Why build pbns instead of just working on the money site independently


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Mar 5, 2022
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So after reading a lot of BHW and seeing the enormous power of BPNS, I've became very interested in PBNS.

However, we all know these days that shitty pbns aren't going to cut it, and if you're going to make a pbn, you've got to go hard or go home.

With that said, in that link I have above, the guy created a pbn for his SEO agency to rank for Miami seo keywords.

In order to make the pbn effective, he needed to create a couple REAL websites, with content and had to build up the authority of that website with backlinks and what not.

In that case, wouldn't that effort be better put into just building out his money site?

Some of the pros I see for going the pbn route instead of focusing on money site(correct me if I'm wrong here):

1) PBN allows you to double dip on links. You can get a quality link to your money site and get the same one on your pbn.
2) The pbn allows you to create a high authority site on your topic and you can create as much relevance as you want. On top of that, you can have whatever anchor text you want.
3)You can link out to other sites with your pbn??? Not sure on this one

let me know what you guys think
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In that case, wouldn't that effort be better put into just building out his money site?
yes and no. If you can't afford building a proper PBN you should definitely put your effort into building out your money site instead, but many SEOs have deep pockets and can afford to build their own PBN and when it comes to backlinks there are no better backlinks than PBNs because you have full control over them. You can decide their placement, their type (image, text, contextual, etc), their velocity, everything! And the side effect of having a proper PBN is that you also have more money sites, as well, which is incredible value.
I think it's really hard to find GOOD backlinks.
If you try to swap links with other website owners you'll notice that most ignore such emails.
With a PBN you can provide more link juice to your moneysite(s).

Your moneysite will get more traffic because of this, and in the end that's what you want, making the $$$.
With PBN's (real ones):
1. You get multiple websites competing for the same keywords... wouldn't it be sweet to have 5 websites of yours on page #1?
2. You pass the juice to your main website... a lot of juice as your blogs rank as well.

On the other hand (and that's why I gave up): it's so time consuming and expensive to maintain so many websites.
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