hashtag research

  1. Muhammath

    Instagram Hashtag tool but Not Flick

    I have been bombarded by big IG accounts to use Flick for the hashtag research, a paid tool. Lately, I have seen a lot of big accounts saying hashtags are not working like before, neither my account and also checking the Flick's own IG page, I noticed they are not significant in IG for the tool...
  2. TonyToan

    NEED HELP with creating hashtag set

    Which are the key factors that you guys use to categorize your hashtags into groups? based on the number of posts or based on the type of content in the Top Post?
  3. DunderMannen

    My Hashtag Research Strategy *(98% aren't following you)

    Okay, this might have been posted but with various strategies. Mine is simpler than having to actually registering to a site and so on. Also, I use this for my smaller accounts and get great results. As I grow all my accounts manually, this saves me a lot of time and grants me steady followers...
  4. JayMay

    [Scam or Legit?] The Holy Grail of Hashtag Research

    I've been searching and looking through Google all day long for a hashtag generator or suggestion tool that would include this one feature: give you hashtags based on the number of posts you search for. For example, provide an interval of minimum and maximum post count and the tool gives you the...
  5. Gwizzy

    Alt Text

    How can I obtain the alt text Instagram automatically generates for a picture? It sometimes pops up instead of a picture when I'm browsing on a slower internet connection but I'd like to be able to get/scrape the alt text to help me with some hashtag research.
  6. fxmanaged

    Weird Hashtag Observation

    Today I decided to go through all our hashtags on a PC to see if any generated Instagram's "community guidelines" message. You know, the one you see sometimes when you search for a hashtag on IG: "Top posts from #hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that...
  7. LightningKing

    [Instagram] List of Free Hashtag Research Tool to increase your exposure

    Hey! This is a list of free tools that I found and used for hashtag research on Instagram. Hope it will bring value to you :) If you are interested in a complete hashtag researching guide, let me know, I will write one when I have some free time. I'm not affiliated with any of the sites...
  8. Danquids

    [Giveaway] Free Instagram Hashtag Research for everyone.

    Free Instagram Hashtag Research. Provide me the hashtags of which you need research, I will provide you related Hashtags. Informations I need: Few Hashtags, using which I would find related Hashtags. Minimum number of posts made with resultant Hashtags. Maximum number of posts made with...
  9. fxmanaged

    Weird "Shadowban" - Anyone else noticed this?

    Based on what we've seen in the past, both with our pages and those of other Instagram marketers we know, a shadowban is when your posts stop ranking for all hashtags, both on the TOP and RECENT tabs of the platform. Normally, the lower engagement period that accompanies this "ban" or...
  10. fxmanaged

    Hashtags or No Hashtags?

    Since mid February, our engagement on posts has dropped. Many pages we know have complained about the same thing. Prior to that shift, our post Insights showed that a much higher percentage of our total reach was from non-followers. After mid February, those percentages are much lower...
  11. G

    Analyzing Hashtag Information

    Hey y'all, So I've started to take advantage of the analytics information on Jarvee. For those that don't know, Jarvee will take 9 ranked posts (I guess you can edit this, I haven't yet) on a given hashtag and give you the following information; Hashtage Name & Post Count Min/Max/Average likes...