1. Bloodseeker

    Why does't Apple discontinue iCloud already? Any good cloud sync services for Mac?

    I have an Apple ecosystem because they all work so seamlessly together. iCloud on the other hand is their most irritating service. Its downloads are freakishly slow. Needed to download 90GB of data from iCloud Drive before canceling my subscription but their site kept showing: "There was a...
  2. SearchEngine

    Trustable source for cracked software for mac?

    Looking to get some softwares for mac but I havent explored the options yet. pixelmator final cut (one of the easiest ones cuz it's popularity) hazel And other great apps if they are available. As not shady as possible :):)
  3. Bloodseeker

    Microsoft following the footsteps of Apple with Windows 11

    The design and UI look very similar to MacOS. The centered taskbar, the initial setup steps, icons, and overall UI. Now Mac haters will lecture me in the PM :(
  4. AmazingLicense

    Genuine ESET Antivirus License Keys (Windows, Mac, Android) [Low Price]

    Welcome to AmazingLicense Store! Accepting orders! How to purchase: 1) Comment on this thread or contact me through PM. 2) I'll send you the payment details. 4) Receive the license key Instantly after payment. 5) Activate the software & enjoy your security! 6) Leave a...
  5. LandscapePhotographer

    Parallels USB passthrough - Help!

    Hi there, Not sure if anyone will be able to help? Apologies, it is a bit of a hardware question that is maybe not suitable for BHW but I imagine might be useful for others as well at some point. I have installed Parallels on my Mac with a view to installing Jarvee tunning off a 4g dongle...
  6. Wak10T10


    Hi there, I know there is a lot of commentary on this problem but can we just make one that is really interesting and that we can give all our knowledge to be able to thwart Facebook's algorithm for multiple account creation Facebook without having to have an identity verification with a request...
  7. TBolts20

    [Mini Guide] Easily move files from VPS to Mac Book

    Hello friends, I was looking to copy a file from my windows VPS to my Mac Book earlier today and it wouldnt work. I use my VPS for Jarvee and was trying to move some information I had scraped in order to use it in excel. I ended up finding a nice easy way to do it creating a shared folder...
  8. TBolts20

    VPS Error Message

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to connect to my Microsoft Remote desktop via my mac book to access Jarvee and I keep getting prompted with this message: "Unable to connect to remote PC. Please verify Remote Desktop is enabled, the remote PC is turned on and available on the network, and then try...
  9. Digital Dark

    HELP Mac isnt showing start-up Disk

    So I dumped my mac earlier this week and when booting it back up I get a folder with a “?” shown in image 1 I then press ctrl+R to go into recovery shown in image 2 Disk utilities comes up shown image 3 Going into disk utilities my Macintosh HD is missing and shows 251 GB APPLE SSD, disk0s2...
  10. T

    Are there any decent IN-BROWSER social media automators?

    Wanted to use Jarvee or Socinator but both are download PC software. I can switch to a PC if necessary but would much prefer doing it in browser or find a Mac compatible program. I have my proxies ready to go. Any advice? Thanks!
  11. spyguyzz

    █ ❌ Microsoft Products Store❤️ Windows 10-11 Pro ✅ Office 365-2019-2021✅ Cheap Online Genuine Activation Keys⚡

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us: Skype: Click Here to Chat Email: [email protected]
  12. J

    Looking for Windows Antivirus , Defender, Expert For Adware

    Hi, I need a gangster coder with a hacker mindset to help me with a legit project. I have adware that is being flagged as a virus, trojan, etc but it is not. Windows defender, UAC, other antivirus programs are all problems, as well as Windows Smartscreen(We are working through this.) So far...
  13. J

    hire someone for app store review or rating

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can provide like 10-15 US mac app rating or reviews for an APP in the App store. The reviews have to stick and we can do more volume depending on results. Can pay per review or a fixed price. Thanks. email:[email protected]
  14. N

    who has apple developer enterprise accout ?

    if you have this apple developer enterprise membership,. and you don't need it, can you sell it to me? or you have company, can you enroll this for me? please send PM to me as if you are interested, so we can discuss more in details
  15. C

    Running Upwards Of 1000+ Accounts On A Mac??

    Hi guys so I've read a lot of threads on here about running multiple accounts but I'm still a bit confused. Sorry I get really confused with even minor tech stuff. I'd like to start with between 1-10 accounts and maybe get up to 1,000+. Some accounts would be very active others not very at...
  16. Z

    Best Article Spinner for mac?

    Hi I found some old articles about article spinners for mac, but maybe now there are some new tools? In the Mac App Store are Article Spinner 2 and Content Generator. Has somebody experience with one of them? Are there any other Mac specific Article Spinners? I know there are many websites but...
  17. emeline

    Write a GUI for a set of console commands

    I need a simple GUI to work with a set of console commands. Totally around 20 comands. It is desirable that this application can work under both Windows and MacOS. I will be grateful for the approximate cost of such work and also any questions in private messages.
  18. Karrin Rachelle

    I is Karrin Rachelle ..

    Hey I'm Karrin Rachelle, I am mostly here to find software, goodies, freebies, help, and what not for Facebook especially, but pretty much all other main social media sites as well. Can you help me with that? I have a MacBook Pro (OS X Yosemite). If something is freakishly great, legit, and...
  19. bonito84

    Facebook automation solution for Mac?

    Hi guys I've been reading good stuff about snaware, but it's only for PC. I was wondering if you know any automation tool/solution for mac? Thank you so much in advance.
  20. megaMind007

    Lookiong for a Free VPN For Mac

    Is there any available Free VPN for Mac that actually works !!
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