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  1. xReminisce

    Linode Hosting - Any Negative Experiences / Feedback?

    Hi, I have been using them (ongoing 2nd month). I already had a few mates told me some super negative stuff about them. One had their website hacked 30minutes after creation, despite using them for fine for awhile Another had CPU locked at 100% after linode creation Another had their entire...
  2. Dinho80

    Parking Expired domain

    I noticed that you cannot use GoDaddy, name cheap and others like them to park successfully your expired domain especially when it's a one/two-word domain. They will register it and told you it's not available unless you want to buy it at a ridicule premium amount. Who has experienced this...
  3. Shiv659

    Could it work?.. BunnyCDN

    So I was exploring some video hosting platforms for one of my app and came across BunnyCDN. My app has around 300-500 short (<1 min) videos, images. BunnyCDN is working extremely well in testing while I'm making app and I'm thinking to stick with it. Based on the calculator in bunnycdn cost...
  4. ScottyOfAus

    Hosting services - Looking for recommendations or offers

    Hi Black Hat World I'm Looking for recommendations or offers on high-speed hosting plans which offer unlimited domain add ons. Can anyone offer suggestions on the best to consider and who I should stay away from? Of course, I'm on a tight budget, so price is also a consideration. I'd rather...
  5. sicounic

    GET Unlimited Hosting for Unlimited Websites & Domains for Next 10 Years - One Time Price - 75%OFF

  6. Maverick1111

    After changing the hosting Alexa Ranking is dropping like hell.

    Hello, I recently changed websites hosting from SiteGround to GoCreateMe, Since last year Alexa ranking was stable or increasing every day, after changing the hosting Alexa ranking is dropping every day like hell, shall anyone explain why this is happening, please? Thanks. Migrated to Shared...
  7. Daumante

    What would motivate you in web hosting Affiliate Program?

    Hi everyone. I'm Daumante. I would like to know what are the main things that motivates you as an affiliate? If we have any web hosting affiliates here - speak up! :cool:
  8. Haksxsx`

    DMCA ignored Offshore Hosting??

    Can someone provide me with a cheap file hosting provider which totally ignores DMCA and has high uptime . Also their plan includes Unlimited Space and Unlimited resources. Also some offers would be nice.
  9. Socialpanda

    Any other company have much better than that?

    hello, i m going to purchase a hosting package from namecheap. i will add about 10-15 website (micro niche website). hosting package name "stellar plus" price $4.88 per month on namecheap. that really would work for 10-15 website? and any other company have much better package and services than...
  10. gdotcom

    My Experience With With 2 Big Time Hosting Companies

    I'm not going to post in the "shit list" section for either of these 2 companies being that their p.r. goons will jump in. So I'll at least share my experiences so if you're in the market for hosting/VPS you can add this to your research. Disclaimer: I know how to run WordPress sites and have...
  11. MuDiab

    Free Hosting

    Any Recommendations for reliable free hosting provider?
  12. Jure321

    Web Hosting for one year for € 1.99

    Hi, I was checking my FB and saw this ad. I hope it will help. I'll probably buy it myself. This is the link: I can always use extra hosting for testing. If you know any other that offers cheap first year, feel free to post to help others.
  13. N

    Need some information about start a file sharing site

    Hello, I want to start my own file sharing site like bdupload [dot] info, 9xupload [dot] me. Please help me to provide some information- ** Suggest me a host provider (offshore) with package ** Suggest me some best file sharing script ** And please give me a good plan for this project
  14. Renfield-Files

    Stay Away From Bluehost VPS

    I was using a couple of Bluehost VPS and since April Im struggling with it. After so many support tickets I was told Im a FILTH black-hater making use of their stuff to abuse (?) since Im into Adult SEO I really don't know what it means. Im not the only one IM providing Adult SEO having issues...
  15. bassom

    Adult content hosts

    Hello Blackhat Forum I'm trying to bring a porn website into life , i already bought a domain name now i'm lost in choosing a host for my domain i would like you to provide me with some suggestions please ! ps : my budget is so small
  16. smk0090

    Need Guidance with Domain and Hosting

    Can anyone let me know cheap price .com domains with free hosting. It would be a great help.
  17. Dhiaqorre

    Need some cheep hosting solution

    Hi there, I am creating some small websites that do not need more than 30-50mb space but with cpanel separate accounts. Is there any cheep cpanel host? I mean not more 10$/Year hostinfive( dot) com- $5 per year but they do not have cpanel 1dollar-webhosting( dot) com 6 $ per year with 100mb...
  18. Dhiaqorre

    Need some cheep hosting solution

    Hi there, I am creating some small websites that do not need more than 30-50mb space but with cpanel separate accounts. Is there any cheep cpanel host? I mean not more 10$/Year Thanks
  19. sabo

    Struggling to choose a hosting provider for WP

    Hi guys. So I'm planning to launch my website on WordPress and am wondering which type of hosting to choose. HostGator offers some kind of special hostings for WP along with the ordinary web hostings, but I don't quite understand the difference. Can anyone explain how do they differ? Also...
  20. collegeguys4

    has anyone used ramnode vps openvz option?

    I was looking for a really cheap vps and someone suggested ramnode. the virtualization called openvz seems to have some downsides compared to kvm. has anyone tried the cheap openvz option and what version of linux did you use if so?
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