1. H

    Please Analyse this IG PROFILE if it's scam or not

    I came across a profile that I have been following for months now. The guy has some consistency but I'm still not sure as it would cost around 800$. Do you find this profile legit?
  2. K

    realistic SMM pannel for Instagram?

    Are there any SMM pannels out there that provide realistic looking likes and followers that are not all indian accounts? If anyone can help that would be appreciated.
  3. N

    Instagram Auto tagging New Trick ?

    Hey Members I just want to know the new tagging method whenever I use some particular hashtag on my posts the I receive a notification Hey username tag you in his live video can anyone please explain what is this how it works?
  4. shady91

    [GIVEAWAY] Best Instagram Bot For Getting More Followers

    VT: VirusTotal How to Use :- (Note - It hard to understand sorry for that find videos on youtube search for Javascript Commision bot many tutorials available) 1) Extract Zip 2) open chrome Browser > Click 3 dots (Settings) > More Tools > Extension > Enable Developer Mode > Click On Load...
  5. A

    Anyone ever reverse engineered instagrams max_id values?

    Currently building an IG scraper and this would help me out a ton in terms of speed. Have any of you ever reverse engineered instagrams max_id values?
  6. Nordine7

    How can i make money with adult instagram

    Hello guys first im sorry for my bad english i was on porn reupload but is getting hard to upload videos on porn sites because they start to verify videos now i jump to instagram im doing feet page i dont know haw i can make money with it because instagram banned adult cpa any advice?
  7. P

    Looking to learn more about Mother Slave and Mass Dms

    I've been a lurker for a while, but just got around to creating an account. I see a lot of value in the forums especially surrounding the strategy above. I am looking to learn more about the strategy of Mass DMs. I know about the rotating proxies / RPIs.. blah blah. But I think it's easier to...
  8. Corica

    Instagram Jarvee Help

    Hi everyone! New to the Forum. I’ve had a scroll around and seen your all really great at supporting people with their questions so here I go... Brand new to Jarvee and wanting to set up 50 accounts initially for mother and child strategy and also accounts to build in my field to sell and then...
  9. R

    List scraped from Instagram, how to advertise?

    With the restrictions on Facebook's customer list audience's, how would one advertise to a list scraped from Instagram? Hypothetically ofcorse. Thanks in advance.
  10. R

    Stealing content? Newbie Question

    Hi Guys, im in the process of trying to bu my instagram account, just wanted to ask some quick questions. 1. Is it ok to use people's content? Or if I use google to just look for generic pics to use which others have probably already used, would this get me banned/shadowbanned? I would intend...
  11. S

    Someone made fake id of mine with more followers and threating to ban

    Hello Someone from insta had made fake id of mine with more followers than me and now he is threating me that he will ban my id with impersonation allegations. So what can i do ? Can i report back him or not ? I have less followers then him. Can anyone help?
  12. S

    What’s the Audience Quality Score?

    Hey, Do you guys know what’s Audience Quality Score in INSTAGRAM ? How to increase it? What are the factors that effect on this?
  13. flashsites

    SMM Panels: How do they work? What are they?

    Hi, I've been tirelessly interviewing for information as to the legitimacy of these SMM Panels. There are soo many with varying prices. Half of them seem fishy but there must be something to them. Many offer *REAL HUMAN* like, view, impressions, etc... But where are they coming from? Why are...
  14. denny7dee

    [METHOD] How to make 20000$ with SMS payments and Mobile Subscriptions. Are they still alive?

    Hello friends! Several years ago I worked in the niche of SMS payments. Since then, a lot has changed, bots, automotive tools have appeared and there are many more ways to monetize this scheme. I would like to share my experience with you and maybe someone will have an idea how to breathe life...
  15. thepolyglot

    FREE instagram / wordpress VA.

    Hi, If you usually work with WordPress or Instagram, I'd like to work for you i will work for 1-3 hours for 30 days or more. why Instagram: ill do anything related to Instagram because I have experience in that domain this is my Instagram @coffeeforbidden and I want to do it because I want to...
  16. HenryObi

    Anyone Noticed Instagram Showing Zero Reach In Post Insights?

    I've been seeing this from yesterday or so, I know a couple of big pages complaining of same
  17. F

    Newbie Halo everyone

    Fahtastic forum. I'm glad I'm here. Looking to meet great people who can help. Propel my insta profile to new heights ;)
  18. J Lyrix

    I need a cartoon music video for a song i made

    Im a music artist in need of a cartoon music video for a song of mine. Anybody know of a person who makes cartoon/animated videos? My IG is J_lyrix P.S. I only do PayPal.
  19. Tall_Mike

    Shopify Store - Need Advice

    What do you guys think of a Shopify store and brand that is centered around niche/novelty items? I thought this could be a good route to go since that way I could always add and remove the latest and hottest trending products and run the ads accordingly. I'd appreciate any thoughts or...
  20. masteraznl

    Need Help promoting my Instagram account

    Remove please