1. Algo

    ⚡️ 7 FREE Review Copies ⚡️ Scrape Unlimited Business Data & Emails ⚡️ExtractNinja Lifetime License

    Hey BHW Family! I'm excited to offer an exclusive opportunity to get your hands on ExtractNinja – the ultimate tool for extracting UNLIMITED Business Data and EMAILS from Google Maps. 7 FREE REVIEW COPIES -> Lifetime Licenses are available for active BHW members! Why ExtractNinja? Unlimited...
  2. Algo

    ⚡️ 40% OFF Lifetime Access: Unlock Unlimited B2B Data & Emails! ✨ Only 50 Codes Available! ⏳

    Unlock Unlimited Leads LIFETIME License, No Recurring Fees! Effortlessly Extract UNLIMITED Targeted B2B Data and Emails from Google Maps. Why ExtractNinja? Unlimited Data Extraction: Get business names, categories, addresses, ratings, reviews, phone numbers, and emails. Website Email...
  3. shakezula

    [FREE] Email + Phone Data 10k records UNSECURED DEBT OWNERS $35K+

    Hello, Let me know if you find this data useful! - Unsecured debt, all above $35k+ - Generated within last 30 days - contains full name, address, phone, email, debt load Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/eb8soa2jqar34gc/10k_emailphone_list.csv/file VirusTotal scan...
  4. ExtractNinja Logo

    ExtractNinja Logo

    ExtractNinja Logo
  5. Leads.png


    Get leads for any niche
  6. R

    Trustpilot email extractor / scarping

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to scrape / extract the emails behind reviews on Trustpilot? If someone knows a way, that would be highly appreciated. We need it on a massive scale.
  7. S

    Started my own PR agency - how can I get more leads?

    Hey All, Not sure if I posted into the right section and if not then I'm happy to have this moved to the correct section. I'm in need of guidance. I have started my digital PR agency since September of 2023. It has been a long journey since then about learning sales, psychology, marketing...
  8. L1ckMyDorr1to

    Forex / Crypto Smartlink provider with Landing page

    Hi all :) as the title suggests, I'm looking for Forex / Crypto Smartlink provider with Landing page available. Does anyone know anyone who can provide something like this?
  9. M

    What are you doing with a million lead database?

    Database includes: Full Name Phone Number Email Full Address All leads aggregated within the last year. No opt-ins. How are you making money with this? What marketing route are you taking? Are you marketing a product, service, or something.. more nefarious?
  10. kurosaki4d

    How long should I run Brand Awareness?

    Hello Guys, I've been running Facebook Ads campaigns for over a year now with the same page. Now, I just created a new page, and in the process for warming up with "Brand Awareness" campaign $5/day. I would like to know for how many days should i leave the page running in "Brand Awareness"...
  11. kurosaki4d

    Sales Campaign or Leads Campaign?

    Hello Everyone, I need your help regarding running a Facebook Campaign. I'm trying to acquire leads from Facebook ads, here is what the process looks like: Lead is sent from Facebook to my opt-in page They enter their email in the form in exchange of a freebie Once that's done, they join my...
  12. goodbye tobey

    Monetizing 150k segmented business leads from Ontario Canada ?

    So I have 150k business leads cleaned and categoriezed by industry, All from Ontario Canada Looking for best ways to monetize these leads?
  13. goodbye tobey

    How to monetize 150k canadian business leads

    So I scraped 150k business leads from GMB and linkedin, they are mainly from Ontario, Canada I'm looking for best ways to monetize those leads, any ideas?
  14. goodbye tobey

    Best ways to monetize business leads database ?

    I collected leads for over 12M businesses across the us, europe and canada. Looking for the best ways to monetize these leads / Leads are high quality, contains address, email, phone.... /
  15. alphamaterx

    Your Leads + Our Trading Platform, Sales, Payment processing

    Looking for a Partner with access to HNWI or Qualified Leads. Complete transparency, track the customer journey 24/7/365. Weekly payouts. Depending on the quality and a few other factors, our offer: Up to 60% from the gross. Regard out for more info.
  16. goodbye tobey

    SaaS ideas for web scraping ?

    Hi guys I want to make a SaaS based on my experience in web scraping, what are some good ideas to implement this skill into a profitable online software?
  17. Y

    Looking to network with solar niche SMMA owners.

    Hey guys. I'm working on a SMMA business. Solar niche. I'm looking to network with people in this space. Message me on TG: @markgiller
  18. goodbye tobey

    10k crypto-related email leads

    I know 10k is not that much but instead of keeping them unused in my pc maybe someone can benefit from them. / source is provided for each email / [scraped from various websites] download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/eaflsvm9ofgb4iu/10k_crypto_leads.zip/file vtscan ...
  19. M

    Struggling a lil as a new SMMA owner

    Okay So I've opened an SMMA business, I've Closed so far 3 clients for a web design one time payment product, It was fairly cheap since I'm new And I tried to gather ways to contact Business owners, the biggest problem would be with cold calling for example is the gate keeper, every time i try...
  20. goodbye tobey

    15k Yelp realtors data in the US

    I have an excel file with over 15k realtors in the US from yelp website, data contains name, address, website, phone. Link to file : https://www.mediafire.com/file/g1ony377116zbmx/15k_yelp_realtors.xlsx/file vt scan ...
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