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  1. C

    Best BHW posts from 2019

    Hi Everyone, hope all is good. I was reading a post last week that had all the best posts from 2019 (I think) but I can't seem to find it :( I have tried the search bar but no luck. Thanks
  2. A

    Top posts removed shadow ban

    is it safe to let apps you know and trust access your account or does this lower your trust score?
  3. fxmanaged

    Top Posts Now on Separate Tab

    I just noticed this yesterday, but haven't found anything written about it on the Instagram blog or anywhere else. The TOP posts for a given hashtag are now appearing on a separate tab (see attached image), right next to another separate tab for RECENT posts. There's also no limit of posts...
  4. TuanTran

    Top Posts of a hashtag

    Hi Guys. i'm growing some IG accs, so far so good. When i take a look at my picture's hashtag, I see many pics have fewer like than mine, but they are in the Top post. Anyone has any idea why this happened ? Maybe because of IG's algorithm, any method to beat it ? Thanks !
  5. skeye

    Dominating top posts for your target hashtag

    Yo, gang. Disclaimer, I don't know sh*t about instagram promotion but I did get lucky the other day so here goes my story. My wife is a tattoo artist and she only uses IG for promotion. Runs ads occasionally but mostly just posts. She's using a #tattoo[city] and some variations of it on every...
  6. ChrisMonkey

    Instagram changing and Top Post problems

    Hi Everyone! I'm relatively new to this so forgive me if I sound stupid. But I have been noticing in the last couple months, and especially randomly over the last few days that my Instagram accounts are performing poorly. I have several personal and portfolio type accounts with good original...
  7. xwest

    Post went viral (explorer page) Question:

    After resolving my shadowban i'm back in the game. And it seems like my strategy works. My account reached 500 followers today and the post is at 410 likes right now. People are going legitimately crazy about it. Likes, comments, follows, people tag their friends.. the whole deal. Now this may...
  8. sabo

    Question about "Top posts"

    Hi guys. So when I post a pic it always appears in "Top posts" across a number of hastags I use, but what annoys me is that it can only be seen from my profile. If I try to look up those hashtags while being logged out, I see that my picture is topping only half of the hashtags I used. I do can...
  9. DemiGod100

    Hashtags "Top Posts" Dilemma

    Ok so earlier today in an engagement group, a user was explaining how on his device, his post are in the top for some of the hashtags, but when using a different account, the post isn't there. I've just returned home to check on it and realized the same as well for me. Logged into my...
  10. P

    Not appearing in Top Posts

    Hi all, I started a new account (less than a month old) in my niche : my engagement is great, I am getting close to 1k likes a post, haven't bought any likes or follows. However, my posts don't seem to be appearing in the top posts section of any hashtag page, no matter how unpopular the tag...