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  1. blue_lime

    Backlinks from sites like medium , blogger , reddit etc.

    Hello BHW, I created several articles with links to my money sites on websites like blogger, medium , quora and reddit before 3 weeks. I would like to know if this step worth or not for backlinks and site authority or useless? I haven't seen them in GSC and also via Semrush. I haven't find...
  2. bui

    What do you think about hosting?

    I am using bluehost hosting. It's been 5 months since we met seo. I bought 15 of them at an expired domain auction. 1 IP 25 domains. 5 money sites, 15 pbn. There seems to be a problem with hosting and IP. The money site ranking is going down. It was a mistake to link from the same IP. what...
  3. TheSoloAct

    Project Lithium: Looking for a partner for 3 money sites

    This is a 60/40 JV. I have worked on money sites in the past and am running one currently. I have sufficient content to create three more in more profitable niches. I am looking for a partner because if I go about it on my own, I will likely lose interest and the project will fall apart...
  4. Alucard348

    Why build pbns instead of just working on the money site independently

    So after reading a lot of BHW and seeing the enormous power of BPNS, I've became very interested in PBNS. However, we all know these days that shitty pbns aren't going to cut it, and if you're going to make a pbn, you've got to go hard or go home. With that said, in that link I have above, the...
  5. seojen

    Struggling to Get an Expired Domain with good DR for money Site

    I'm trying to find an expired domain with a decent DR and was thinking of using Domcop or Spamzilla but I checked them and none has Ahrefs integrated unless I add it on my own which is too expensive. Meanwhile, I've managed to find some domains with good DA but their DR is weak. Is it necessary...
  6. speedie

    ➤➤➤ Money Website/Blog for Sale ★ Branded & +19 Modules ➤➤➤ Choose a Niche ★ Available 24/7

    Start a business website/blog that you want. We support you until you are satisfied. You tell us a niche from these categories: Health Nutrition Fitness/ bodybuilding Sports Tutorials Entertainment Music Art / Painting News / Celebrity Politics / Government Finance / Banking Business...
  7. harrywilliams

    An Expired Fallen Domain as the Money Site

    I recently bought a domain with 545 referring domains and 3.74K backlinks. Even it shows only 3.2 DR on Ahrefs, it had been 24 once. There has been a huge lost in referring domains in past months. According to SEMRush there is still 31 domain authority. Is it a bad idea to try...
  8. scopedelta

    Web 2.0 still worth?

    hello all, Building web 2.0 backlinks for brand new or old sites is still counted in terms of SERP ranking? Can they be considered tier 1 links pointing to money site? or should be used for tier 2 and tier 3?
  9. Hansj80

    How long before SEO growth?

    So with this new website I've been focusing on several things - unique content for the MS (2 blogs every week around 1000 words) - on page SEO ( your standard basic keyword research and yoast) - social media postings - turning the blog into a video for extra sharing platforms - backlinks...
  10. hazzi

    How many links should you be adding a day ?

    What is the recommended amount of links to build to your money site daily ?
  11. developer1989

    1 lakh+ posts, Is it safe to use Instant Indexing for Google by Rankmath to index all posts?

    Hi All, My website had 1 lakh+ posts (like zipcodes). I want to index all posts in google. So is it safe to use Instant Indexing for Google by Rankmath for my money site? Is there an other alternative methods to index my posts?
  12. D

    OK, let's do this right: Authority Content For Conversions

    Hi, welcome to my BST. I am a Central London based Analyst that provides the authority content you need to expand your digital empire. Get your content from this thread for: Native English, Plagiarism-Free, SEO Optimized, High Quality Researched, Authority Money Site Content. What are the...
  13. 007

    Q regarding money site in mulitple Pin account

    I am getting into this Pinterest marketing, I have read many posts on this forum, thank you all for useful information. but I am still need of some advises, if you don't mind clear these for me please. it seems that it is much better for one money url, you make few Pinterest accounts to promote...
  14. vedeus

    Expired Domain for Money site?

    Hello guys, Recently I was thinking about buying brandable expired domain with high DA and metrics for my money site. Should I be careful on something or any advice guys? I checked backlinks with my friend and it seems clear. Do you think expired domain is a good thing to create a money site...
  15. S

    Help me please to check quality of expired domain.

    Help me to check expired domain (customworkconstruction . com) if its good to use for money site. If somebody have spamzila account. I found few bad reviews about privies company on google business profile and yelp. I just would like to know if its good or i dont need to spend time on this...
  16. Vincenzo Udinesi

    Bought Expired Domain: redirected all internal pages to homepage, is that OK?

    Hi, This is the first time I bought an expired domain with some good metrics(to best of my knowledge) and redirected(301) all the internal pages to the homepage because there were many backlinks here and there on images and posts. Also, because I wanted to design a completely new website...
  17. L33T

    ⭐Serpedia⭐-⭐High PA/DA Expired Domains Having Backlinks From Wikipedia & So On-⭐BIG DOMAINS INSIDE⭐

  18. A

    Reduce Facebook Adspend

    It’s Q4 so we all know what that means: more competition + more spending on Facebook ads. I’m going to show you how to reduce your ad spend with this method that super turbo charges your user targeting on Facebook. (For Free!) Most people get their news, opinions and facts from Facebook...
  19. Excalibur123

    Expired Domain as Money Site (Topic Relevancy)

    How do you guys think about Relevancy when building a Money site on an expired domain? I bought dropcatch domain with 500 High quality Reffering Domains for like 3500$ and i now want to use it as a money site. The old content has nothing to do with the new one.
  20. Excalibur123

    Urgent!! Expired Domain as Money Site

    Hey guys, I have a brief but urgent question. I bought an Expired .DE domain. At that time it had about 30k-40k traffic. The site dealt with various subjects from school like history, chemistry, biology etc. The Expired Domain will now be a Money Site in the subject area Health / Nutritional...
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