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  1. B17zr

    [POLL] What Niche is Worth Going After ?

    Hi What Niche is Good for an Amazon Affiliate Site, that has nice products on Amazon Weight Loss Gain Weight Coffee Niche Site Cats Niche Site
  2. O

    is it worth it blogging about plants?

    i found that some plants have lower KD (i only used semrush), and i was wondering if setting up a blog about that is going to be worth the time. obviously i am a noob, and this is the first time i saw something with high search volume and low KD. also... does it hurt if i talked about the...
  3. mase1234

    Hottest niche tips / ideas for 2022?

    Hello to all BHW boys and girls reading this thread. 2021 and two-years lasting pandemic are slowly (yet still painfully) coming to an end. Do you have any tips on the hot topics that await us in 2022? please give a topic and few words why you think the topic's gonna be relevant. for me it's...
  4. Howlzer

    doing both the lazy and the diligent approach - Journey to Rank and Bank

    So, I decided to make this journey thread because I thought it might be interesting. After ascending from keyword research hell, I brought back some juicy long-tail keywords which I'm gonna try to rank for. But because I like to shotgun random words and phrases at my keyword tool, most of my...
  5. WilsonScottk

    [Journey] Dominate niche site with automated tools and bank with affiliates

    Hello friends :) After been offline for last year i decided to reboot what i have been doing. I am going to log every record here as much as i can. My Budget Since i used to work on niche marketing i have major tools i had to purchased a vps proxies and some services. Expired domain -...
  6. JuicyLucy

    Is there enough product? Things to consider before picking a niche.

    In my honest opinion, picking a niche is one of the most important steps in business. You are deciding on what are you going to work for the next years. You have to enjoy it, if you won't -> bad things will happen :) On top of that, it can easily determine your upcoming success or failure. So...
  7. K

    Amazon Affiliate Question

    Do affiliate sales drop in September & October because people are waiting for the retail season or is my website's performance dropped?
  8. Soranozori

    [Journey] Building a Niche Website with Amazon Affiliate and AdSense

    Wassup, I'm posting this journey primarily to have a place to organize my thoughts and look back at my progress. Here we go. The Goal: - Have an "authority site" in my niche and monetize the traffic with Amazon Affiliate and AdSense - Traffic will be organic/free at first (SEO, Social Media)...
  9. Misan

    [GET]Micro and Nano niche idea for Affiliate

    Hi guys, I've been researching micro niches from the last 2week finally I found some of them which Lil or medium competition. I hope those who want to start affiliate marketing in 2020 this list will help you out and save some time. especially for a newbie like me, even I picked one of them for...
  10. A

    Way to earn some money on internet.. Black or white

    Hi i am in full stack development but nooob.. in SEO or traffic generation. Now looking for way to earn money from my skills. How to do that. I am very open to ideas.
  11. A

    Niche Website

    Hello, I'm looking for a partner to work on a (fairly) new website with me. It's in a high ticket niche and I currently have around 20 articles (30k words) which is bringing in some steady traffic. I've got a huge list of keywords to write about but don't have the time to write them all myself...
  12. Starblazer

    Evergreen niches for long-term websites

    What are the most profitable niches if we don't want any revenue for 2-3 years and keep feeding the sites with content and backlinks? The sites must be legal & authoritative, and shouldn't get banned for niche-relevant content. It's preferred if the sites have a larger scope of monetization...
  13. psvman659

    How do i find a good niche for affiliate website?

    Hello guys Around a month ago i decided to make a affiliate website in the computer/electronics niche, and i just heard its a very saturated niche. Should i just be more specific in that niche for example only printers? thank you bros do you need more information
  14. mahmud daud

    Tech niche idea needed pls

    Hello bhw. Hope y'all are good. I am currently building a niche website, a tech niche website to be precise. But I am having difficulty choosing which sub niche I should go for. I have interest in things like new gadgets, smartphones and I love gaming. But I don't know which niche I should...
  15. LogoKing

    Best Niche Products & Sites

    Hello hows it going today? What would you say are the best niche websites or products that have worked for you in the passed. Also do you prefer drop shipping? if you have examples to show that would also be great thanks.
  16. RealDaddy

    [Video] How to start a niche website? [Guide]

    Hey BHW, Found this great video on youtube. I have watched it all in one sitting. Check it out. Thanks. @Dwivedi 98
  17. khaledbaddez

    how to find a profitable and less competition niche in 2019 ?

    hey BHW i want to create a website where i do promote products from amazon ( affliate ) But i am struggling coz i dont find the right niche , actually i found one but its too competitive , in fact any niche idea popped up in my mind i found someone else did it before me in 2011 ( that means a...
  18. thegoldeneye

    My 2nd but 1st Real Niche Journey

    Hi guys, I have decided to start my second but first niche journey. How second but first? Two years ago, when I have no idea how things are working, I started my Amazon website. I was promoting cameras for vlogging. I even invested in link building, and it helped me a lot if you consider that I...
  19. imonboss

    Tell me the better option!

    Hi, I am building my amazon aff niche site and I am stuck in a confusing situation. One of my competitors is using images in his content which are directly hosted on amazon. Something like this: (He is ranking number 1...
  20. imonboss

    Best Hosting For Affiliate Website????

    Need Opinion from Experts! Which Hosting provider and package type you would use or recommend for Amazon Affiliate Site. Some of my competitors have very fast websites and I really like it. Though I am looking for cheaper options available and a speedy hosting at the same time. I can use your...