Dominating top posts for your target hashtag


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Dec 17, 2015
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Yo, gang.

Disclaimer, I don't know sh*t about instagram promotion but I did get lucky the other day so here goes my story.

My wife is a tattoo artist and she only uses IG for promotion. Runs ads occasionally but mostly just posts. She's using a #tattoo[city] and some variations of it on every post.

3 days ago I decided to buy some likes for her posts with the leftover balance I had on a website that does youtube likes and views, instagram likes and all that.
I used it for YT mostly (there are plenty of those I used one of the cheapest out there).

So I bought 50-100 likes per post just to make profile look better (170 likes instead of 70 or 150 instead of 100).

Yesterday she had 2 clients who said the found her by looking for tattoo + [city] on ig. Which is a very competitive place (> 1 Mil people in our city and there are some very good artists and my wife is just starting)

I decided to check and here's what I found:

So the recipe is probably something like:

1. Use target hashtag on all of your posts
2. Buy cheap likes
3. Reap

Green posts are from my wife's account. Hope this helps you get there.


Mar 23, 2011
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The city could be really big but you could consider yourself lucky that there are not a lot of people targeting that niche in that particular area which makes it really easy without any(real) competition.

9,000 total posts isn't really a big number and you can easily ensure that all the top posts are from your account if you do even a slight bit of marketing. Try doing this with more similar hashtags which you think would bring you more traffic and you could hit a goldmine and help her boost her business.