can anybody advice how I can get money via Paypal because I am from Pakistan and Paypal is not available in my country. I wanted to use too! I am really very grateful to all of you who help me out :)
  16. Annah

    What would YOU do to improve PayPal? (Opinions Needed)

    We all know how it works and there is a huge collective voice yelling PayPal sucks. If you have the time and wish to share your opinion please elaborate WHY PayPal sucks (or not)? Keep in mind : 1) What is the biggest PayPal Issue? a) Fees b) Customer Support c) Frozen assets (accounts...
  17. C

    PayPal Business Account Ban Question - Please help!

    Hi everyone, So yeah the usual. Had 2 PayPal accounts, 1 personal, 1 business and after placing a hold on my accounts, they noticed that I had a second personal (3 total now). I made the account when I was like 16 to buy something stupid on ebay, I forgot the account even existed since it was...
  18. R

    Need Help on this

    I am a business person who has a lot of inventory. The problem is my dealers license doesn't allow us to go below a certain price point so I have to sit on this stuff. i need to know how I can open an Ebay account or other sites and make sure that the items I have cannot be traced back to me at...
  19. B

    Workaround for Indian Paypal Accounts

    Hi !! This is a quest to find a suitable workaround for Indian paypal accounts which will soon have major restrictions placed on them beginning 1st March. One of the threads I visited spoke of opening a US Bank account and a US paypal account to accept payments larger than USD 500 and then...
  20. glovek77

    [Method] Create Free Verified US Accounts without an Actual Bank Account

    Here is my method so that you know that it works, I intend on using it to make some money in the future, so please vouch for me. 1) Open Paypal Account with US information. 2) Go to and open an account, you can use fake information 3) On Paypal window, click "Add Bank...
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