1. B

    Need someone who can provide dating app traffic and funnel to IG. Tinder/Bumble/Hinge...

    I am looking for a way to redirect traffic from dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, etc. to Instagram. I want to be able to source traffic from multiple locations at high volumes. I am specifically interested in services that can handle messaging(optional), swiping, and matching. I will need...
  2. Cookiemonster

    Is there a way to get specific insta handles?

    I want to get a Instagram handle that is taken because it is just my name without anything else. Is there anyway to obtain that?
  3. C

    Need Help! Instagram Boosted and Sponsored posts

    Im trying to hire someone to help me find a way to boost and sponsor a post for it to only be shown to people outside of my current circle. for now, when i boost or sponsor a post with instagram, yes it shows to some new people, however those who i follow, and those who follow me such as...
  4. B

    Looking for a Tinder scraper bot that scrapes Instagram profiles

    Where can I find that ? I don't need the bot to swipe right, just to scrape the Instagram profiles of the girls.
  5. H

    Build a bot for manage 10K Instagram accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can build a bot to manage mass Instagram accounts and do multi actions at the same time by used API. This bot want to integrate with SMM panel for providing IG services as: increase followers, likes, send DM, commenting, mentions users, ..etc. Who can do that...
  6. AlexTheGeek

    Service to boost reels when just posted

    Hi there, I used to buy packages of views, likes and reach to boost a reel when I just posted it, I just tried to buy this service from a SMM panel and it doesn't seem to do anything as Instagram is not registering them as reach. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good quality service to...
  7. tobouro

    Where to sell Instagram shoutouts

    I've gotten 70k followers on Instagram in the last month and I think it is time to monetize now. I think story or feed shoutouts are a good start. Are there any websites where you can easily sell shoutouts? If so which ones? You can just share your experiences with selling shoutouts/promotions ✌
  8. N

    IG Followers Scraper

    Need a Scraper which can scrape large amounts of followers from multiple specific IG accounts give data for... Name Username Bio Media Count Followers/Following Private/Not Private As showed in photo, if you can provide this service please dm me or reply in this thread. Thank you.
  9. DevMask

    Musicians (Fake & Real) Unverified Wave! Be cautious!

    A lot of people who verified through the musicians method unverified recently. It seems Instagram is currently cracking down on fake Musicians. Any of you got affected with this? Be cautious if you are planning for fake musician way for verification. It is over used and highly abused now.
  10. olakunkevibe

    Help, my journey as a newbie

    Good day BHW. I trust you are having a great time already. So I am entirely new in the world of affiliate marketing. (ADULT NICHE) I’ve been going through BHW and trying to sharpen my knowledge. Now I need to go fully into this and, with the help of you guys, I hope to meet my target. I’m from...
  11. R

    Can someone help with organic growth on IG?

    I am honestly desperate! I have this business account on IG and over the past years I tried everything to grow my account- I used different service like Kicksta, Growthoid, Ascend viral- and the way they would work is follow/unfollow people from my targeted accounts. And it did help cause now I...
  12. CMG

    Where do you get your content from? - Aspect Ratio Issue

    After a long break, during which I've read the forum and took care of my mental health some, I decided to get back in the “game” and try to grow an Instagram account again. I've been posting some pictures here and there and have gained a few followers, but I'm quite stuck when it comes to...
  13. SheWolf

    Can we upload TikTok videos on Instagram safely?

    I know we can, but can we do it without getting our account banned? I uploaded some TikTok videos on YouTube Shorts and got some good views. Want to try it with IG as well. But don't want to get my account banned. Please help :)
  14. jmdmj

    Trying to find best setup to boost my own YouTube and Instagram

    I've been trying to find a good provider of proxies so that I can use a few of them with a few different accounts to boost my YouTube and IG content just a little bit everyday. I've tried a few trials, and bought a few at proxy-store. Those ones honestly seem pretty bad. I'm not sure how good...
  15. D

    Recover inactive Instagram account

    Hi Blackhatters, I am looking to recover an instagram account that has been inactive for many years and I could very much do with your assistance. I have already tried contacting the account holder a number of times over the years (with no responce) and instagram, in short, have said they are...
  16. Besard

    How can you generate revenue with this category?

    Hello again. How can I make money with my dog page on instagram. The site has been created for almost a year. There has been a good performance. I have created an active community and I have a small group of followers who comment and support me in every post I make on the site. The site is 4k...
  17. leadsplanet

    Get - Free 10 influencers in any niche

    Comment with your filters like: gender, location, followers, niche or anything else and I'll send you up to 10 influencers matching your filters Example below:
  18. A

    How to get my reels watched by people?

    Hey, I need help with understanding how reels section of Instagram works. Are there any recommendations for a video which is guaranteed to get views? Thanks in advance
  19. O

    Mother/child method automation

    Hi guys i’m looking to start a mother child method but don’t know how to automate each account. What automation tool do you guys recommend
  20. S

    Looking for stingy instagram accounts.

    Ищу покупателей аккаунтов в инстаграм. Регистрирую любые аккаунты на ваш вкус, если интересно пишите в телеграм: @D13314