1. Guybrushthepirate

    What is your conversion rate of leads (that can turn into clients for your business) from SEO traffic?

    As a digital marketing consultant I get many (but not most) of my leads from my website. I have to say that I have spent little time improving the organic positioning of my website, and I still manage to generate quite a few leads. My numbers for the past 12 months: total clicks (SEO): 197...
  2. justmeus

    Forex niche traffic

    Hi guys, We are looking for media buyers or marketers who can help us source traffic for a forex trading group. Please specify: - Traffic source - Demographics - CPC, CPM or CPA. We can pay well for verified leads: We are not looking for USA traffic or tier 3 countries. Comment or send me a...
  3. jiya raichand

    How to obtain leads for adult products in the UAE?

    Hi there, I had a website that used to receive a decent amount of organic traffic and leads for my adult product in the UAE region. However, the UAE government has now banned that website. I have already created a new website and started getting traffic, but I am concerned that it might not be...
  4. gaso

    Looking for OnlyFans models and agencies leads

    I am looking for onlyfans leads. I need contacts of models and agencies.
  5. Geth_Prime

    My Lead gen + your business

    I am currently trying to find experienced digital agencies or businesses that is looking for email leads. I've run a few campaigns myself and converted x10-x30 my investment via this method. Its a simple cold emailing with my twist. It's no 100k per day, I'm not even sure that's viable these...
  6. ritsbd93

    [OfferUp Owner Lead] High-Quality Manual Lead Generation Service for Your Business! #Phone Number #Name #Product Title

    OfferUp Manual Lead Generation Service for Your Business!! Are you searching for a reliable and effective lead generation service to fuel your business growth? Look no further! We provide a top-notch manual lead generation service designed to deliver high-quality leads for your business. For...
  7. malikmajmudar

    How can I promote / market my crypto gamble site ?

    Hello, Let me ask this very simply I am planning to start a genuine cryptocurrency gamble site. Don’t ask me what’s in there. Just get the idea it’s a gamble site. My problem is I have not much experience with internet marketing. I want to promote my site as much as possible. To do this my...
  8. seo_alexa002

    Which Linked In Ads Are beneficial?

    Which Linked In Ads Are beneficial? To Generate leads for My Digital marketing Agency Based in USA Thanks
  9. M

    WTB - Real Estate Leads From Middle East

    Want to but real estate leads for countries in the Middle East (UAE, KSA, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, etc...) Want phone number verified leads, along with first name and last name. Also, the leads should be for people interested in real estate buying or people from upper social class with a high...
  10. S

    What to do with large list of timeshare exit leads?

    Hey Guys, I have a large list of timeshare owners who have opted in and indicated that they wish to sell / exit. These are US based leads with lots people looking to get out. Was wondering the best approach here to make some money from it? I can continue to generate these leads, just not...
  11. irisXE

    My Yelp Page 1 Ranking + Sticky Reviews Method, Your Rank & Rent/ Leads Selling Skills

    I have tons of aged Yelp accounts that I use to rank any business in any niche and in any location on Yelp. I also use these accounts to post reviews that stick. I am looking to JV with someone that is able to resell this as a Rank & Rent/ leads selling type of business. A second JV option would...
  12. M

    Facebook ad - tools, need advice

    Hi, I am doing sweepstakes on prelander, which that redirect the user further to the landing page. I am looking for a tool for facebook ads that will regulate my campaigns so that the price of a lead does not exceed a given amount. Some tracking/tracker? Can you recommend any?
  13. J

    Realtors Leads

    Looking for someone that can get me Leads of Real Estate Agents in the US/UK Including Name, Email, Website (if available), and State. Either for % as Affiliate or fair Rate.
  14. Fail

    Need sms Marketer for paid work (US Carrier Targets)

    I have several campaigns I need sent out if you can send high volumes of sms then message me. I'm really looking for long term biz relationships, you have to be able to send message and link without needing to change or switch out anything. Please don't waste my time I wouldn't want to waste...
  15. S

    How do you guys drive OnlyFans traffic?

    Hello, I am struggling with driving OnlyFans traffic. How do you guys do it? Any tips, guides, and suggestions, anything is more than welcome!
  16. seancoder

    [JV] Your Targeted Leads/Sales/Traffic my Plugin and Bots

    Ive a plugin(Crypto Related) and couple of bots that I would like have some sales generated. Interested in partnering with folks who can drive targeted traffic and sales or have a host of clients that might fit. Would split 60%-40% per sale which should be fair enough.
  17. Bloodseeker

    Email Marketing Newbie Question: Are these cold leads? How do I convert them❓

    I'm promoting a product using my direct affiliate link using Google Ads. I got a few referrals as well that haven't converted yet. The product's company shares the email address of the lead in case affiliates want to convert them. Now, I don't know if we will call this audience cold or warm...
  18. wolfman1

    [WTB] Crypto influencer email list. YouTube, Instagram, possibly LinkedIn, website owners

    Hello and thanks for your time :) Can you provide email addresses of crypto influencers who have an audience? Ideally I want YouTube influencer emails, but Instagram influencers also interest me … I’m not too excited about LinkedIn leads however. Please PM with details as I cannot reply...
  19. MachMarketing

    Looking for someone who can generate hot leads or appointments for a Swiss Marketing Agency

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to partner with who can generate leads and appointments with decision makers for my Swiss Marketing Agency in Zuerich/Switzerland. we offer FB ADS, Social Media Management, Website Design, LinkedIn Ads, Copywriting and other Digital Marketing Agency Services...
  20. jeffz

    People are killing it on Twitter!

    I know a couple of guys that are killing it on Twitter. I'm just curious, are you using Twitter to get leads for your Services-based agencies/ freelancing Jobs? Some people claim they don't know what to post, and sometimes it hard to squeeze their ideas into 280 characters. What are your...
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