1. IGKing

    [4800+ Words] The Complete 2018 Instagram Hashtags Guide

    Hello! I haven't posted anything in the Instagram section in a long time here on Black Hat World, so I thought I'd share one of my guides with you lovely people as a way to kick-off 2018. I'm sure some of you will find this helpful! This guide might also look familiar to some of you. Normally...
  2. skeye

    Dominating top posts for your target hashtag

    Yo, gang. Disclaimer, I don't know sh*t about instagram promotion but I did get lucky the other day so here goes my story. My wife is a tattoo artist and she only uses IG for promotion. Runs ads occasionally but mostly just posts. She's using a #tattoo[city] and some variations of it on every...
  3. darwin33

    [METHOD] How to schedule mass follow of target users - INSTAGRAM

    So I'm using igramtool to scrape users by hashtag. I want to follow them automatically and also their friends. I'm in the fitness niche and try to build-up several accounts geo-targeted. Would like to do this in a scheduled manner so I don't get banned. What tools should I use or what method?
  4. D

    Prompt shadowban with fresh acc - problem Hashtags?

    Hello BHW, Not sure if i am just tired (In my timezone it is 2:15am :D ) or if i get a shadowban everytime i try to post an image with a fresh acc :confused: I just used my private network, no proxy, but i think that shouldn't be a problem because I only use my private Acc through this. After...
  5. dusty neal

    Finding Hashtags

    I feel everyone has a different way to fill those 30 hashtags to target your audience. I personally do 5-10 reach hashtags within my nice, 5 popular, 0-5 post specific hashtags, 10 easy to top tags that are targeted, and i'll use 5 tags to test or play around with or I will just fill them with...
  6. saintsmoke

    Followliker - Instagram Popular Hashtag User Follow

    Hello, I would like to start following users by Trending/Top Posts (explore/tags/HASHTAG/) the top 9. I don't know how to achieve this result with Followliker. In task selection I tick "Follow" and I automatically get "Scrape Users". When I click "Next" I get the "Scrape User Settings" tab...
  7. goodgoofsxd

    Instagram Hashtags on story

    Ive searched on this forums and havemt found anything really talking about this, but i was wondering about hashtags on instagram stories. For example if you search for the #lol hashtag and you click the stoey icon for that you see stories from other accounts, and they arent even that big (100...
  8. sabo

    Question about "Top posts"

    Hi guys. So when I post a pic it always appears in "Top posts" across a number of hastags I use, but what annoys me is that it can only be seen from my profile. If I try to look up those hashtags while being logged out, I see that my picture is topping only half of the hashtags I used. I do can...
  9. steve18

    [Instagram] Strangest thing happened to the new account!

    Hey! I got into a very strange situation whereas I really now pissed off and want to contact Instagram somehow to discuss about it and solve it. The situation is this: 1. I have created new Instagram account for my brand. 2. After two weeks, I put 9 branded images into the new account. 3. I...
  10. Azt3c

    Is there a tool to check which HASHTAG gets me the most likes?

    Free tool preferably. I wanna know which hashtags gets me the most number of likes..I can't find a good one..
  11. N

    Hashtags and top posts

    Hi I have a photography account where I post my own photos and I just discovered that there's something strange with top posts on hashtags. My latest photo is showing amongst the top posts of a few hashtags when viewing from that specific account. But when I visit those hashtags in incognito...
  12. KarenMiller

    Tweets ghosted from top hashtags?

    My posts appear to be blacklisted from getting into the top results for hashtags, even when they are actually much more popular than the stuff that does make it. Does anyone know anything more about this, i.e. if its a permanent ban or anything really?
  13. I

    Hashtag Shadowban?

    Dear blackhatters, After reading some encouraging threads on thsee forums, I decided to start dabbling in Instagram marketing and created a couple pages. One of them was in the "hot girl" niche and I fear that one of the images I posted was a bit too risqué. I logged on to find that account...
  14. rezzer

    Power of #Hashtag Marketing (Get Exposure Now)

    # Hashtag Marketing one of the easiest ways to get exposure The power of hashtags, even with brand new twitter account you can get likes, retweets and click throughs to your website, how? Hashtag research! Using RiteTag Search any niche keywords and you will get list of popular hashtags...
  15. nslw9495n

    Hashtag Ideas | Instagram

    Hi guys, I need some ideas to get the right hashtags mix for instagress. At the moment I'm moving in the "beauty, pretty girls, lifestyle" niche. NO HOT GIRLS, PORN LIKE CONTENT I tried to use hastags like: #girl #pretty #beautiful #model #blog The problem is, that these hashtags are...
  16. etonner

    Author # Recommendations

    What are some good #s to use to gain followers for a new Indie author?
  17. Xiroz

    Instagram Research Tags! [HELP]!!!!

    So i own a Instagram account with 1.4K followers and i got to know that it brings better engagement when you use hashtags Btw 15-500K posts So im wondering if anyone could help me with researching about these tags if any of you guys have the effort and freetime to do that for me i would really...
  18. bpatrik

    My posts are not appearing at the hashtag page. PLS HELP!

    I have 10 new account in MassPlanner (5 Bought PVA, 5 Selfmade Non PVA) I am using 1 account per proxy (instantproxies) I did nothing with the account ( no following, no liking, no commenting) I only posted pictures for 2 days. And i just noticed that my pictures ane not appearing at the...
  19. J

    How to get HashTags# Working again?

    I've tried VPN, different accounts, new accounts, old accounts and Im not getting my posts on hashtags? This happened to anyone else before and is there a solution?
  20. J

    Am I ghosting on Instagram?

    I type in a hashtag for example: #love. On the account I posted the hashtag with, I can see that I'm on the hashtag, but when I go on a different account, and I search for the hashtag, my post is not on there. I can only see my post on the hashtag #love on the same account I posted it on. Also I...